Three of the Most Dangerous White Men in America

I’ll keep this very short:
I consider these White men three of the most dangerous in America.
If I have to explain why they are dangerous then you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in this country.

Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou

Rest in Peace, Maya Angelou.
I am blessed that your work was required reading in my childhood home and in my elementary and high school days. Thank you for your many, many generous contributions of class, talent and wisdom – not just to our shared ethnicity of people but to the world!

Learn more about the life of this extraordinary woman here:
Click here to see a list of her written work.

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RobFather Rants: The Private Lives of Celebrities (Why The Fuck Should We Care?)

RobFather-X (15a)So here I am, on this fine Monday evening (May 12, 2014), trying to get through my “off” day and do what I do online and in social media. All fucking day all I see on Facebook is the word or name “Solange”. So I asked myself, “What or who is this “Solange” thing or person which so many people are talking about?”

I looked at the word/name “Solange” a few times before realizing that I probably am pronouncing it wrong. So I did what a few other people have probably done and Google’d it. Come to find out that it’s a name – of a female – the sister to recording artist Beyoncé – and her name is Solange Knowles. (I still can’t pronounce the name.) So I checked further to find out why her name is trending the web, the media and the attention of so many people on Facebook. I should have stopped the moment I learned that she was related to Beyoncé but I didn’t. Stupid me. You see, I am not a Beyoncé fan nor am I one of Jay Z (aka Sean Carter). I don’t know those people and their public and personal lives aren’t worth the turd of shit I dropped in the toilet this morning. Those people simply have no bearing on my life. Yet, I just had to find out why these people captured the attention of the media, the web and many of my friends on Facebook. Well, I learned that supposedly, someone possibly identified as being Solange and someone possibly identified as Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z got into some physical altercation on an elevator. I watch the 3:31 silent TMZ video as I asked myself, “Why are people concerned with this?” “Who the fuck cares what these wealthy people do?”

I just couldn’t believe…no, wait; That’s not true; I suppose by now that I DO believe that there are people whose day simply isn’t completely made until they’ve seen the negative aspects of some celebrity. I shake my head at this kind of mess and kick my ass for even bothering to waste a fraction of my time watching a three and a half-minute silent video of people in an elevator being…well, people! Perhaps, had that been a video of some extremely important people fussing and fighting, say President Obama and Michelle or Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for instance, who were having a fuss then perhaps I could understand the interest and this article might be moot.
And no readers; I will NOT post that piece of shit in this article! You’ve got everything you need in this rant to find that video online (if you haven’t seen it already) and look at it yourself! I’d strongly advise against making that search. You’ll thank me (unless of course, you ARE the type of person whose toes I’m stomping all over right now).

So I must ask: “Who the fuck is Jay Z, Beyoncé or that Solange person in the grand scheme of running this country and/or this world?” Those people are not world leaders, world religious leaders or famous doctors or philosophers known to make a difference in the world. Why are so many people focused on the personal lives of people like the Knowles and the Carters – or with any celebrity?

Someone needs to explain to me – in the clearest of detail, why anyone should give a flying fuck about what those people – or any celebrity for that matter, does on a personal or private basis. Celebrity gossip website TMZ gets a hold of something like the video I’m discussing, posts it online and people just…salivate! I don’t understand it; all I know is that I hate it!

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Applaud ANY Black Man Who Shows Emotion!

Congratulations, to Michael Sam! 
Significant history in sports – particularly, American sports, has been made this day!
Click here to read the history-making story!

Here is a video of Sam’s reaction.

Now, perhaps I’m more of a sensitive masculine man than I thought but I looked at the video and felt joyful for Michael Sam. I’m very proud of him and have a great deal of respect that this Black man was not afraid to express emotion for having realized his dream. But when this was shown to some people on Facebook, a few small-minded and insensitive people made fun at a grown, strong-looking man crying the way you’ve just seen in the video! Then there were people who added more insults by poking fun at the physical and sexual comparison of Sam and his boyfriend with the making/posting of crude sexual “jokes”! I just couldn’t take any more reading of that bullshit!

