Loretta E. Lynch Becomes 83rd USAG, Making American History!

Loretta_E_Lynch, 83rd US Attorney General (April 27, 2015)-1It’s official. Swearing-in has been completed and today, April 27, 2015, another important note in American history has been made. Loretta Elizabeth Lynch is now the new U.S. Attorney General. Lunch is the 83rd person to hold the post and more significantly is the first Black woman to hold the presidential cabinet-level office. Lynch succeeds Eric H. Holder, the 82nd U.S. Attorney General who was the first Black man to have held the office (February 2009 to April 27, 2015).

Washington, D.C. – at the Justice Department, Monday, April 27, 2015: U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden (L) swears in Loretta E. Lynch (R) as Attorney General as her husband Stephen Hargrove (2R) and father Lorenzo Lynch (2L) look on. Lynch becomes the 83rd Attorney General, replacing Eric H. Holder. (Photo, credit by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Washington, D.C. – at the Justice Department, Monday, April 27, 2015:
U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden (L) swears in Loretta E. Lynch (R) as Attorney General as her husband Stephen Hargrove (2R) and father Lorenzo Lynch (2L) look on. Lynch becomes the 83rd Attorney General, replacing Eric H. Holder. (Photo, credit by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Thank you Eric for your outstanding patriotic service to country!
Congratulations and all my best to you, Loretta!

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DAY 2015

National Black HIV-AIDS Awareness Day (Feb 7, 2015)Today (February 7) is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.
Read more about National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day at the links below.

PLEASE NOTE: While HIV/AIDS information and prevention knowledge is important for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, statistics have always shown that Black people – and other people of color, tend to rate among the highest in world society who are infected with HIV, who don’t normally get tested and who go untreated.

This annual campaign is designed and promoted to encourage sexually active men and women of color to learn more – as in the FACTS about the virus, to get tested for HIV regularly, to learn and to know one’s personal health status where HIV – or any STD/STI virus for that matter, is concerned, to practice safe sex and to insist that one’s sexual partner do the same.

Here are the links to check out:

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Face of the Forgotten!

Missing Black WomenATTENTION: There are approximately 64,000 Black women missing across America!!
This needs more attention! 
It needs much more attention than any of that stoo-pid and nonsensical “reality” TV crap I’m always seeing flood Facebook and Twitter!

Ask yourself:
What if one of the missing Black women was your mother – or the mother of someone you knew? What if one of the missing Black women was your sister? Your daughter? Your wife or girlfriend? What if one of these women was just a kind neighbor, co-worker, a teacher of one of your kids, someone whom you held a great deal of respect for? Why, you just saw and spoke to her last week! You hadn’t seen her in a while. Perhaps she moved, changed jobs or is visiting relatives. Are you sure? Where is she today?

The FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Persons File reports that almost 40 per cent of those missing are African-American.

Read more by clicking here or the photo above.

Reblog this article and get the word out. so we can find where these women are and/or what happened to them! 

If you recognize any of the women in the photo or in the article link or would like to report someone missing, please contact the Black And Missing Foundation at
1-877-972-2634 or on their website here.

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Television Train Wreck: “The Houstons: On Our Own”

Until I read a post on Funnybook (Facebook) and later saw the TV promo, I had no idea the new reality show, The Houstons: On Our Own (Lifetime network) even existed (not that I’d ever been interested in the Houston family to begin with).  I shake my head at another ridiculous attempt of celebrities and their handlers to pull in the attention of thousands of people whom such families couldn’t care less about.  I am especially peeved that this is being done on yet another famous Black family, as there are already set-in-stone stereotypes about how Black people conduct themselves in the family setting. Were I not already a strong-minded, self-confident person I would be highly embarrassed as a Black man!

No readers, we Black folk are all NOT like the Huxtable family (The Cosby Show) or the Evans family (Good Times) or any of the TV sitcom shows featuring Black families you’ve seen on television.  Unfortunately, it’s those very comedies and silly reality shows like The Houstons: On Our Own which tend to give viewers a distorted picture of the Black family.  Other than the television series, Lincoln Heights (January 2007-November 2009) and the first Black soap opera Generations (March 1989 – January 1991), which come to mind, I’d imagined one would be hard pressed to find or even remember a popular television DRAMA (not reality) show which:

  • lasted for more than one season
  • aired on a major non-cable network
  • featured an American Black family – one where the mother, children AND father all lived happy, normal American lives under the SAME roof and
  • one that was NOT in any way, shape or form, a situation comedy (aka sitcom) or miniseries.

If you remember such a TV show please, post the same in the comment section!

There are train wrecks in television I would love to see happen and which are inevitable to happen, such as this show, The Houstons: On Our Own, which I did not watch and would have no interest in watching. In my opinion, unless it is a legitimate bio pic, any reality or drama television show featuring the crazy lives of some living or deceased celebrity and/or their families is, plain and simple, a fucking train wreck waiting to happen. I couldn’t care less about the happenings of a post-Whitney Houston family. So the fuck what!  It irks me that the media and some feeble-minded people (fans) continue to feel this… need… to focus attention on Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, a person who has not made any significant contributions to the arts or to society but who instead, is simply spending the money and riding the wave of her famous but now deceased mother, R&B/pop music artist, Whitney Houston (who passed away February 11th, 2012). Her famous grandmother, soul and gospel singing artist Cissy Houston, who has been in the music business for decades, ought to know better and perhaps should feel ashamed to be a part of this obscene limelight focus on her family.  And do I need to mention the decades of trouble of Whitney’s also famous (or should I say, infamous?) husband, R&B/New jack swing/hip-hop singer, Bobby Brown? Brown, a man who has had – and seems to continue having – troubles since leaving the 1980’s R&B boy band, New Edition?  It’s all very pathetic and a sad testament to the memory of Whitney Houston, who herself had her own troubles with fame and life.

