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Featuring some of the things I’ve tweeted. Most are nothing special to read…well, except some do reflect the brilliant thoughts that cross my mind after I get laid and have had a good night’s sleep because of it!  😎
(Posted in no particular order.)

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A Simple Message

Ballcap_Don't get killed 4 being BlackThe message on this ball cap is very simple. And in America, especially in recent years, it is perhaps both the upfront and deeply rooted feeling of many Black American men and women.
May your travels to and from your home today and everyday be safe.

– RobFather X

A Little Humor (about Drinking)

The terms “legally drunk” and “legally intoxicated” are silly. Each suggests that one can be illegally drunk/intoxicated, which to me simply means “not drunk/intoxicated enough” or “sober”.

beer mugsDUI-chart

– RobFather X


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RobFather and Jose Cuervo

I’ve been making the attempt to get over my shyness factor when it comes to creating and posting video “selfies”. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there. I’ve already produced and posted two or three video shorts to my Facebook page in the last several months. If memory serves, I think the video posted here is the first of its kind of myself that’s been published on this blog.


This video short was taken Sunday morning (1:30 am) August 27, 2017.
For the hearing impaired, here’s what I am saying in the video:
 I just finished off my only bottle of Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Gold and will be buying another bottle today. When I’m drafting/writing a blog article (or just writing long things in general to express my feelings about a particular subject matter), I often have my bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold (aka JC) and a shot glass sitting on my desk. I take a few (sometimes several) shots of JC during the two or three hours I might spend writing. Tequila (or rum, my other favorite beverage) relaxes me and helps get my creative writing juices flowing. In the video, I show a bottle of Patrón Tequila Silver as my “backup” tequila beverage. I further explain: I normally save Patron for special occasions like, birthdays celebrations, when I’ve had a great day at work, or when doing shots with a sex partner. A bottle of Patrón costs much more than Jose Cuervo which is why I don’t drink that as often.

– RobFather X

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