A Message to Young Voters

I realize that for many young people politics is probably “boring” and that they probably “could care less” or they simply “don’t give a damn” about political conventions. That’s ok…to some degree.
Here’s a personal message to those young men and women, ages 18 to at least 30 years old.

People, if you have nothing better to do (like HOMEWORK or a JOB), why not watch and/or listen to some of the events happening tonight, the LAST night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC)? More importantly, why not make sure you stay up to watch and listen to our President, Barack Obama, and his vision for CONTINUING the work he started four years ago? Choosing to make silly comments on Facebook, or to send silly text and tweet messages, or choosing to play video games, or even “fapping” (!) are NOT the things that will matter come Election Day in November, especially if YOU, who are old enough to vote, do not vote! For many of you, Election Day will be your FIRST TIME ever voting for a president, let alone for an issue or two in your respective city and/or state!
Ask yourselves:

  • Do you really know the candidates running for office?
  • Do you really know AND understand their stand or position, or voting record on the issues that could affect you now, your future, and those of your family?
  • Do you really understand WHY you are choosing to vote for either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama for President of the United States?
  • Do you really know and understand the issues in your community that are up for public vote? What exactly is Proposition “”X” about?

Think carefully now! Consider whether the CHANGES that could happen under a Romney or an Obama presidency over the next FOUR YEARS, will be those in which YOU, who will then be four years older, will be proud to say you voted for “Candidate X” and/or for “Proposition X”.
Do NOT be the one who comes to regret not having educated yourself on the political happenings in your community and country or worse, who regrets not having exercised your constitutional right to vote!

Do I have your attention? Good! Now check out how young voters participated in the 2008 election here.
Keepin’ It…REAL!

Honesty on Racism (Part 1)

This blog is all about being REAL. Straight-up. No bullshit.
So…in this one minute video, renown Michigan attorney Geoffrey Fieger IS being REAL, and is saying what many SENSIBLE people – both Black and White – have been saying over the last four to five years about Barack Obama .

Now, to be clear, I have seen enough YouTube videos actually protesting Fieger’s comments. They range from calling Fieger an “opportunist” to gain the Black [sympathy] vote for some future political office he wants, to the hoodwinking of certain ethnic groups, to actually denying the fact that certain people and certain political groups were “never really out to get rid of Barack Obama due to his race, religious beliefs, or his place of actual birth, but only for his political views”. What an outright lie! GIVE ME A FUCKIN’ BREAK!

Look, I’m not only a news junkie but I know damn well American history. And, one of the things about this country’s history which has always fascinated me is that of the American Presidency! I know, (and so do many of you reading this — don’t dare deny it), that until Barack Hussein Obama ran for, got properly vetted and nominated, and rightfully won the presidency, NO ONE ever questioned or challenged the natural citizenry or race of any other person who went through the same process and went on to serve this country as President of these United States. Now it’s true that for a few of our past presidents, there have been questions or concerns about the religious beliefs (i.e. JFK’s catholic upbringing comes to mind), military service, etc during the campaign and after entering office but never such to the level of that done against Barack Obama. And with all the political (and personal) differences the American people, members of Congress, and religious and political groups have had of the last 43 presidents, strangely enough (perhaps strange to everyone except maybe Black people) it was not until Barack Obama came along that all the bullshit questions and challenges of his birth certificate, parentage, religious beliefs, political, religious, and personal associations with so-called “controversial” people, his youth AND his race came to be of very deep concern. It’s shameful but the more we would like to believe that America is socially, ethnically, and ethically moving forward, the more many of us REALize that we still have a very long way to go.

I support Fieger’s comments in his video and in this follow-up news link where he addresses why he posted the video, clearly pointing out the video is NOT a support ad for President Obama’s re-election. Fieger says the video was posted to bring to light the racism that still exists in America, implying that RACE has been – and will still – be a factor to many in this year’s election. Listen carefully and you’ll hear Fieger’s direct and intended inflection of the words, “BLACK family occupying the WHITE House”. In the follow-up news story, Fieger uses the term “code words” to relate to the racist tactics used against Obama by many of his (Fieger’s) “white brethren”, today and in the past four years. (The same terms used particularly by radio pundits by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, et al).

I won’t sugarcoat it: Black people, particularly those in my general age group and older, have been, and are certainly sensitive to coded language used against us. Black people (and the Native American) practically invented it!  I find it refreshing, to say the least, to actually hear a White man of the fame and credibility Fieger has reached, calling out the obvious racism of the staunch Obama-haters. Thanks Geoffrey Fieger for…
Keepin’ It….REAL!