[Most] Nude Sports? – I’ll Pass!

I don’t know of any people in my ethnic group who ski or snowboard. I’m sure some Black people do these sports but I’ve never seen any video of it. If there are Black people who ski or snowboard I doubt they would do it in the nude. If readers of this blog has such a video or link showing a BLACK person doing ANY sort of sport in the nude or in the semi-nude, please…send me that link! I’d love to see it!
Now, check out this 2:37 minute video:

Ok…so this video is, in a word…AWESOME!  It’s awesome because of the BRAVERY of these people to ski and snowboard in the cold and in the nude.  As a nudist and “low-level” naturist, I have my limits as to what it is I will do and not do in the nude and certainly where I will do it. For example, I simply am not spending more than five to ten minutes tops, in the nude, fucking around in the cold or winter – exposure time depending on the wind chill factor at the time, regardless of the [reasonable amount] of body hair I have. Uh-huh. Nope. Not gonna happen, muthafucka!  Of course, in my lifetime, I’ve taken out my dick several times and pissed in the cold. I’ve even mooned people in the cold (while drunk, of course) but that’s about the limit of my “exposure” in cold and/or winter. And even if I skied or snowboard (which by the way, I do not know how to do) I would never, EVER place my beloved dick and balls in harm’s way – or potential harm’s way; not in the manner in which I see some of the brave guys in this video are doing!  Oh HEL-L-L-L NO!  The length of my dick or how low my ball sac hangs has nothing to do with it! I’m simply all about protecting that which always brings me so much pleasure, baby! I have to at least be wearing a jock strap under a pair of commando shorts! That’s not being wimpy; that’s having a greater love for my jawn than with ever showing off whatever risky thing I can do butt-ass naked!

I hope you enjoyed the video, readers – I certainly did! The music helped make it that more awesome! I give highest props to the participants in the video but RobFather-X is taking a pass on any offers to ski or snowboard in the nude.

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Recognizing Nude Recreation Week

Be Nude,  be naturalJuly 7 to 14 is Nude Recreation Week. Story here. I have my good friend and fellow blogger and naturist, Roger Poladopoulos of A Guy Without Boxers blog to thank for bringing news of this occasion to my attention, otherwise I would not have known about it! (Thanks, Roger!!)

My Regret –
Unfortunately, since I just recently found out about Nude Recreation Week (NRW), I didn’t plan for it. Just for “gp” (general purpose) this past Monday, I posted on Facebook that if I had the means and time, I would love to go to some location here in Michigan where NRW is being observed, lay my brown naked ass out on the beach and skinny dip in the lake…with a friend or someone I know! Almost immediately, my Facebook friend Robert Campbell responded that he’d pay expenses for him and me to go to one of the events happening near Saginaw. Wow. Robert and I have never met but his offer to go with me (never mind paying the expenses – the friendship weighs more to me) had touched my heart. Still, I had to decline his offer due to work obligations. It’s my hope to attend or participate in at least ONE public nudist/naturist activity event this year before it gets too cold. Next July, I hope to attend a Nude Recreation Week 2014 event. Hopefully I’ll be in better physical shape – but I won’t let that stop me. I regret not being able to do what may be the one chance this summer (Michigan has short summers) to “let it all hang out in nature”.  Still, the summer is young and things can and do change. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’ll continue doing fun, interesting and recreational things – in the nude, at home, Nudity, open and freein the privacy of my third-floor apartment, with window blinds open just enough for me to see out and nosey voyeuristic neighbors with binoculars to peer in. No nudity shame on my part! And, just to add a little humor, I just might answer my apartment door – in the nude – to those annoying maintenance people. (I’ve always wanted to do that!)

I’m happy to know there is a special week for all fellow nudists and naturists to share the comfort of recreation in our permanent birthday suits. However for me, it’s actually unnecessary since nudity is part of my living routine. In fact, I’ve written this blog article in the nude. When I’m home, blogging and Facebook’ing in the nude is as much a recreational activity as any other. Click The Freedom of Nudity (Part 1) to begin reading my 2-part article covering my thoughts on nudity.

