The Hardline (series) 2013

A series of continuous, profound original epigrams and statements from the mind of RobFather X!

RobFather-X! (Dragon & Meiyo) -Recommittment 2013 (2)

Why Post Controversial Comments On This Blog (or your Funnybook page)?
A valid question some have asked me and here is my answer:
“I post certain comments, opinions and pictures this blog and on Funnybook to stir the proverbial “pot”. I sometimes like to start INTELLIGENT shit which I think will get people talking, thinking, laughing or doing all three – with me! In doing this, you learn a bit about me and my mindset! Don’t you hate that nasty skin that develops on a cup of soup or hot chocolate after it’s been sitting for a while? It’s gross, isn’t it? To freshen it up, you either remove the skin or you…stir the cup or pot! Get it?
Some of you might be able to relate to what I post as you realize or remember something about yourselves or recall a situation where ‘X’ happened to you or to someone else. This is healthy and exercises your thought processes and, in some cases, the muscles in your face that make you laugh! So chill, people! Believe me; if I wanted to personally offend anyone I would have no problem calling out names! But I don’t believe in putting anyone on blast; it is classless, unethical and simply not my style! So again, people… chill!”
“Reading” Videos –
Will someone explain to me the logic of making online videos where the viewer has to read fuckin’ index cards or 8×11 sheets of paper (with awful penmanship, no less) put in front of the camera to convey some sort of message or plea for help? What’s up with that? And what’s up with the sad and pathetic background music? I’ve seen enough of these videos in recent years and still don’t understand why people insist on making them! If you want me to read something, then post your message on Funnybook, in a blog, a website or do the still-existing (but equally annoying) thing and send out a mass of junk mail! The U.S. Post Office still gives deals on bulk mailings (which must be cheap because I get useless junk mail every week). I do not want to have to “read” any videos – regardless of what the “cause” is! It’s silly so please stop doing it! And I want my Funnybook and “real” world friends to stop in-boxing or texting me the links to such shit. I don’t want to see any of it!
Noticeable characteristics –
Other than the image I see in the mirror each day, I find it refreshing meeting other people who just reek sensuality and sexuality. What a turn on! Makes me go, “Yeaaah…”
When Someone Reaches Out – (Someone out there needs this!)
“Reality is a strange bedfellow; it does not ever leave or escape us. At the start of any new year, many people have certain hopes, expectations, concerns and even fears about things they want to see happen or change in their lives. The complex challenges or problems of life we had on the last day of the previous year did not instantly disappear at the start of the new year. Oh, if that were so! Alcohol, drugs, sex, partying and other forms of revelry only helps us to forget such problems for a short time. We still carry the weight of our problems into the new year; some of it much too heavy to continue trying to carry alone. We find that we might need help and naturally want to reach out to share our burdens and concerns with someone else. Mind you however, the help offered by others is not always enough to give through mere text message exchanges, phone calls or the giving of kind, albeit meaningful comments of support on social forums like Facebook. One cannot feel the full spirit or essence of pain or anguish of another person through such means, no matter how many words are written or spoken. Humans, by nature, are empathic creatures. Each of us has an innate need to have the physical presence of another person occupying the same room or area to feel comforted, liked, loved and/or and reassured as to who we are and what we are feeling. We’d much rather look into the eyes of another person whenever we feel the need to bear our soul – sharing our most intimate thoughts, feelings, and desires. We feel the need to read the body language of another person to see if what we are saying is being received with genuine concern and with the utmost sincerity of what human friendship and/or companionship is about. Often seeing a smile, feeling a touch or having a warm, firm physical embrace is all that is needed to help make us feel that our very existence is indeed worthwhile. It helps to know that someone else can understand, care and gives a damn about us and/or our given situation. Failing some of that, it is still helpful if the person to whom we are talking can relate to our particular circumstances in some way. It says to us, “You aren’t the only one; you aren’t alone.” It says to us that someone cares about what we may be thinking of ourselves and, in some instances, may help us do away with any ideas of pursuing some potentially dangerous course of action to alleviate the pain being felt. Think about this when someone you know – be it friend or distant family member, has had or is having struggles with life and they ask you to come visit them – or if they ask if they can come visit you. Your response (or lack thereof) could make all the difference, not just in the life of that person but perhaps in yours, too!”
Got Something to Say???
