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Ophrah Winfrey-Gloden Globes_2018I was asked for my thoughts about Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes Awards last evening (January 7, 2018). Here’s my response: I did not watch the Golden Globes awards show but did hear parts of her speech on the news this morning. All I care to say about it is: Nice, but what about it? Big deal. I didn’t care. NEXT!

I also learned that Ms. Winfrey may consider – or at one time, she may have considered, a presidential run. Uh-huh. Well, as a fellow American citizen she certainly has that right. However, that would be something which I’d seriously hate to see happen.

The reason I didn’t watch that awards show (nor will watch any other) is because of how I feel about television award shows in general. I feel every last one of them is a huge waste of television coverage, pointless in nature, and for most of the participants and/or awardees, a sheer demonstration of personal egotism and vanity. Thus, I despise such shows and won’t waste my time watching them. And if by some odd chance I was ever offered/given an invitation to attend one of those shows, I wouldn’t accept. Why would or should I accept an invitation to some event for which I have no positive feelings?

– RobFather X

I Don’t Like or Trust Iyanla Vanzant!

Iyanla Vanzant (Ronda Eva Harris) - RED XI’m sorry, but I simply cannot follow that Iyanla Vanzant (born Ronda Eva Harris) person on Facebook or on Twitter – where a request for me to follow her was made and thus prompted this article. I also question the thinking of some of the people who do follow or subscribe to her…”work”. If you are a follower of Vanzant then that questioning includes you, reader. It’s fine if you choose to follow that woman – for that is your business but you’ll get no apologies from me for writing this article.

While Vanzant’s “advice” may be good for some people, I simply do not like what I’ve seen and heard from her over the years on television and in other media sources. I do not like what she supposedly does or represents, and trust me: I’ve watched/heard more than I need to make this personal assessment – even if you don’t agree with it. I do not like Vanzant’s “know how” to “fix” someone else’s life/personal situation and I’m a bit wary of her motivational “advice”. My instinct tells me to not trust her as far as I can spit (which isn’t very far).

To each his/her own where she is concerned but never ask me to watch, listen, subscribe or follow that woman. I think I’d rather follow former U.S. president George W. Bush and that bigoted radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh first!

You are welcomed to learn who Iyanla Vanzant is and what she is about by clicking here.

ADDENDUM:Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah I’ve long known of some of Iyanla Vanzant’s history since I first saw her on Oprah’s show many years ago – when she was a regular guest of her show. My mom loves the shit out of Oprah so her TV was always tuned to that show like clockwork every day at 4:00pm. I only know this from being home on leave when I was in the Navy. It was Oprah every goddamn weekday! God help the person watching TV in the Tucker household kitchen when my mom would walk in! She’d demand that we turn from whatever we were watching to Oprah’s show. My hatred of Oprah’s show only intensified from that bullshit! Anyway, that’s how I got to know of Vanzant being a show regular. If memory serves, Oprah and Vanzant had a falling out over the issue of Oprah and her people trying to help or trying to convinceOprah Winfrey, Dr Oz, Dr Phil Vanzant to host her own show on the Harpo Network but Vanzant did not respond in a manner suitable to Oprah and the Harpo network producers. As a result of that issue, Oprah cut the ties. When the dust settled, Vanzant would come back to Oprah’s show some years later and the hatchet or misunderstanding between them would be buried or cleared up. Now I understand that Oprah treats Vanzant like the greatest thing since sliced bread! I’m not privy to Vanzant’s supposed personal relationship with Oprah or that with Oprah’s other protegé, Dr. Phil McGraw of the Dr. Phil show.
CHECK IT: I do not follow nor do I respect anyone willing to have or host so-called personal “help shows” on television or radio. Regardless of any disclaimers the network might post, I think television and radio “therapy” shows are demeaning to the person supposedly being “helped”. That’s why I hated Dr. Laura’s radio show (when it was on) and why I hate those doctor/medical shows, like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and the like. I have no respect for those hosts or for the people who are willing to put themselves and the personal business of their private lives before millions of judgmental viewers/listeners on such programs. I feel that if one is serious about getting help with a personal issue then damn it, they should go see a PRIVATE physician; not try to seek some fame by airing their shit for all to see! I have no sympathy for such people – regardless of what their issues are.//
And now, this parody of Vanzant’s TV show, Fix My Life from one of my favorite comedians, Wanda Sykes!

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