Christmas is OVER!


FINALLY!!! Christmas Day is OVER and is DONE!!!

Now, each of you who had worked so damn hard to fake being nice and sweet and “filled with Christmas joy and cheer” can begin reverting to your regular, better-known and much-easier-to-recognize (and appreciate) asshole-ish selves.

And please, try to do it before the year is out. Seriously.

– RobFather X

December Holiday Salutations

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) Project-Mission!
What’s wrong with saying Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings instead of Merry Christmas? Nothing at all! If you know history or bother to research the reasons for why some people prefer to use Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings in their verbal holiday salutations or greeting cards then perhaps you too, will understand and appreciate the terms much more. Some of the religious readers of this blog need to do the same research. It’ll save them from copping an attitude or getting their panties in a bunch whenever they say or hear Merry Christmas spoken to someone and then hear the return reply of Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings.

I know it makes many christians upset when they don’t hear Merry Christmas used as much anymore, particularly in the media. They feel that Christ, the so-called “reason for the season” has been taken out of Christmas. Nothing could be further from the truth! Christmas is still…CHRISTmas! Never mind the term “X-mas” either! Neither the word ‘X-mas’ or the holiday salutation ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’ or variations of these, is necessarily meant to rob anyone of their beliefs in Jesus Christ, Christmas or anything associated with the two. If Jesus himself had a problem with Holiday Greetings-1it I think He would have done something about it long before now! The problem many christians have with Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings is that they tend to believe that the entire month of December is all about them – and of course, the birth of Jesus Christ. Well, this is true for the most part – and perhaps true to the majority of people who live in other nations practicing christian religions. However to many others, it isn’t just about the christian religion or just about Jesus Christ – and therein is the problem where once again, we have a case of religious selfishness by the Christian right!

For years, people have been saying a variation of holiday salutations and even singing songs with the words ‘happy holidays’ or ‘season’s greetings’ in the lyrics. Giving holiday salutations without having the name Christ or the word “Christmas” implies no disrespectful tone against Jesus Christ, Christianity, or the Christian religion. It’s use is neither disparaging of the (formerly pagan) date of December 25 chosen to observed the birth of Jesus Christ, nor does it take away from Christmas itself.

Season's Greetings-1Many people often prefer to say Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings instead of Merry Christmas not necessarily because they might not believe in Jesus Christ or Christmas (which is a person’s choice!) but because many are aware that saying Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings is being mindful and respectful of those other spiritually significant days in December where both religious and interfaith holy periods occur beginning the first week in December through to January 1 worldwide. These holiday salutations encompasses all of those days because many people do not celebrate Christmas (again, their choice!), many people are not Jewish and many others happened to be Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans and even Zoroastrians. Of course, people who use these salutations may have other reasons for their preference of holiday salutations but really, that’s irrelevant as it has no bearing on christians, Christianity or Christmas whatsoever!

Here is a sample list of spiritually significant days in December for this year:

  • Sunday, December 2, 2012
    Advent (First Sunday) (Christian)
    The Christian Church year begins with advent (meaning coming or arrival), which is also a time when Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ.
  • Sunday, December 8, 2012
    Bodhi Day (Rohatsu) (Buddhism)
    This day commemorates the date of Siddhartha Gautama’s realization and presentation of the Four Noble Truths.
  • Sunday, December 9-Sunday, December 16, 2012
    Hanukkah (Fest of Lights) (Jewish)
    In approximately 164 B.C, the Maccabees, a small group of Jews fighting for religious freedom, won victory over the Syrians. Upon returningHappy Hanukkah to the Temple, they found only one jar of oil to light the eternal light. In spite of the shortage of oil, the eternal light stayed lit for eight days. A special eight-branched candelabrum known as a menorah is lit over this period to celebrate the eight-day miracle.
  • Tuesday, December 25, 2012
    Christmas Day (Christian)
    On this day, Christians honor the birth of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. This is the most widely observed Christian festival of the year. People celebrate it by exchanging gifts, decorating homes and communities with lights and ornaments, and attending parties and meals.
  • Tuesday, December 25, 2012
    Eastern Orthodox Christmas (Eastern Orthodox)
    Members of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth on this day.
  • Wednesday, December 26, 2012 to Thursday, January 1, 2013
    Kwanzaa (African/Interfaith)
    Wanting to encourage African-Americans to celebrate and honor their rich heritage, Professor Maulana Karenga founded Kwanzaa in 1966. The holiday, which means ‘first fruit’ in Swahili, is made up of seven principles: unity, self-determination, working together, sharing, purpose, creativity, and faith. Seven basic symbols and two supplemental ones: mazao (crops), mkeka (mat), kinara (candle holder), muhindi (corn), mishumaa Saba (seven candles), kikombe cha umoja (unity cup), zawadi (gifts), bendera (flag), nguzo saba poster (poster of the seven principles) communicate these values. Candles are lit on each consecutive night in a seven-branched candelabrum. The lighting of each candle represents the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Black, red and green symbolize Kwanzaa. Black represents the people, red signifies their struggle, and green stands for the future and the hope that emanates from the struggle.

