The Hardline (series) 2014

A series of continuous, profound original epigrams and statements from the mind of RobFather X!

RobFather-X (hooded)

narcissism_male-femaleNarcissism –
Def.: (noun) 1. An excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.
“Narcissism is not always such a bad thing. This word has been thrown around so often that its meaning is often used in the wrong context. Narcissism or not, some people are into themselves, into looking good and caring for their body. It simply makes them feel good. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are people who think that being narcissistic is a personality disorder, disease or medical condition. Perhaps that may be true with some people, but who are we to judge how another person accepts or looks upon him or herself?
Nearly everyone has been narcissistic at some point – or more in their lives. One form of narcissism is masturbation. Over the years, people have complained that I write or talk too much about and encourage masturbation. Why not talk about it and encourage it? In a world where there is increased sexual awareness, unwanted pregnancies and where sexually transmitted infections and diseases (STI/STD) can be contracted from almost anyone, next to abstinence sexual self-pleasuring is the safest form of sex and is no less normal – or shameful than breathing. Most people who love themselves, their body and the pleasure it gives them, masturbate. Either get into it or get over it.
Finally, there are people who complain about others who take pictures of themselves aka “selfies”. Taking a self-photo is another form of narcissism. There’s nothing wrong with that… although while some of the pictures people post on the web are good, others are very bad and perhaps should never see the light of day. People should stop judging other people who take “selfies” and stop determining who should or shouldn’t take photos of themselves.
CHECK IT: If more people were narcissistic and/or into themselves, they wouldn’t have time to ingratiate (aka kiss the ass) other people to get what they want from them nor would they have time to get their noses all up in other people’s personal affairs. It’s that simple.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
Fuck (single word)Fuck –
“We think we shall be fuckin’ INCREASING our fuckin’ use of one of our favorite expletives: the famed fuckin’ “F” word many of you cringe and know as FUCK on this fuckin’ bitch we “affectionately” refer to as Fuckbook (Facebook). Some of you fuckers deserve to see more fucks, ESPECIALLY since many of you don’t GIVE any fucks while others perhaps don’t GET fucked enough! A few of you muthafuckas will be fuckin’ sorry to fuckin’ know us! Fuckin’ eh! We don’t give a flyin’ fuck – that is, if we ever fuckin’ DID! Guess you fucks had better bail the fuck out now if your fuckin’ eyes can’t fuckin’ handle it when we turn on the “fuck-word faucet” – full blast!
Fuckstrated yet with seeing the word FUCK used in this post?? Stand the fuck by, fuckers; there are more fucks to come!”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
“I want to thank a certain Facebook friend who, in a phone conversation last evening, helped me confirm that I should not over-think my constant sexually adulterous behavior. In fact, he encouraged me to enjoy my life since I only live once, adding that I should do whatever [the fuck] makes me happy so long as I’m not hurting anyone. Thank you, T!
And so, to any christian or religious folk reading this post who might feel judgmental and/or who might dare to throw Biblical passages regarding my adulterous behavior, I’ll simply be kind and leave you with this partial quote from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick: “…from hell’s heart I stab at thee…” Translated, that’s me telling you to fuck off.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
Betrayal(again I visit this subject)
“I’ve never made it a secret on how I feel about people who betray me. Yet there are those “christian” folk who still love to “remind” me how a “child of God” should act. I neither want nor need anyone telling me how I should feel, act or conduct my life. I’ve said it here before: Respect, Loyalty and Trust are important to me. Betrayal is about the one thing I will NEVER forgive and have never forgiven. In fact, if Hell existed I would gladly take my ticket to go there than to ever forgive someone who betrayed me; that’s simply so that I do not risk having to spend “all eternity” with that sneaky, back-stabbing fucker in Heaven. I think even God would understand that!”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
Television Medical Ads Review –
Medical ads (10MAR2014)

Tighten “It” Up –

“Be it sex with females or with men, we men like it tight – but not too tight. If you’re loose, you need to face the fact that you won’t have your man around much longer. He’s going to look for – and very likely find with someone else, that grip – that feeling of suction on his jawn. Aside for someone’s appearance, being annoying or having a bad attitude, that which is loose – or is loosening is one of the main reasons many men will cheat on his mate.
CHECK IT: My advice: tighten it up, baby – and keep it that way. This is best done by exercises like Kegels but also by the occasional withholding of “the cookie” from every other swinging dick you see. That often means having the strength to say “no” – even if your sex tells you to say “yes“. It’s simply a matter of self-control. Period. There’s never any need or excuse to whore yourself. Never. Listen to Archie Bell and The Drells tell it!”

Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
“In a world…. filled with many know-it-all, easily distracted young people, some of us older folk need each other to confirm that it is not US who are crazy!”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
“Fuckin’ wiggers!” And I don’t mean people who make wigs!
We all know some people of the “lighter shade” who act thus and make us decent people of color (POC) angry as fuck. And just as much as “they” consider me of the “darker shade” a nigger and therefore a person who is always to be “suspected”, untrustworthy and one of thousands of my particular ethnicity who ought to be removed from the face of the earth – simply because my skin is brown/black/not white, so then do I often feel the same about “them”. No; I have not lowered myself to “their” level in any corporeal action or form. I’m merely expressing a thought here in the hopes that somebody can relate.
And yes; I wrote the word “nigger” (that’s twice, now) in this Hardline because unlike many reading this who seem afraid of what-ever-the-fuck that makes them think a fuckin’ letter in the alphabet is socially acceptable instead of using the actual word – which everyone who sees the letter already is made to think of the “socially unacceptable” word anyway, I have never believed in playing such childish “letter” games. So called “political correctness” means little to practically nothing to me, so never expect me to conform. I simply have the balls to say those things which people on called “social media” won’t say. “Wiggers” – and other people in general, ought to be thankful to whatever gods they worship that is ALL that I do!”
Try to catch up muthafuckas!
(GER: 201404:04)
“There is one hazard to being a friend of mine or in a relationship with me:
Under no circumstances will I tolerate or ever forgive or forget betrayal, disloyalty and disrespect. My ex, many former friends and even some family members have learned this – the hard way. It is what it is, and at my age I won’t change.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
You Don’t Know Me!
“Rarely do I “read” people. I think “read” is the vernacular term younger folk use today to mean “to tell someone off”. I will certainly “read” a muthafucker when it’s necessary! I have a mastery of words and an excellent skill at clearly expressing myself in both verbal and written form, using as many or as few words necessary to accomplish that task. I’m simply skilled at getting my points of view across to people. On top of that, I have age, various forms of education and life experience that trumps over nearly everything most people can ever throw at me!”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
“I’m all for the selective elimination from the human gene pool of those persons proven to be intentionally ignorant and/or stupid. There’s got to be a science fiction story related to this desire written somewhere on this marble that will make and keep my dick hard as I read every page.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
“My life is less stressful when I follow MY rules for living it.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckers.
“Human ignorance is much like a weed on a well-maintained lawn spread: when it sprouts it’s so easy to spot. Human bigotry is like dog shit on a sidewalk: when it’s seen it’s easy to avoid stepping in it and on a hot day, it’s easy to smell, too!”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!
“Whenever people say they “never judge”, “don’t judge” or “won’t judge” you for being or doing “X”, they are lying their ass off. Making judgments is in our human genetic make-up. A judgment of any sort helps us to make certain choices and decisions about things and about people. Ergo, we ALL judge – and we do so verbally, non-verbally (e.g., body language), and to various degrees for various reasons. The challenge is in knowing if, when and sometimes how to express that judgment and to or towards whom.
So when someone says to you, “I never judge”, “I don’t judge” or “I won’t judge”, try to remember that person may unintentionally be telling a lie without realizing it or maybe is saying that they will withhold EXPRESSING a judgment. Either way, it’s always up to you to determine if you give a damn about being judged at all or not.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!

Keep SOME Things to Yourself!
“People posting “new relationship” statuses all over Facebook often amaze me. C’mon people! Wise up!
I feel that certain personal things like new relationships ought not be announced or mentioned on Facebook. Just simply do not announce that sort of thing nor change the “relationship status” of your profile on Facebook. It’s best t
hat your new beau not do this too! Take some time – say about six months to a year, to allow that new relationship to grow as the two of you learn more about each other and about the sort of social media “friends” you each [think] you have. You don’t need the approval or comments – no matter how kind or supportive, from any social media friends. Also, by keeping your relationship business private and just between you, your beau and within reason, the family and long-term friends you each share in real life, the stress of dealing with people who are envious of the relationship or who might have something disparaging to say about it – or perhaps about you and/or your beau, simply won’t exist; at best such remarks will be minimal. Remember: you don’t know all of his/her friends and he/she does not know all of yours. By “know” I mean…KNOW! All of your personal business, no matter how happy and excited it makes each of you, does not have to be told to the world – let alone to those people on some social media “friends” list; the majority to whom each of you have never spoken, never seen, never touched and whose air space you’ve never shared. Learn to be wise and mature about certain things you share regarding your most intimate and personal life in social media. You’ll thank yourself someday.
That’s just some old school advice from an older and wiser g who gives a damn.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckas!

