I Missed It: Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013!

PNBR 2013

Unless you’ve read my 2-part article, The Freedom of Nudity on this blog or follow me (closely) on Facebook, you probably don’t know that I am a nudist, love being nude whenever I can and am a “low-level” naturist. Let me explain my term “low-level naturist”.  A “low-level naturist” is simply how I presently describe myself when it comes to being a naturist since the only times I’ve been nude outdoors is in the back yard of my old house on several occasions and long before that, naked outdoors a few times many years ago whenever some Navy buddies (who were also naked) and me were at some beach near San Diego on a three-day weekend off the ship. We’d stay in a cabin, getting drunk each night and acted wild and stupid on the beach. Ahhh… youth. I sometimes miss those good ol’ days of California!  ANYWAY…

PNBR Facebook logoI’ve always wanted to go on a naked bike ride. Believe me, someday I shall!  With that said, try to imagine how I must have felt when I found out that there was a naked bike ride held recently in my hometown of Philadelphia (I currently live in Saginaw, MI)!  Readers, I could have kicked myself [again] for missing yet another opportunity to become a “higher-level naturist”! Damn! And I could have kicked myself for not keeping tabs on the happenings of such events in Philly. If I had, I would have learned about Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013 (PNBR) that was held three Sundays ago on August 25th! Taken straight from the PNBR website is this statement:
”The Philly Naked Bike Ride is “Bare as you Dare,” meaning it’s clothing optional. The entire event is free and open to everyone. It is a fairly slow ride so we welcome people who use various non-motorized forms of transportation (e.g. skateboards, wheelchairs, roller blades, sneakers) to participate”.
PNBR is part of World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), an organization that promotes cycling advocacy and the health benefits cycling has for the human body while stressing positivity for the image of the human body. While some riders bring or wear on their nude bodies messages that WNBR_wiki_logobring awareness to support s other causes or issues, the ride’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and serves as a protest against automobile or car culture.  It also seeks to bring about worldwide awareness of the effects of excessive fuel consumption and oil dependency.  Generally speaking, the ride helps to encourage people to be simply be… free; to be a bit more independent of one’s self and less dependent on one’s car for simple transportation needs by simply riding a bike – one of the easiest and oldest forms of transportation!

Naked bike rides are set up in cities around the world each year. Factions of WNBR (like PNBR) also help raise funds to support this cause – either worldwide or right in the local community. Click on each of the aforementioned names to be directed to its respective page where you can learn more about WNBR and PNBR. The WNBR link will show when naked bike rides will be organized and happening in your area. I particularly like WNBR’s Wiki Main Page as it is very easy to read and navigate and has the answer to nearly every question one might ask about Naked Bike Ride! Click the title names to check it out!

Of course, there are going to be dissenters…WNBR (some people don't like it, not for everyone)

I realize that getting on a bike and riding nude in some city is not for everyone. I realize there are people who hate the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people worldwide who are willing to ride their bicycles, skateboard, and/or run or walk around nude for a worthy cause. Simply by the act of people who participate in events like naked bike rides, naked marathons, et al, clothed onlookers are prompted to ask themselves, “Why do these things?” “What is this for?”  The goals of events such as these is indeed to draw attention AND help bring about awareness and inspire such questions –all with the intent to get people to act positively towards a specific need to help make our world better and bring us appreciably closer together as people on this planet.

Nude bicyclistsAs I mentioned, had I known about PNBR, I could have planned a trip home, rented a bike and rested my hairy ball sac and beautiful caramel-colored butt on the bike seat as I rode along with the rest of Philly’s naked bold ones all over town in broad daylight and early evening. I would have made a concerted effort to befriend a few of the riders for other reasons other than riding a bike. After all, once the bike ride was over, I would have wanted to do more…like seek certain other physical pleasures – if you catch my meaning!  Visiting my mom and family would be one very low to none-existent priority on my list of things to do while in Philly. I’m a grown man and long ago, when I used to travel more, I had stopped feeling obligated to call my mother and family whenever I made a short stop in or near Philly. As far as I’m concerned, my personal independence and my simply not wanting to have to deal with family drama are paramount. Sometimes, certain members in families don’t understand this. But I digress!

Nude bicyclists-night ridersParticipating in Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013 would have been perfect for me as I know the city so very well – especially the routes shown in the video where the ride took place. I should note that to my knowledge, I doubt if anyone in my family knows I am nudist and naturist or that I simply enjoy nudity and being nude whenever I can. I say this because I doubt any of them reads or has read this blog. And since none of them has ever seen me fully naked (unless they in fact, DO read this blog and simply aren’t letting me know about it), I doubt they would have recognized my ass –literally and figuratively speaking, if the media took a camera still-shot or video capture of me.  Now, if any family member or any of my high school classmates (none of whom I’ve seen since our 1978 graduation) did happen to see AND recognize me in a PNBR event, then I suspect they would be just as shocked as my familywhich would not bother me one bit!
The moment I learn that an opportunity is available, I must plan to participate in next year’s naked bike ride in Philly – or in whichever city such a fun and socially worthwhile event is being hosted.  I don’t have many friends and the few I have I’m certain are definitely not into this sort of thing. Therefore, I would love to meet and befriend someone who is into nudity/naturism and who plans on going to a naked bike ride – or in some celebration of the nude human form. Perhaps it might be my fellow blogger naturist and friend Roger Poladopoulos (of A Guy Without Boxers blog) or I will go alone and try to befriend someone at the event itself.  I’ve already made a noted reminder and marked my calendar for next year this time when I think Philly or some nearby city might host the next naked bike ride event!

And now, without further adieu, here is a video clip from the Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013 event I missed this year! Fellow nudists/naturists…ENJOY!

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World Loses A Gem: RIP William H. Gray, III

Yesterday, Philadelphia, this nation and the world lost another gem with the passing of former U.S. Representative, the Reverend William H. Gray, III.

Here was a good man, one of many bigger-than-life Black men in Philadelphia whom I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of meeting back in the day when I was a punk teenager living in Philly. It was during my work as a barely legal to vote teenager with the late C. Delores Tucker’s voter registration campaign at an event in Harrisburg when I first got to meet Reverend Gray. Since that time and over the next few decades, I would occasionally follow reports of the great work he had been doing, not only for his well-known North Philadelphia church, Bright Hope Baptist where he pastured since 1972, in various Philadelphia communities and elsewhere in the Commonwealth state of Pennsylvania, but also in Congress to where he had been elected to further expand his work.

Gray was Majority Whip of the Democratic Party in the William_Gray_III-paintingUnited States House of Representatives during the 101st Congress serving as Majority Whip until his resignation from Congress in 1991. He served as president and chief executive officer of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) from 1991 to 2004. As an African-American, he was the fourth highest-ranking member of the House at the time of his resignation and a minister in Philadelphia. He was co-founder of the government lobbying and advisory firm, Gray Loeffler LLC, headquartered in Washington D.C

Gray was married to the former Andrea Dash; they have three sons, William IV, Justin and Andrew. Gray was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Gray died on July 1, 2013 in London, England, while attending Wimbledon with his son Andrew. It was a sudden death and no cause of death was available. He was 71.

Rest in Peace, Brother Gray. Your family, friends, supporters and even the dissenters with whom you sparred in Philadelphia, this great country and the world, will sorely miss you! –

More biography here; News story of Gray’s passing here

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