Let’s get educated, stop being so sensitive and trying to make people feel guilty for the holiday salutation they prefer to use!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

Fuck the Holidays!

I stopped caring about holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Year’s Eve years ago. I won’t go into detail right now except to say that I have lost any reason to observe such “tidings of joy” for the time being. Sure, my wonderful teenage son will visit me, I will make the obligatory calls to mom and even play some holiday music on my little radio show (which I’ve been holding off from doing this year since such is played on the station where I work during the other six days of the week).  In a way, it’s all pretend on my part and flies in the face of the keeping it real edict I’ve set for myself. But hey; I’ve learned that sometimes there are things in life where a little flexibility is necessary for the greater good. If you are a parent or still have living parents, you’ll understand where I’m coming from with regard to being flexible. In my heart, I feel that if I could stop Time and jump over every day after October 31st on to January 2nd of the coming year, I would do that!

Why I feel very strongly this way isn’t so much about the commercialism of the holidays or the shopping and buying of gifts and shit for other people. It’s not even the hellish street traffic I have to fight for the last two months of the year. It’s me. I’m lonely. And no; being with my family and/or friends (of which I have few) will NOT help me! I’m depressed. Yet, there are people who tell me that I don’t have to be depressed. Yeah. Right. Many don’t know it but I have suffered with intermittent bouts of depression for decades!  Now, I know some of those people mean well but what the fuck do they know about me or my mental condition and/or emotions to say to  me that I “don’t have to be depressed”? If that’s the best they have to offer then they need to fuck off and just leave me alone! And please; no one had better come at me with that tired old “you need Jesus” or “Jesus can help you” et al rhetoric. Save it! I get enough of it from my brother. Everything in my life is not about “needing” Jesus!

Frankly, I had been wishing the holidays would never come!  I know; that’s a foolish thing to say since the holidays always do come and since they are here. Still, it sounds good when I say it out loud and it looks good reading the words on this screen. I’ve no one to love in the way a man needs and wants someone to love. I’m not talking about the love a man has for his children, his siblings, his parents or his pet. I’m talking about a man having someone special to himself ; someone to emotionally love and to be loved by; someone he can share things with, like holiday cheer and special occasions in his life. I had that once but that person chose to betray me and go away.  I doubt I was ever really understood anyway so it’s just as well that the relationship ended after nearly twenty years. And though I’ve worked hard to get over that loss, to move on with my life and to try to find happiness again, the fact of the matter is, my heart has been stone cold and untrusting of others ever since.  Sure… I can tell and laugh at a joke, carry somewhat of a positive attitude about my future and maintain my wonderfully sick sense of humor but  the truth is, deep down, I’m very unhappy. I’ve yet to meet anyone who can soften my heart, revitalize my inner-self and make me feel whole and real again.

So there it is. The first of a few personal revelations yet to come in this blog. It was long overdue and I thought it was time that I just put it out there. I don’t expect anyone to give a flying fuck. This is my problem. I’ll be fine. Really. One of the reasons I have this blog is so that I can have a place where I can write out my thoughts instead of simply talking to the four walls of my apartment (as I so often do).  Writing in this blog is therapeutic for me – perhaps more that I could explain. Besides, the words in my head scream to come out and the truth that is my life demand to come to light.  I can’t help it.  And at my age, I’m no longer concerned with becoming naked to the world [thanks Teena Marie] of people I know or don’t know. If that was a  real concern this blog would not exist. In coming personal revelations, I will let whatever chips there are from the things I say fall wherever they will. Fuck it.

Perhaps someday, if or when I find love again, I will have reason to celebrate holidays and all that nice “tis-the-season-to-be-jolly” picturesque jazz. Until such time, every day of my unhappy life – including my birthday too, I suppose – is simply going to be a regular day and shall be treated as much. It’s how I’ve been feeling and handling things for the last few years or more. And again, until the time I meet that special someone, I intend to steer clear, as much as possible, of the hype and bullshit – AND the shady phoniness that some people tend to wear – associated with the holiday season. Don’t worry about me. It all is what it fuckin’ is.

Fuck the holidays.

Keepin’ It...REAL!