Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 3)

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

I laugh at and lose respect for people in the “real” world and on Funnybook who, in a heated discussion or a differing of opinions, get angry, feel disrespected and feel the need to resort to name-calling, accusations of me “bashing” them, and using their failing ability to send me to Hell. Such people invalidate any points they wanted me to consider and lose what little respect I might have had for their opinions. You don’t have to agree with me. I’m kool with that. Likewise, I don’t have to agree you. But you will never find me calling you a name. (Unless of course, I feel you are being racist or bigoted. That’s the one thing I won’t let anyone get away with.) You won’t find me ever telling you to “fuck off” or to “go to Hell”. First, I take that as a personal attack, one which is totally uncalled for. I will jump out of any conversation where someone tells me to “fuck off”. I simply don’t need to endure that kind of disrespect. Second, I don’t have the ability or power to send anyone to Hell, nor do I want it. There are indeed far better abilities and powers I’d like to have and, when I get them, would use them for MY benefit than waste them on people who show themselves off as arrogant and ignorant assholes.
Two things everyone should know about me right now (if you haven’t known it before):

  1. I do not – and I outright refuse – to argue on Funnybook, although if I make an initial post about something, I reserve the right to get the last word. Depending on the discussion however, I will probably yield that right. I’m simply that kool.
  2. If you resort to name-calling and nastiness either in the “real” world or on Funnybook, you WILL lose any respect I might have had for you and all of your stated opinions.

Don’t let your anger make you look stupid. If you feel that you are so right on an issue then you should show it by conducting yourself with a sense of intelligence, dignity, maturity and class towards those who disagree with you. If that is too hard to do then perhaps you should not be a participant in any intelligent conversations. Otherwise, I will always appear smarter than you on all levels and you, my friend, will only look like a shitty piece of shit in my eyes.
Choose your poison.
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My Facebook friend, author Michael A. Lewis was right on point in this assessment:

“Many people are hypersensitive and never learned the art of conversation. So many don’t understand that an opinion is not arguable, nor is an opinion a matter of right or wrong. It is a personal viewpoint culled from that person’s experiences and thoughts. 

Also these same people think that if they express an opinion and your opinion is not identical to theirs then they quickly go into attack mode trying to tell you that you are wrong for your position(because in their self-righteousness they have decided their opinion is the universal truth). Likewise the same people feel that when you express an opinion that differs from theirs then they take it as a challenge when it isn’t.

Now, the way a conversation is SUPPOSED to go is like this:

  • Topic Question
    • Person A responds with their opinion.
    • Person B responds with their opinion.
    • Person C responds with their opinion.

This is NOT how it is supposed to go:

  • Topic Question
    • Person A responds.
    • Person B responds.
    • Person C Responds to Person A’s opinion telling them their opinion is wrong.
    • Person A responds in defense of their position.
    • Person C has no valid response so they resort to attacking person A’s knowledge, education,
    • looks, personality, etc.

Result: Chaos and F–kery!”
Thanks Mike. I love it!  Now, let’s hope people get the message!
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Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 2)

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Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 2)

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

The DOWNside to social media outlets –
In no particular order, social media outlets (like Facebook), is a place where there are always people who:

  • are extremely sensitive or so psychologically “thin-skinned” to the opinions/points of view made by others that they would misconstrue (or intentionally misconstrue) the slightest comment, or a single word or phrase from the comment itself;
  • often are so vain, they tend to believe that every comment made in the negative has to be about them;
  • are highly defensive against any negative or disparaging comments or remarks said about a private person, a celebrity, a place, an occupation, a thing or some political and/or religious position;
  • love to dictate to others what they deemed to be morally right and wrong;
  • would rather take time to argue and/or cuss out a person, particularly those persons to whom they have never spoken or met;
  • would attempt to always get the last word – especially when it is very obvious that they are wrong;
  • have the amazingly self-given (yet failing) “power” to command other people to go to Hell; (Read what I have to say about people “sending” others to Hell here.)
  • would bring up an old or dead subject or issue (I consider such people to be lonely and miserable);
  • want their points of view read and acknowledged but whose own vanity prohibits them from ever reading the COMPLETE comment of another person before drawing conclusions; (I call such people “lazy readers” and “know-it-alls”)
  • who claim to believe in free speech but will usually be the first to judge another person’s comment or remark as being “too long”/ “too long to read” or “too offensive”, often going as far as to suggest what the author could have said or should have said instead. (This is a serious major peeve of mine!)
  • are incapable of simply ignoring any status, comment or pictures made/posted by others which may be offensive or disagreeable. (Some things in the world CAN be ignored, you know!)
  • fail to [or won’t try to] understand, let alone – respect, the points of view of others;
  • who pretend to be more than they actually are (or worse, pretend to be someone else);
  • are willing to mind-phuck someone online whom they may/may not have ever met – simply for nefarious reasons;
  • are so immature, that losing a debate on an issue is enough to warrant the childish action of removing the offending person from their friend’s list. (Exception: I can support this action IF the offending person was disrespectful in some manner; otherwise, there will always be someone who disagrees with another person’s opinion or point of view.)