“If you’ve got something to say about an issue, then dammit, say your piece! Don’t be a pussy! You read that right: I said, don’t be a pussy! The citizens of this country need more healthy and respectful debate about the issues affecting them. Nothing should be taboo or off the table for discussion or reasonable debate! Don’t get mad at me, at people on Funnybook, or at the office water cooler because all the so-called “smart people” have something to say and/or act like they know it all. Chances are we do know more about certain issues because many of us read, listen and will peacefully and respectfully discuss or debate the issues with other people! Most of us “smart people” have enough dignity and respect for those with whom we might argue, that whenever a discussion/debate reaches an impasse or a stalemate, we simply agree to disagree and move on to the next subject… and our lives! We don’t bother to throw stones (metaphorically speaking), insult, verbally attack, re-hash a dead issue for spite, or scheme to somehow embarrass the person(s) with who we might disagree! Just because you happen to disagree with someone does not necessarily or automatically mean you’ve made an enemy! Instead, you should have made a friend or become better friends because an intellectual balance has been found! Hopefully you can respect that balance. The concept of everyone agreeing with every detail of one’s point of view sounds nice – occasionally; but to have someone agree on absolutely EVERYTHING as yourself would be boring! Where’s the challenge in that? How would one ever know if he’s right, wrong, or somewhere in-between on an issue?
Check it: Intelligent people left unchecked and unchallenged will psychologically run a muthafucka over! It’s that simple! That means, if you let all the “smart people” do all the talking, writing and debating while you stand on the sidelines offering nothing, chances are you’ll find yourself blindly (intellectually speaking) choosing a side that “seems right” to you when in reality, you’ve simply allowed yourself to become a mindless functioning bag of bones who chose that side or joined some crowd without ever knowing or understanding why!
Aaron H. Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013)
“I waited a day to see if anyone (other than me) would post something on Funnybook about Aaron H. Swartz, the American] computer programmer, writer, archivist, political organizer, and Internet activist who died Friday from suicide. Swartz was 26. Regardless how some may feel about his political activism, many people who use the Internet, particularly for research and news sharing, owe a debt of gratitude to his genius and contributions to the ever-changing Internet as we know it today and yes, even to his activism in ensuring that the Internet is not forced or controlled by governmental attempts to restrict the sharing of information. Like many people (myself included) who often smile, laugh, and carry a healthy attitude about certain things in life, Swartz suffered from depression. It is under that condition that is being speculated for why he took his life. I’m not going to make this Hardline about depression. I simply wanted to point out the passing of this young man who will be missed, whose potential has been cut short, and the loss the world now has as a result. Learn more about this young man here:
Thank you Aaron, for your contributions and actions to improve computers and the Internet in the effort to bring the world closer together. Now, rest in peace.”
Let It Go and…Move On!
“In life, there are certain things a person just has to let go, particularly when it comes to dealing with stubborn people and/or with situations in which one has little to no control or influence. Why waste precious personal time, energy and resources fighting an uphill battle in which, through personal experience and wisdom, the signs of futile attempts have been made obvious? Continued growth in life comes from learning the many valuable lessons of both success and failure. There will always be winners and losers. The key is to know which battles to fight and which to ignore and/or just move on. It is a lesson that serves as a constant reminder to us as we continue to live and grow. Thankfully, I’ve long since learned that such lessons – and its follow-up “tests”, tend to get easier as I get older.”
A message to FB friends who send me phone text messages:
“I appreciate your phone texts messages to me. Really. I do! But honestly people, I don’t understand why, whenever some of you see me making several posts or comments here on Funnybook, it seems you choose THAT exact moment to send me a phone text message! It doesn’t make sense to me. Remember when your mom would get mad at you because you chose the moment she was on the phone to bother her? Or maybe, if you’re a parent, it seems that whenever you’re on the phone, your kids decide to start some shit? Yeah…it’s like that! Now can you relate?? Obviously, I’m busy on the computer. In fact, I often multitask on the computer – busy doing two, three, sometimes FOUR different things either online or off. It’s simply what I do! I might be working on my blog, in the middle of some audio production or doing some other work for my job (in radio broadcasting). Other times, I might be in a conference/chat session with a network, some corporation or a friend/relative. Sometimes I’m doing all this while at work where I might have to stop computer use and go on the air. I cannot possibly stop my work and respond to phone text messages, nor do I want to. Of course, I don’t want to disappoint anyone or have someone thinking I’m ignoring them so I’d answer the phone text. However, it’s since become a pain in the ass for me. Therefore, depending on the nature of the phone text message – and who it’s from I’ve decided not to respond to any phone text messages whenever I’m online. I simply cannot do that. Besides, if I’m on the air, my phone is on “silent” or “do not disturb” mode anyway… only accepting calls or phone texts from my boss or my son who are Priority One. So, if you see me online (on Funnybook) and want to communicate with me privately, PLEASE…just send me an inbox message! I’d love to hear from you! I’ll see it and, as time allows, will respond as soon as I can. I’m just… Keepin’ It Real, people.