A Childhood Memory:  Nude
Swimming – a Nude Recreation!
Germantown_YMCA 5722 Greene Street, Phila-embed vintage sign“Back in the day”, long before HIV/AIDS and fears of such viruses/diseases possibly infecting swimming pools, young boys, teens and grown men and some very old men, swam naked and free at (wait for it) ….the YMCA!! To some younger readers, this seems shocking but not to readers who are much older. Yes reader; if you were male, you could take off your clothes and swim your bare ass in the large indoor [chlorinated] swimming pool of the Germantown YMCA on Greene Street in Philadelphia – at least that was allowed in the 1960s and 1970s when I was going there as a kid. I don’t know if females were allowed to swim nude at the YWCA on Germantown Avenue, located less than a mile or so away. I’m also not sure if either Y’s are still operating today as the establishments they once were when I lived in Philadelphia.

Over at the Germantown YMCA, there were days/evenings and established times for specific age groups of males to swim the pool. If memory serves, that Y had one day during the week when a mixture of males of all ages were allowed to swim together.Pool area of old G-Town YMCA There were swimming instructors who taught young boys how to swim but anyone there instructing or being instructed had to wear swim trunks. That requirement – along with everyone having to take a shower before entering the pool area, were the only two instructions I recall about swimming at the Germantown YMCA that I recall. Some of us wore swimwear in the pool area but it wouldn’t be long before we’d slip off those trunks and throw them on the side pool benches. Lots of guys did that! My young friends and I saw our share of big dicks and little Nude swimming at YMCA-1pricks; soft cock and hard cock; firm and muscular bodies and “just okay” bodies as well as the “nasty-looking” saggy or beer-belly bodies of gray-haired men who looked old enough to be someone’s granddad. In those days, I don’t recall anyone making a big deal about swimming nude in the Germantown YMCA. There was little to no fuss about anyone being “homo” or “gay”. I also don’t recall anyone staring at me or my friends in some sexually desirous manner but perhaps, with us being kids, we never knew to notice such things. There seemed to be so much innocence all those years ago. Being a kid who enjoyed nudity, I always looked forward to swimming nude at the YMCA. I shamelessly swam in the nude there often. While I wish those good days would come back, I’ve long since faced reality that the option of nude swimming in public places like a YMCA – or in any public gym or recreation center with a pool, is unlikely to ever return.

An Important Note About the Clothing-free Environment –
For those new to the nudist/naturist “lifestyle” and/or who wishes to participate in a nudist/naturist event or activity, I offer the following points to consider:


  • Understand that being a nudist/naturist is sexy but is not about sex – at least not to true or legitimate nudists/naturists.
  • Be comfortable with your sexuality, your body and your nudity. No one is going to walk up to you and laugh or make fun of your appearance – unless of course, you are wearing something on your body or some body part that’s meant to be funny.
  • Rarely will anyone ask about your sexual orientation – although if someone is attracted to you – and you look like you’re single, someone may approach and strike up a conversation. Simply handle that situation as you would if the two of you had on clothing!
  • Relax. (repeat) R-E-L-A-X. Just be comfortable – or try to be comfortable being around other people in the nude, particularly
  •  perfect strangers who may or may not be nude at naturist events and who likely won’t be paying you any mind.
  • Understand that there will be naturist events where clothing is optional. This simply means that in some of the events, there will be a mixture of nude and clothed people.
  • Guys, if you are concerned about erections, don’t be. Boners are perfectly natural, expected and after a while, your cock won’t be hard anymore, making your erection a non-issue. Click Erectilephobia, to read Roger’s excellent blog article which addresses many misconceptions some guys have about social nudity!

Of course there are other things to consider but these are some of the most important.

You will never be more than you are NakedBeing a nudist/naturist means being mature, open-minded, shameless and respectful – all of which is vital to a successful and enjoyable clothing-free experience. While some people are kool and fit this description well, unfortunately many other people do not! Those particular ignorant people – some who are just plain assholes, will make disparaging jokes about nudity, assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation, call nudity a “nasty”, “filthy”  or “sinful” thing and more than likely, will throw some religious rhetoric at the person(s) who expresses a thought or desire to participate in nude/naturist events or activity. But…all is not lost! Certain parts of the United States – and the world, have changed and become much less conservative! I believe that for every dissenter of nudity there are two supporters or more of it – people who will praise nudists/naturists for being so brave, bold and shameless! However, if you know persons who are incapable of being respectful of you, your nude friends and/or other people being nude, please…save yourself – and your friends, some embarrassment and trouble by not bringing that particular person to any nudist/naturist event! (We thank you in advance!)

Now, get off the computer, take off your clothes and go play volleyball with the other guys. They’ve been waiting for you!

Keepin’ it…REAL!