I’m sure anyone reading this can add to the list; it is not conclusive because everyone has his/her own personal experiences and frustrations with social media outlets. These simply are mine. I’ve been doing online social media long before many users of Funnybook were born, let alone even knew what a computer or social media is; going as far back as the early 1980’s! Try to understand when I say that sometimes, I just what to lose it and give certain people a piece of my mind! This is often why I intentionally decide to use expletives (of which I have an excellent command) in some of my comments. If I could launch a computer virus to the systems of people who REALLY piss me off or who I think are stupid, I certainly would not hesitate to do it!
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Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 1)

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

I am quickly coming to the mindset that I may have to place an age restriction on whom I decide will continue to be a member or be approved for membership on my Funnybook [Facebook] friends list. I have tried to ignore the signs, however while it has always been obvious to me, I am constantly reminded that there are those there who do not now – nor will they ever – have the experience of life – and of the world – to the degree which I have. Sure, some there might have some formal, informal and perhaps a street education and knowledge similar to my own but none of it will ever compare or compete with mine. There are people there who lack the maturity, the tactfulness, the class, the honor, the self-discipline and a sense to “move the fuck on” when it is clearly necessary. There are people there whose egos are larger than their sex organs and whose feelings are much too fragile and sensitive for my tastes and tolerance. I consider such people to be petty children; petty little boys and little girls compared to me, a grown man of 52 years.

For seventeen years, I have raised a son – a task which continues and which I very much enjoy doing. Long before his birth I was actively involved in the raising, disciplining and guidance of the sons and daughters of other men (U.S. Navy). I can easily recognize bruised egos and “know-it-all” attitudes when I see it – whether they be written, spoken or silent. I have no desire or patience to deal with the minds of children – especially on Facebook. My patience for tolerating people of certain ages and backgrounds has worn thin. I’m simply too grown, too intelligent and (definitely too damn sexy) for immature people who fail to keep up with me, won’t try to understand, tolerate and/or respect my points of view – even if they disagree. I am “over qualified” for such people, which in effect, makes them underqualified to deal with me.

On my side I have age, experience and a vast knowledge of certain things which little boys and girls cannot begin to comprehend – not until they’ve pulled their heads out of their asses. My most pleasant debates and “heated” yet friendly arguments have only been with those who are mature, have “been around the block” of life a few times, who carry the scars of actual experience (and it shows in the way they comment) and who know how to peacefully agree-to-disagree on just about any issue or, at the very least, stay the fuck out of commenting on a subject altogether.

I have to admit that most (not all) of the people with whom I enjoy social interaction are those who are in their 30’s and up. There are only a few people in their mid-to late 20’s who closely qualify as being part of my social enjoyment on Facebook and in the “real world”. All the rest fall into the group of those people who irritate the fuck out of me with their childish behavior; they will be closely scrutinized from now on.

If anyone on my Facebook friends list feels that I am “over qualified” to be their Facebook friend, I want them to please save me the trouble of having to friendectomize their name from my friends list. Let’s both cut the bullshit and be real and fair about whom we each choose to spend time with in the Facebook social forum.
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When Someone Reaches Out (from the “Hardline” series)

PREFACE: Normally, I do not share excerpts from my Hardline series in a general blog post. I’d much prefer readers of this blog find my Hardline series pages under the Imprimus page [here] and, if interested, read the profound comments/statements/quips which I and others have said. However, in recent weeks I’ve been seeing certain comments on social forums like Facebook, reading postings on other blogs and in news reports of things which say to me that there are people reaching out for help; psychological and emotional help. This deeply concerns me, thus I was inspired to write this Hardline and share it here. Somebody out there needs this! Please heed the words and share this link. You could change or perhaps even save a life!
S/N: Click here to read other writings of The Hardline According to RobFather-X series.
When Someone Reaches Out –
Reality is a strange bedfellow; it does not ever leave or escape us. At the start of any new year, many people have certain hopes, expectations, concerns and even fears about things they want to see happen or change in their lives. The complex challenges or problems of life we had on the last day of the previous year did not instantly disappear at the start of the new year. Oh, if that were so!

Depressed man sitting-1Alcohol, drugs, sex, partying and other forms of revelry only helps us to forget such problems for a short time. We still carry the weight of our problems into the new year; some of it much too heavy to continue trying to carry alone. We find that we might need help and naturally want to reach out to share our burdens and concerns with someone else. Mind you however, the help offered by others is not always enough to give through mere text message exchanges, phone calls or the giving of kind, albeit meaningful comments of support on social forums like Facebook. One cannot feel the full spirit or essence of pain or anguish of another person through such means, no matter how many words are written or spoken.

Humans, by nature, are empathic creatures. Each of us has an innate need to have the physical presence of another person occupying the same room or area to feel comforted, liked, loved and/or and reassured as to who we are and what we are feeling. Depressed woman-2We’d much rather look into the eyes of another person whenever we feel the need to bare our soul – sharing our most intimate thoughts, feelings, and desires. We feel the need to read the body language of another person to see if what we are saying is being received with genuine concern and with the utmost sincerity of what human friendship and/or companionship is about. Often seeing a smile, feeling a touch or having a warm, firm physical embrace is all that is needed to help make us feel that our very existence is indeed worthwhile. It helps to know that someone else can understand, care and gives a damn about us and/or our given situation. Failing some of that, it is still helpful if the person to whom we are talking can relate to our particular circumstances in some way. It says to us, “You aren’t the only one; you aren’t alone.” It says to us that someone cares about what we Depressed man sitting-3may be thinking of ourselves and, in some instances, may help us do away with any ideas of pursuing some potentially dangerous course of action to alleviate the pain being felt.

Think about this when someone you know – be it friend or distant family member, has had or is having struggles with life and they ask you to come visit them – or if they ask if they can come visit you. Your response (or lack thereof) could make all the difference, not just in the life of that person but perhaps in yours, too!

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