Thanks for understanding!”
“I laugh at and lose respect for people in the “real” world and on Funnybook who, in a heated discussion or a differing of opinions, get angry, feel disrespected and feel the need to resort to name-calling, accusations of me “bashing” them, and using their failing ability to send me to Hell. Such people invalidate any points they wanted me to consider and lose what little respect I might have had for their opinions. You don’t have to agree with me. I’m kool with that. Likewise, I don’t have to agree you. But you will never find me calling you a name. (Unless of course, I feel you are being racist or bigoted. That’s the one thing I won’t let anyone get away with.) You won’t find me ever telling you to “fuck off” or to “go to Hell”. First, I take that as a personal attack, one which is totally uncalled for. I will jump out of any conversation where someone tells me to “fuck off”. I simply don’t need to endure that kind of disrespect. Second, I don’t have the ability or power to send anyone to Hell, nor do I want it. There are indeed far better abilities and powers I’d like to have and, when I get them, would use them for MY benefit than waste them on people who show themselves off as arrogant and ignorant assholes.
Two things everyone should know about me right now (if you haven’t known it before):

  1. I do not – and I outright refuse – to argue on Funnybook, although if I make an initial post about something, I reserve the right to get the last word. Depending on the discussion however, I will probably yield that right. I’m simply that kool.
  2. If you resort to name-calling and nastiness either in the “real” world or on Funnybook, you WILL lose any respect I might have had for you and all of your stated opinions.

Don’t let your anger make you look stupid. If you feel that you are so right on an issue then you should show it by conducting yourself with a sense of intelligence, dignity, maturity and class towards those who disagree with you. If that is too hard to do then perhaps you should not be a participant in any intelligent conversations. Otherwise, I will always appear smarter than you on all levels and you, my friend, will only look like a shitty piece of shit in my eyes.
Choose your poison.”
Congressional and Media Hypocrisy on Inauguration Day –
“Don’t you just love it when certain members of Congress and certain media networks KISS AND EAT all kinds of ass – particularly a president’s ass – after an inauguration? I swear… if it could be shown, you would see the tongues of such people all up the president’s ass – eagerly eating every single shitty morsel of his do-do! Such people only want to ride the wave of glory that rightfully and solely belongs to the President. It doesn’t matter who the president is. I’ve seen enough inaugurations and watched plenty of media coverage to say that it’s always the same thing! From Day One of a president taking office to perhaps a few days later, sometimes running as long as a week or two (called a “presidential honeymoon”) the White House plumbing system would be shit-free! Yes, I’m being vulgar – on purpose, and with NO apologies (I don’t apologize for what I say here anymore. Remember?) Mark my words; it won’t be long before those very same people will be spitting out Barack Obama’s do-do like a bad whore spits out semen! The hypocrisy sickens me! Get real!
“We are made for this moment, and we will seize it – so long as we seize it together.”
      – President Barack Obama, 2nd term inaugural address, January 21, 2013.
“The Civil Rights Movement, sparked in 1955 because of the near 340-year historical treatment of Blacks (since 1619) took America through many hard and tumultuous times. Then in 1963, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told everyone of a dream he had of equality and a world where not just people of color but everyone would be respected, treated and judged by the content of their character – meaning, who they are as a person. Since the election and re-election of Barack Hussein Obama II as the first Black President of the United States, it has been evident that America has indeed come a long way in the past 60 years and, all totaled, in the past 394 (+/-) years. That’s nearly 400 years of closed-minded people [still] treating other human beings with certain prejudices based solely on skin color, gender and/or sexual orientation – each of which one is born into and which cannot possibly be changed. America’s children should not rest upon the past sacrifices and successes of those who fought for and won freedom and equality for its diverse citizenry. There is still a long way to go on the road towards becoming a “more perfect union”. We still struggle with traces of racism – of the blatant, subtle, and even subliminal levels, equal pay and treatment of women, immigration issues and of course, the civil rights issue of our current time for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. I am confident – and for twenty years have faithfully served this country in such confidence – that if we come together as one people, mindful of the multiple degrees of diversity in this country, with each person respectful of the constitutional and civil rights, the individuality, personal beliefs and privacy of fellow citizens, we will overcome the problems that challenge our growth and very existence as human beings and as a nation.”
