A Daily Orgasm?

S/N: I’m aware that it’s been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. Sorry ’bout that, folks. Life and commitments to other things can share that blame. Anyway, I figured I may as well return to posting here with this helpful PSA (public service announcement) which some, if not many of you, will appreciate!
Kool? Aight, let’s roll!

Life too short not to orgasm dailySeriously, folks. Either GIVE yourself one or GET yourself one – and do so each day, if and when possible.

CHECK IT: An orgasm is healthy as fuck. We all need one, although many of us probably know a few people who need an orgasm much more than we do! Your STATE OF MIND will appreciate it! Your ATTITUDE, if negative, will improve – even if temporarily! And your BODY will thank you!

Don’t knock the message I’ve posted. I simply believe in keeping things on thegrown ‘n sexy level; you feel me? To know me is to know that I practice what I preach; most certainly and quite shamelessly and unapologetically on the sexual level! And if you can’t relate to the message here then perhaps there’s no hope for you nor for that matter, anything else about you.

– RobFather X

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Good Visual Health

RobFather-X eyes (lg)
As part of my annual physical, I got my eyes examined at the VA hospital today. The optometrist said my eyes are fine and that all tests are positively consistent with the optical medical assessment taken last year and the year before.
However, I did tell the doctor that perhaps one of the reasons why my eyes might still be healthy is because in spite of the fact that there are many things which one simply cannot avoid seeing or can unsee, I do try to take extra care in minimizing the amount of written, pictorial and videographic shit presented before me each day; mostly especially that which is often posted on Facebook and on Tumblr.

I laughed my sexy brown ass off when I said that but was serious as fuck.

– RobFather X