Let me be clear: I am not being judgmental about the Houston family. How can I possibly be judgmental when media and the internet is full of well-publicized facts, rumors and hype, all which have surrounded the Houston family for decades and which have only intensified with the passing of Whitney Houston, in much the same way with the passing of pop music legend, Michael Jackson? I’m merely stating an opinion based on what I see and hear.

To each his/her own regarding television show selection but I don’t watch nor subscribe to anything related to or associated with celebrity families. I’ve got enough drama in my family to last me a lifetime (thank you very much) than to ever dare waste my time peering into the superficial lives of others. I would expect that other people have drama in their own families as well.

Hmmm….now that I think about it, I suppose there are some people with so much drama in their family that TV shows such as The Houstons: On Our Own and others of its kind, may in fact be a much-needed, if not therapeutic distraction from their uh…REAL reality. Well, I certainly hope it helps. I maintain however, that no matter how you look at it, any celebrity family reality show is a sad reflection on us all as Americans – both to ourselves and to the rest of the world. It all needs to end.

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Self-respect & Decency and the Freedom of Expression

My God! Is there no decency among certain women today? It is SHIT like THIS that makes me, as a Black man, ASHAMED to be a member of the Black ethnic group!. I makes me ashamed to be an American! Never mind the AWFUL tattoos or where they were placed. That’s only PART of the problem with this picture! These…”women” have NO sense of SELF-RESPECT, PERSONAL DECENCY, CLASS, or PRIDE about themselves! They are a DISGRACE and EMBARRASSMENT (yes, I SAID IT!) – not only to the classy, self-respecting Black women who have come before them, but to those same classy self-respecting Black women – and women of ALL COLORS and NATIONALITIES – dead and living today, who have worked damn hard, sacrificed an awful lot, giving of their livelihood and lives, just to make BEING A WOMAN a bit easier for their sisters (regardless of race), while at the same time, trying to earn the RESPECT of men, other women, their own children, and general society itself!  And many women of today STILL wonder why they get no respect!  To those women who ‘liked” this picture here on Facebook and actually support this, I say, “give me a fuckin’ break!” I am certain that if ANY of my three sisters did ANYTHING like this… AND placed such TRASH to be seen PUBLICLY, no matter how much my mother loved them, she would probably DISOWN them!

AND MEN: If you would fuck, date, or marry “women” such as the ones pictured here, I want NOTHING to do with you! For not only would you be ENCOURAGING SUCH behavior but you would be class-LESS by sheer association!! Yes, I SAID IT! YOU WOULD BE CLASSLESS!

I hold ALL WOMEN, particularly BLACK WOMEN (for I was birthed by one and RAISED by THREE, in far too high regard to simply give THIS picture a “pass”. My upright MALEness and my self-respecting BLACKness DEMANDS that I give scenes like THIS protest! Yet when I made these comment on Facebook, I got accused of being “judgmental”, “non-supportive of self-expression”, and “making too harsh a statement”.  In my defense,  I want to address such baseless accusations:

  • First, I think I reserve the right to disagree with whatever I see or hear, wherever I happened to see or hear it. I can CHOOSE to give it a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down“. In this sense, I have chosen whether or not I like what I see or hear. This is also called “making a judgement”. People make such judgments everyday for just about everything! This is exactly what I’ve done regarding this picture. I have not imposed on anyone’s right to freely express themselves.
  • Second, you would not find anyone more supportive of a person’s right to freely express themselves than me. For example, I sport tattoos and body piercings. I am never hesitant to tell a stranger who is sporting some awesome ink how much I like it!  However, I believe that the freedom to express one’s self comes with a certain responsibility to at least have some understanding for the perception and the message one’s method or style of such self-expression sends to others. If that method/style of self-expression offends or perhaps even endangers someone, then it offends or endangers and the offended or endangered reserve the  right to make comment or to protest. Not everybody is going to like or support the way a person chooses to express him/herself.
  • Although we may support the RIGHT of  others to freely express themselves however they see fit, we also reserve an equal right to disagree with that person’s method/style of self-expression. We can choose to either verbally or in writing (in print or on-line forums), that person’s method of self-expression. Again this is the same as us using the “thumbs up/thumbs down” method of expressing our approval or disapproval about something.
  • Finally, the first three points I made were instrumental in making the summation of my so-called “harsh” comments. Period. My comments are simply MY opinion and, like everyone else, I reserve the right to call shit how I see it. It’s called “being real” people! Some have told me they agree with what I said about this picture but yet felt I was “imposing on the right of the women  (in the picture) to express themselves”. Well, I DO NOT know anyone pictured here. I DO NOT know their names or anything else about them, therefore, they would be like any other “model” I’d see in a magazine or billboard and had made a comment about. My comments would have absolutely no effect upon those pictured. I’m simply making a comment. No one has to pay attention to what I say; they don’t have to like or respect my words. But…here in America, they have to respect my right to say it.

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