Face of the Forgotten!

Missing Black WomenATTENTION: There are approximately 64,000 Black women missing across America!!
This needs more attention! 
It needs much more attention than any of that stoo-pid and nonsensical “reality” TV crap I’m always seeing flood Facebook and Twitter!

Ask yourself:
What if one of the missing Black women was your mother – or the mother of someone you knew? What if one of the missing Black women was your sister? Your daughter? Your wife or girlfriend? What if one of these women was just a kind neighbor, co-worker, a teacher of one of your kids, someone whom you held a great deal of respect for? Why, you just saw and spoke to her last week! You hadn’t seen her in a while. Perhaps she moved, changed jobs or is visiting relatives. Are you sure? Where is she today?

The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Persons File reports that almost 40 per cent of those missing are African-American.

Read more by clicking here or the photo above.

Reblog this article and get the word out. so we can find where these women are and/or what happened to them! 

If you recognize any of the women in the photo or in the article link or would like to report someone missing, please contact the Black And Missing Foundation at
1-877-972-2634 or on their website here.

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