BISEXUALITYon the mind (RESIZE)Fuck Me The Way You’d Like To Be Fucked!
“I’m not always sure about my sexual partners but my sexual practice is to always fuck each of them the way I’d like to be fucked: to perform like it’s my last time with that person. I need to effortlessly make the sex damn good for me as well as for that person, otherwise if afterwards neither of us has reached orgasm – and physically felt waves of post-orgasm, then for me it has all been a complete waste of energy and time.”
“Some were called or better yet, specifically chosen. Others were rejected or worse, simply ignored. On my Facebook page, get used to the word “friendectomy” and hope that it rarely ever has to be performed on my new Facebook profile.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckers.
More Facebook Behavior I Won’t Tolerate…
“RobFather X does not and will not approve nor consider approving Facebook friend requests from people who use a “ghost” or gender silhouette as their profile pic. We also will not click the name of the person making the request just to see if there are photos suggesting that person’s appearance. Fuck that. We simply will ask ourselves, “Who the fuck is THIS???” then deny the request and move on.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckers.
How I Often Deal With Fuckstrations – Sofa-thinking-2 (rz)
“Many of us older, wiser and more sensible people sometimes wonder, “Is it me…or is it them and/or the situation?” While I realize that I am not always right, at least I stand confident in the convictions of my words and deeds. I never have a problem with someone proving to me where I’m wrong or have been wrong. It is one of the true alpha male (or alpha female, if you’re a woman reading this) characteristics. Simply prove me wrong (providing resources which I can check will always help prove your case) and I’ll acknowledge that. Present that proof with respect and I may even thank you for it! Regardless of the presentation, it’s very likely that I’ll accept the obvious evidence and move on. I won’t present a childish temperament or fuss – something which so many other people tend to do.
With that said, my solution for finding the answer to the age-old question, “Is it me or is it them/the situation” and dealing with it is quite simple.
CHECK IT: Regardless of the weather or temperatures, I go outside and stand for about five or ten minutes. I close my eyes and let the fresh air hit my face, fill my nostrils and enter my ears. I try to become one with Nature for that moment. (This is great when you’re out at sea; another reason for why I miss the Navy.) Sometimes following that or maybe failing that, I go to the restroom where I splash some cold water on my face and neck. I stare at my wet-face reflection in the mirror. If I still feel heated, I simply repeat the process. People won’t see me for about fifteen minutes or so as I perform one or both of these important composure rituals. It’s kept me from losing a friendship and/or a job. It’s kept me from beating the shit out of someone or worse, thrown in jail because of it.
No; I do not have “anger issues” and I resent anyone making that assessment. You don’t know me. In fact, I’m one of the koolest, most self-controlled persons you’ll ever meet and know! I’m simply human; with a limited degree of patience and tolerance – just like everyone else. For nearly thirty years, one or both of these two rituals/options have helped to clear my mind, ease my fuckstrations, lower my anger and help me to justifiably realize the [often obvious] truth as I say to myself, “Fuck…it’s them and/or the situation!” If however, I find that the problem is in fact with me, then I’ll [try to] apologize to whomever I may have offended. One or both of these rituals has allowed me to then more easily move on to determine how best to deal with certain people and/or situations.”
Try to catch up, muthafuckers.
An Observation…
“There are some things which I’m happy to have learned about a few of my Facebook friends. However, there are certain things about other Facebook friends that I wish I never knew or could unlearn. Really. Out of respect for the privacy of the latter I shall not elaborate because some of what I’ve learned or am learning about them deeply saddens me. This is not a judgmental statement but merely an observation.”
“When it comes to what I find sexually attractive in a person, among other things, I tend to go by a person’s physical appearance, attitude, sense of humor and an intelligence level that either rivals or slightly exceeds my own. A person meeting these minimum characteristics – and then some – will often have my attraction and attention. However, it is a person who has a certain degree of intrigue – in addition to the aforementioned characteristics, who will not only draw my companionable attraction but may arouse me sexually. I don’t meet many intriguing people so when I do it’s a very special thing!”
The Realities of Life and Sexuality –
“In my experience – especially from two decades spent in the Navy, I’ve learned that many men – especially the so-called “straight” or heterosexual men, don’t really give a shit on who gives attention to their dick – or body as a whole.
Get enough liquor in a dude – especially a very horny man or a very lonely and horny man and chances are he’s down for almost anything sexual. Depending on the situation, it is often the straight man who makes the suggestion (read: “proposition“) for sex – with any gender. Scene from Patrik Ian Polk's movie The Skinny-2 (rz)Trust me: it’s simply how many (not all!) men are – regardless of that man’s sexual orientation. Alcohol does indeed lower certain inhibitions and can lead someone to shelve certain phobias, religious beliefs and/or moral codes simply to have a few minutes (or longer) of physical attention and sexual pleasure. The human sex drive is that strong in a man (and in women too)! Now sure; many straight men will deny having had some same-sex experience in the morning but never mind that! All that ever matters between two consenting adults is the…HERE AND NOW – which usually happens at night, often with a trusted buddy, a mere acquaintance or a random stranger! For example, I’ve been in some serious “Truth or Dare” games in my time – especially overseas and let me tell you; a man’s dick has no discrimination on who gives it attention; sometimes neither does that man’s face on who kisses him – French style! #therealitiesoflifebaby”
Try to catch up, muthafuckers.


…ALWAYS to be continued…!

© RobFather X! Productions. All rights reserved.

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  1. FINALLY!! Sat my happy ass down, & read from beginning to “ALWAYS to be continued…!” Need to follow up on the other suggested informative material. You are an inigma that warms & thrills the cockles of my heart & mind.

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