Going Home (to a funeral)

rfx-2 (03nov2018)_rzThe financial sacrifice in my choice to stay at a hotel instead of a relative’s home when I go home to Philadelphia (to attend my mother’s funeral) is well worth the cost. It means I don’t have to [continuously] contend with any family drama. And oh, how I abhor drama (i.e., bickering, backbiting, et al) of any kind; most especially that of family, and particularly the kind of family drama which often is created and lingers whenever a beloved family matriarch (like my mom) or patriarch transitions! I’ve experienced that sort of thing some twenty years ago when the matriarch of my [then] in-laws transitioned. I remember promising myself to never again put or keep myself in, near, or around such a fugly environment! (Some of you reading this can relate.)

My mind is now and will continue to be at peace during my stay in Philly, knowing that I can always return to the peaceful sanctity – and privacy – of my hotel room each night until I return to my home in Saginaw.

– RobFather X

Happy New Year!

I have never tried nor wanted to grab anyone “by the pussy” (simply isn’t my style nor my character) but I have often tried and sometimes even succeeded, to do what this meme says. LOLBVS!
Carpe ScrotumHere’s to 12 months, 52, weeks, and 365 more days towards making that attempt once again.

– RobFather X

RobFather and Jose Cuervo

I’ve been making the attempt to get over my shyness factor when it comes to creating and posting video “selfies”. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there. I’ve already produced and posted two or three video shorts to my Facebook page in the last several months. If memory serves, I think the video posted here is the first of its kind of myself that’s been published on this blog.


This video short was taken Sunday morning (1:30 am) August 27, 2017.
For the hearing impaired, here’s what I am saying in the video:
 I just finished off my only bottle of Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Gold and will be buying another bottle today. When I’m drafting/writing a blog article (or just writing long things in general to express my feelings about a particular subject matter), I often have my bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold (aka JC) and a shot glass sitting on my desk. I take a few (sometimes several) shots of JC during the two or three hours I might spend writing. Tequila (or rum, my other favorite beverage) relaxes me and helps get my creative writing juices flowing. In the video, I show a bottle of Patrón Tequila Silver as my “backup” tequila beverage. I further explain: I normally save Patron for special occasions like, birthdays celebrations, when I’ve had a great day at work, or when doing shots with a sex partner. A bottle of Patrón costs much more than Jose Cuervo which is why I don’t drink that as often.

– RobFather X

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Appreciating Smaller Things


robfather-x-sofa-thinking-2Today, Sunday, December 25, 2016 is the first Sunday I didn’t have to work this year… and in a number of years. That’s only because Xmas – a holiday I normally get off anyway, fell on a Sunday.

– RobFather X

Crazed Without Your Morning Coffee?

*Sigh* I realize this video clip – while seemingly misogynistic, is humor. Of course it is. Still, it gives me cause to express a few things that came to mind while watching this somewhat-funny video clip.

You see, out of the few females to whom I am related (e.g., my foster mothers, sisters, nieces and cousins) and out all of the females whom I either lived with, dated, had for fuck-buddies or the one to whom I was once married, none were morning coffee drinkers – at least they weren’t around me. That worked well for me because I am not a coffee drinker and very much abhor the odor of scented brown water cooking in the morning. Thus, I’ve never met any female (or any male, for that matter) who acted like the woman in the video; persons who for years I’ve been calling “crazy mandatory morning coffee drinking muthafuckas”. Now, as far as the early menstrual cycle days of those females so mentioned is concerned, I think this video holds a great deal of humorous truth. *chuckles*

BTW: I don’t hate people who drink coffee. However, many of them who “simply need” or who “have to have” their morning coffee each day “just to get their day started”, tend to get on my goddamn nerves with their “I gotta have my morning coffee or my day… along with that of everyone else, will be fucked if I don’t!” childish rants, behavior and attitude. Yes, I said it; and I’m not apologizing if anyone reading this article happens to take offense. Consider that I have probably held my attitude against those “crazy mandatory morning coffee drinking muthafuckas” a lot longer than some of those [who have chosen to take offense] have been drinking it! I certainly am not going to change it now.

– RobFather X


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