Internet Forum Peeves –
“Two of my Internet Forum peeves about being in social sites like Funnybook (Facebook) is when during a conversation, someone uses some Internet slang which others may not be familiar with. The other peeve is when some people bitch about a person’s post being “too long”. For the first peeve, a lot of people seem to assume that everyone knows every single three, four or multi-lettered slang term! Nothing could be further from the truth! Then when one stops to ask, hardly anyone bothers to explain what the term means! That pisses me off! Muthafuckas are still online typing away but they refuse to answer a simple question like defining a slang term as seemingly, everyone suddenly becomes mute…as if all were rolling their eyes at the person asking the question…making it appear as if he or she were the dumb one for daring to ask such “stupid” question! Well, I’m going to be the “good guy” and give two website links where people can go if they ever have a problem with internet and/or street slang. You may want to bookmark and perhaps make a tab on your browser for future/fast reference. You’ll thank me later.
Here they are: and

The next Internet forum peeve is of people who want a person to say less or abbreviate their comments or responses on Funnybook, if not just outright censor them. In fact, probably one of the reasons some of these people bitch at me for using a lot of words on Funnybook and for why themselves prefer to give unclear, ambiguous responses – often barely typing more than a few words to respond to something in which a clear opinion is expected, is because their own intelligence is limited at best! Yes, I said it; and my implications are EXACTLY what you think they are! Some people don’t know half of the simplest five-letter words which I – and others who write like me – use to express our thoughts. They lack basic high school skills in the use of proper grammar, will make multiple – not occasional – word misspellings and they lack skills in English syntax – the ability to structure an intelligent, articulate and complete sentence. It is embarrassing! People so challenged will only read the first several WORDS of a comment or, depending on the time of day in their little world, might get to read two, maybe three full SENTENCES before declaring to themselves that the entire comment is “far too much” for their lazy eyes to read and limited brains to comprehend. They never bother to READ THE REST of what a person has to say, let alone try to understand it, thereby missing the author’s point or missing out in learning where the author is coming from. Such people will jump to needless conclusions, misconstrue a word, phrase or metaphor, as their “panties” -which are now in a bunch up their asses – makes them angry enough to attack the author of the comment! And when such people attack, they don’t do it with any sense of class or dignity. No; they’d much rather resort to slinging baseless insults, calling names and even “unfriending” the author…if they haven’t first cussed him or her out and said, “fuck off” and/or “go to hell”! And while I’m calling it “as it is”, many (not all!) of the people I’m talking about just happened to be in the 20 to 33 year-old age group!! I’ve been a user of chat rooms and forums far longer than many of you reading this! I’m talking as far back as the mid to late 1980’s!! (Check the history on chat rooms.) Some of these people were still just swimming sperm in their father’s nutsack!
Let me talk to them directly: YOU PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING! Trust me; I’m well-versed on who tends to start shit and who is mature enough to respect a differing of opinions, who knows how to agree to disagree and/or who can simply let shit go without bringing themselves down to the lowest level of intelligence. I want you to chew on that for a while and think TWICE before ever fucking with me.
My sense of humor –
“Simply put, when it comes to my God-given (and probably inspired) sense of humor, which is often laced with profanity, sexual innuendo and on the edge of what some would call “religious blasphemy”, I make no apologies for it nor do I give a shit what others think! I already know I can be a sick fuck. But you know what? I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT!! Thank you, God!”
Petitions –
PETITIONS! PETITIONS! PETITIONS! I’m sick of seeing online “requests” to sign some goddamn petition! Sign a petition for this! Sign a petition for that! “I don’t like “X” so sign this PETITION so that “X” will do this or “X” can be changed for that.” Well I say, FUCK ALL THAT! Whatever happened to people simply sending a shitload of PERSONALLY WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE (letters or emails) or making a barrage of telephone calls to those persons elected, appointed, or responsible for affecting the desired change(s)? Whatever happened to simply gathering a bunch of like-minded people who give a damn about an issue and having a peaceful protest march? There are so many petitions around that the very power of a petition is now impotent; its significance reduced to that of a ridiculous, meaningless joke! I’m not signing anymore petitions. I don’t care what the reason is! Half of them are bogus anyway and are for bullshit reasons! I shall have nothing more to do with them!”
