World Naked Gardening Day

Naked guy gardeningWorld Naked Gardening Day is …
Saturday, May 3.

Damn! That’s tomorrow (if you’re reading this TODAY (May 2nd)! You must be asking yourself, “Where the hell does RobFather find this stuff?”
Never mind that! I have great resources linked to some very smart people! LOL! Actually, I just learned about it from my friend, Roger P. over at his blog, A Guy Without Boxers blog. Click the blog title to go check out Roger’s blog and learn more about World Naked Gardening Day. Enjoy some other nudity-related things while you’re there!

Hmmm…. I just had a thought. Since time is of the essence for World Naked Gardening Dayyou might not have time to be distracted by all the images of fine gentlemen at Roger’s blog. No problem. Click here to skip the middle man! But please everyone; be sure to go back to A Guy Without Boxers after you’ve cleaned up from nude gardening! Just Do It Naked-79Roger’s blog is a relaxing and readable blog that celebrates male nudity and naturism. I promise, g; you won’t regret the visit! When you visit, leave Roger a comment or two on the articles (or pics) you liked and be sure to tell him that RobFather from Keepin’ It…REAL! or KIR sent ya! Nothing wrong with promotion and self-promotion of blogs if there’s mutual love between the bloggers! We in the blogosphere like to think of that as sharing the love”!

If World Naked Gardening Day has passed by time you read this article, don’t fret! You don’t need to wait until next year. You don’t need to have any “official day” to garden naked or to get naked for whatever reason if you want to be one with Nature. Fuck, man; if you check out Roger’s blog you’ll find that taking off your clothes and being all-natural with Nature is a year-round thing! When it comes to nudity and naturism, temperatures simply are not a problem for some people! There’s nothing wrong with that!

Drinking buddy (2)As days pass in this year, the weather is getting warmer somewhere in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. If you haven’t done so before, why not get naked and become one with Nature for a change – right in the privacy of your own yard? If you don’t own a yard, perhaps you can call up a free-thinking good friend who does own one – complete with a privacy fence if there are nearby neighbors. Suggest that the two (or more) of you sit or garden with some iced tea, lemonade or cold beers at the ready. That kind of thing makes for some good bonding of friendship and could prove to be a lot of fun. Put your vanity on the shelf and just go for it!  I always say: nudity isn’t about sex and doesn’t have to be unless YOU want it to be! Just be clothing-free when you feel the need, baby!

Just Do It Naked-22Now, if you and your FRIENDS are going to garden tomorrow or do whatever in the yard on any other day, PLEASE… take extra care that you don’t harm any delicate body parts such as your toes, penis, vagina or those *ahem* low-hangers that could be your ball sac or breasts. Be clothing-free or nude, people, but use good sense; that’s all I’m advising! Happy naked gardening!!

Keepin’ It…REAL!