Real Time (Comments Policy)

Thank you for visiting my blog Real Time. I appreciate you being here!

1. Since you took the time to visit, obviously you have read a posting, listened to and/or watched some media on this blog. To help me gauge readership, interests, and public thinking, I simply ask that you please leave a comment.
Most of the posts in this blog will have a “Leave a Comment” section and a “like this” option available. However, for many of the blog pages I have intentionally disabled the comments feature.

2. I have just three rules regarding blog comments:

  • Be respectful and polite.
  • Use your name
    (You may use just your first name or a moniker or nickname if you like. Your email address will never be published.)
  • No comment spam or commercial links

3. Totally anonymous comments are generally not published on this blog. Why? Because, unless I know who the comment came from (or same can be identified within the comment itself), I simply think it’s rude for anyone to make a comment on a blog without leaving a nam or identifier of some sort. Should I wish to reply or a reader wishes to reply to a comment made by another reader, neither of us would have any idea to whom we would be addressing or referring to – even if the original commentator never returns to the blog. Therefore, to alleviate all that bullshit I will simply remove/delete any totally anonymous comments. Publication of all comments is at the discretion of the publisher of Real Time.

4. **IMPORTANT ** This blog is a NoH8 zone. NoH8 or no hate simply means no form of hatred and/or discrimination based on or related to any person’s ethnicity/race, gender or sexual orientation will be tolerated.

5. I welcome intelligent, civil and respectable comments which may include dissenting opinions and dialogue, even some sharp debate. The comment stream is actively moderated however and, as publisher of this blog, I reserve the right to remove comments or dialogue which I determine to be hate speech or that which is or which may be bigoted, belligerent, arrogant or ignorant or simply disrepectful in nature.

6. Other than that reader, thank-you very much in advance for visiting and choosing to comment on Real Time!

~ RobFather X