In a society such as ours which already heavily scrutinizes, stereotypes and even fears Black masculinity, and one that often questions that very masculinity and its ability to be sensitive in any form, why would anyone make fun of Michael Sam’s reaction? Today, May 10th, American sports history has been made with the drafting of an openly gay man to play on an American professional football team. Yet some people chose to poke fun at Sam by expressing their limited and “old-fashioned” idea of what defines manliness or masculinity (e.g. “grown and/or masculine men don’t cry“) and they dared to make some sick speculations (“It’s all in fun”, they tell me) about some sexual activity between Sam and his boyfriend.


The latter was the worse for me to read on Facebook but comments about Sam’s masculinity and his relationship with his beau are both shameful on the part of those individuals who very likely don’t know a damn thing about Michael Sam as a person or about his relationship or sexual activity with his boyfriend. People need to mind their fuckin’ business! The adage, “If you can’t say something nice, keep your comments to yourself” strongly applies here!

I have to wonder had this been a huge football player-type built White man with his small-framed Black man – especially in a history-making situation such as this, would people still find ridicule in that White man expressing himself the way Sam did here. It saddens me! I’ll tell you, reader, watching Sam’s reaction brought a tear to my eyes…and as you know, I pride myself in being a masculine person but a realistically sensitive, masculine person…one who knows that human emotion is no respecter of persons or gender role. Human emotion is an essence that is a part of human life!

I don’t know Michael Sam personally but I do indeed understand the kind of pressure he’s been under since telling the world of his sexual orientation. I understand the risk he took that by “coming out”, the chances of homophobia in professional sports could have prevented him from going pro. I’m extremely happy that Sam’s dream to be selected to play for a professional football team has been realized. Look at the video again and tell me that is not a man overjoyed in happinessCONGRATULATIONS, MIKE!

Now I say, SHAME to anyone making fun of this scene! Get it together, people – especially you people of my ethnicity! As an ethnic group, we have enough issues – whether any of us are gay, bisexual or straight – to deal with than in ever finding pointless fault, putting down or making senseless fun of each of other!

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Get Over Sports “Wardrobe/Uniform Malfunctions”!

A few years ago, a “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl  game caused a national uproar. For those who don’t quite remember, on February 1, 2004, during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII (38), a game that is always broadcasted live, R&B/Pop music superstar Janet Jackson‘s breast, decorated with a nipple shield, was exposed by Pop music star Justin Timberlake for about half a second while they were performing on stage together.  The jury is out, so to speak, as to whether or not Jackson and Timberlake planned that little act. (Both are also actors so it wouldn’t surprise me if their “look of surprise” was feigned.) Regardless of any intent, both stars and their handlers claimed that the breast exposure was a “wardrobe malfunction”.  Because the Super Bowl is an annual football game watched by thousands of people – many who are youngsters – demand for some type of punitive action was made against both the music stars and the television network CBS, which covered the game. The rest, as they say, is history which you can research for yourselves.

DeMarco Murray gets ass-tackled at Steelers vs Cowboys game (16DEC2012)During yesterday’s (Dec. 16, 2012) Pittsburgh Steelers – Dallas Cowboys game, Dallas running back DeMarco Murray had a “uniform malfunction” when he was tackled late in the game by Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu. Murray’s pants ended up sliding down and exposing his rear end. Polamalu got more than he expected in that tackle! (Well, nobody ever denies that football isn’t homoerotic!) Anyway, it looks like that network’s “5-second delay” thing didn’t work either! Surely, somebody is going to have some heartburn over this so here’s what I say to the naysayers:

Shit happens in sports! If you’ve ever played in or participated in sports in any way – as a player, cheerleader or as an entertainer, or if you have ever been to any sports game, you know this all too well! Get over it! Here’s another thought: Let’s keep the helmets, cleats, shoulder pads/guards, jock straps and cups and even the gloves and just let football players play semi-nude if they want. We can allow the same for the cheerleaders, too! Imagine breasts bouncing up and down!  At least there would be no more “wardrobe malfunctions” which some people are so afraid of and it sure would make any football game much more interesting, if not hot!

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