RobFather and Jose Cuervo

I’ve been making the attempt to get over my shyness factor when it comes to creating and posting video “selfies”. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there. I’ve already produced and posted two or three video shorts to my Facebook page in the last several months. If memory serves, I think the video posted here is the first of its kind of myself that’s been published on this blog.


This video short was taken Sunday morning (1:30 am) August 27, 2017.
For the hearing impaired, here’s what I am saying in the video:
 I just finished off my only bottle of Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Gold and will be buying another bottle today. When I’m drafting/writing a blog article (or just writing long things in general to express my feelings about a particular subject matter), I often have my bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold (aka JC) and a shot glass sitting on my desk. I take a few (sometimes several) shots of JC during the two or three hours I might spend writing. Tequila (or rum, my other favorite beverage) relaxes me and helps get my creative writing juices flowing. In the video, I show a bottle of Patrón Tequila Silver as my “backup” tequila beverage. I further explain: I normally save Patron for special occasions like, birthdays celebrations, when I’ve had a great day at work, or when doing shots with a sex partner. A bottle of Patrón costs much more than Jose Cuervo which is why I don’t drink that as often.

– RobFather X

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