WTF?? The Wealthiest Among Us Collect Unemployment!

Well!  This story pissed me off and it did a damn good job of it, too! I cannot in good conscience, sugarcoat my disgust on what I read this morning, so here it is: WHAT THE FUCK??!!! MY tax dollars…YOUR tax dollars…is being used to support THOUSANDS of VERY WEALTHY “unemployed” people! REALLY???

This story is more than fantastic; it is appalling! And I’m only understating the obvious! Like many other Americans who will probably never live to see a clean, cool $500k to $800k, let alone a MILLION dollars in their bank account, I am – and have been – for a number of years, week by long-ass week, busting my fyne black ass working a part-time job. I lost a damn good full-time job years ago. Since then, I have worked TWO and sometimes THREE part-time jobs…all while going to school! I am – and have been – putting in extra hours whenever I can find or get them! I also work freelance – doing for PAY – odd things in which I’m very well-skilled but skills which, though clearly listed on my resume, tend to get ignored by potential employers. And, I have been – and STILL am looking (although I’m exhausted!) for a full-time job – one where I can earn as many benefits as before – including medical and dental coverage, a vacation, and decent retirement plan! I am among the thousands of other unemployed Americans doing all this just so I can survive and not have to pull unemployment (which Michigan says I make too much money weekly to do anyway), let alone pull public assistance (aka welfare) –which I have never been on!

I am a MAN, but most significantly, I am a BLACK man, one who desires not to be fitted in the bigoted stereotyped description certain people tend to have and believe about Black men! I do have both an ethnic and moral pride as well as an important pride trait called CLASS! Yet to learn today that there are actually MILLIONAIRES sitting at home or on some island somewhere, playing golf and partying it up, who are NOT USING THEIR OWN MONEY to “survive” and “get by”, as I am doing, but who instead want to use MY hard-earned tax dollars…YOUR hard-earned tax dollars to support themselves makes me want to vomit! It makes me want to do dangerous things!

What the fuck is wrong with America? What ever happened to having a good conscience and not deliberately fucking over your neighbor? Truly, one learns something new everyday and some of that leaning is NOT good! Is it any wonder then, why the poor and the middle class tend to despise the rich? Yet, some of you reading this are some really dumb mutherfuckas (I warned that I would NOT sugarcoat this!) who have voted – and who will continue to vote – for the wealthiest among you so that such people can pass laws and sign into law, rules designed to fuck you raw in the ass…and everyone else, too! That’s NOT the kind of patriotism I served this country to protect and support! It may indeed be time for a REVOLUTION, goddamnit (but we should wait until AFTER the election)!

I say again: WHAT THE FUCK??!! Who ARE these SELFISH muthafuckas in America and WHY the hell are THEY living it up in THIS country, let alone, on OUR planet??? #whatthefuckiswrongwithamerica”

Keepin’ It…Real!

Hire A Veteran!

I just received two more “qualified, but…” emails from potential employers recently. In fact, I’ve must have received ten, fifteen, twenty or more over the past few years. I’ve since lost count. I continue to get more frustrated, impatient, and definitely OLDER as I play this damn game of 3-card EMPLOYMENT Monte in this city, in this state (Michigan), and country as a whole! SOMEBODY needs to actually READ my resume, then at least CONTACT me to discuss further qualifications and experiences I may have, many which cannot POSSIBLY all be listed on a resume or job application form!  Oh, how I LONG for the days when one could simply PHYSICALLY visit a business looking to hire and actually MEET FACE TO FACE with a hiring agent! This whole “apply on-line/send resume/cover letter through cyberspace” thing, while having its benefits, is also a big NEGATIVE! There is only so much one can determine about a person from a simple sheet of paper!

EMPLOYERS: Don’t be hesitant to call or ask me to come visit for an interview if (according to the rejection emails and letters you’ve sent me) I happen to “meet many of the requirements your company is looking for”. Don’t add the word “but” at the end of that statement. Many of you have already FIRED some people who’ve only been with you for a very short time OR… that newly hired, “well qualified” employee found better pay and opportunity SOMEPLACE ELSE shortly AFTER being hired by your company!  Who here is NOT doing their potential hiring homework?HIRE an experienced, dedicated, loyal and committed VETERAN (like me!) ALREADY!
Keepin It…REAL!
Source: Dept of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics - October 2011

Source: Dept of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics – October 2011