Testing My Kindness and Koolness –
“We all have had those moments when our day was just fine, almost perfect…. until somebody –usually some asshole (it’s always an asshole!) at the job, at school or on the street, who decides they want to test us in some manner. It almost never fails! Somebody either says some of the dumbest shit to or about us, tend to talk down at us – as though we were stupid, have never been anywhere or were born yesterday. These assholes also tend to take our kindness and our koolness for weakness, as if they saw some opening in our psyche for them to wedge in their load of shit. What’s worse, many of those muthafuckas do not know us well – if at all, and will dare smile as they attempt to lay their shit at our feet. Then, whenever we put their ass in some serious check, they look at us like a dog in wonder as if to say, “What did I say or do?” Stupid fucks! They ought to be grateful when we choose not to smack that stupid look off their faces!
Check it: I’m one of the koolest, friendliest, patient and smartest persons anyone would meet. But some people need to remember this about me before they write checks their emotions and, if necessary, their body can’t cash: a N.W.B. (nigga with a brain) can quickly turn into a N.W.A. (nigga with an attitude)! Yes, I said it! And let me also say this to the assholes in my world: You each will prefer me more as a friendnever the alternative! You know what they say about us “quiet muthafuckas being unpredictable”. It is true! Keep testing me and you WILL find out! Shall I give references?? For your sake, don’t try to fuck with me, intentionally and wrongfully try to sike me out or fuck me over. I don’t know everything but I have a reasonable degree of high intellect, wit and years of life experience on my side. And, if ever touched, I have two very strong fists just aching to pound into you a little sense. My personality is who I am – that’s not going to change. It’s YOUR actions and behavior towards ME that determines my attitude towards you! Choose ye each day how you will present yourselves to me.
Now fuck off!”
“When a bisexual person says “fuck everybody” that is exactly what he or she is able to do but not necessarily may want to do!”
“An African word meaning “go back and get it. One must return to the past in order to move forward.”
Sankofa (visulaized)The concept of Sankofa is derived from King Adinkera of the Akan people of West Afrika. Sankofa is expressed in the Akan language as “se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenki.” Literally translated it means “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot”. “Sankofa” teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward. That is, we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward. Whatever we have lost, forgotten, forgone or been stripped of, can be reclaimed, revived, preserved and perpetuated. Visually and symbolically “Sankofa” is expressed as a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth.”
(GER- 201302:09)
The DOWNside to social media outlets –
“In no particular order, social media outlets (like Facebook), is a place where there are always people who:

  • are extremely sensitive or so psychologically “thin-skinned” to the opinions/points of view made by others that they would misconstrue (or intentionally misconstrue) the slightest comment, or a single word or phrase from the comment itself;
  • often are so vain, they tend to believe that every comment made in the negative has to be about them;
  • are highly defensive against any negative or disparaging comments or remarks said about a private person, a celebrity, a place, an occupation, a thing or some political and/or religious position;
  • love to dictate to others what they deemed to be morally right and wrong;
  • would rather take time to argue and/or cuss out a person, particularly those persons to whom they have never spoken or met;
  • would attempt to always get the last word – especially when it is very obvious that they are wrong;
  • have the amazingly self-given (yet failing) “power” to command other people to go to Hell; (Read what I have to say about people “sending” others to Hell here.)
  • would bring up an old or dead subject or issue (I consider such people to be lonely and miserable);
  • want their points of view read and acknowledged but whose own vanity prohibits them from ever reading the COMPLETE comment of another person before drawing conclusions; (I call such people “lazy readers” and “know-it-alls”)
  • who claim to believe in free speech but will usually be the first to judge another person’s comment or remark as being “too long”/ “too long to read” or “too offensive”, often going as far as to suggest what the author could have said or should have said instead. (This is a serious major peeve of mine!)
  • are incapable of simply ignoring any status, comment or pictures made/posted by others which may be offensive or disagreeable. (Some things in the world CAN be ignored, you know!)
  • fail to [or won’t try to] understand, let alone – respect, the points of view of others;
  • who pretend to be more than they actually are (or worse, pretend to be someone else);
  • are willing to mind-phuck someone online whom they may/may not have ever met – simply for nefarious reasons;
  • are so immature, that losing a debate on an issue is enough to warrant the childish action of removing the offending person from their friend’s list. (Exception: I can support this action IF the offending person was disrespectful in some manner; otherwise, there will always be someone who disagrees with another person’s opinion or point of view.)

I’m sure anyone reading this can add to the list; it is not conclusive because everyone has his/her own personal experiences and frustrations with social media outlets. These simply are mine. I’ve been doing online social media long before many users of Funnybook were born, let alone even knew what a computer or social media is; going as far back as the early 1980’s!  Try to understand when I say that sometimes, I just what to lose it and give certain people a piece of my mind! This is often why I intentionally decide to use expletives (of which I have an excellent command) in some of my comments. If I could launch a computer virus to the systems of people who REALLY piss me off or who I think are stupid, I certainly would not hesitate to do it!”
“There is never any shame in one coming out of the Sea of Ignorance and onto the Shore of Information upon which sits the House of Knowledge. If you are drowning, let go your pride of pretense, take my outreached hand and let us walk into that great house, learning and teaching each other – together.”
I’m Not Giving Up The S3-ASP for Lent –
A few people have asked me what I would be giving up for Lent. Poor saps. Truly they don’t know me or they have forgotten that I’m spiritual man, not a religious one. I’ve never made that any secret. As such, I couldn’t care less about Lent – as far as my physical needs are concerned. I’ve never observed Lent so why would I attempt to give up or abstain from something now? I simply don’t have any reason to do so. It would therefore be hypocritical of me to pretend to do that which I will only want to do within the 40-day “waiting period” anyway. The “sacrifices” given for the Lent period is akin to that of a New Year’s Resolution: one would have to be disciplined and committed to the resolution; otherwise, what would be the point? I am only as disciplined in the things in which I choose to do and be disciplined. Forty days are a long time to give up my love for the S3-ASP (Sex, Solo Sex, Alcohol, Sweets, and Profanity). Trust me; I can’t see giving up such wonderful pleasures without a damn good significant reason for which I would have to agree, respect and be willing to commit. My nature simply won’t allow it. Besides, just as a woman can be bitchy whenever she is on her monthly cycle, so is a man who needs to release sexual tension, needs an occasional strong drink or something sweet to eat, or has the need to cuss out a muthafucka. Nobody wants to fuck with the kind of man who has to refrain from releasing or expressing any or all of those physical needs! (Yeah, I know; many of you can do it; so the fuck what! I’m only talking about me and others like me!) So go ahead, good people and observe your Lent period. I’ll keep on with the S3-ASP routine and enjoy control of my life as usual!”
An excerpt from my blog article on Christopher Dorner –
Christopher Dorner (in U.S. Navy uniform)“Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Jordan Dorner (June 4, 1979 – February 12, 2013) was a brother-in-arms (as we in the military like to say), since he and I both served in the United States Navy. After having read Dorner’s manifesto last week, I had come to feel great empathy for the man and his cause – though I fully disagreed with his methods. I had a great concern for his safety, even though many had argued with me that Dorner himself showed no concern for the safety and lives of his victims. Again, I never said I condoned Dorner’s actions! I also had a concern and hope that Dorner would receive FAIR justice. Perhaps it is best that Dorner died when and how he did for truthfully, knowing how the American justice system works with regard to most Black men in this country. I had – and still have – my doubts that Dorner would have ever been treated safely and fairly or received fair justice.”
Read what else I … and Cleo Manago…had to say about the late Chris Dorner by going to the full article, The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know? Is This Closure?
Once again…for those who don’t know my feelings about “poking”-
“I’ve said it before: I don’t poke! I am a strong, intelligent and confident, grown-ass man! Poking is for kids, punks and pussies! If you want my attention, send me a private Facebook inbox message, a text message, a phone call or call my name [RobFather] when you see me. Any online pokes will be ignored. Any PHYSICAL pokes may result in one almost getting his or her ass kicked. You never want to poke a Philly nigga! Come at me correct or keep moving!”
Fake, Fickle, Selfish Muthafuckas –
“I hate fake, fickle, selfish people. These are the muthafuckas who will always smile in my face and will muster the most pleasant tone of voice possible whenever they want or need for me to do something for them. They will practically kiss my ass and might even offer to suck my dick (which would be nice but won’t guarantee anything from me) just to get what they want! But let me ask for something from them, let me fuck up just once or let them think I’ve fucked up and those same assholes will never hesitate to say “no” to my requests and will give me a frown, attitude and/or outright ignore me! I hate fake, fickle, selfish people with a passion!”
I offer all this and more in a LTR“From the heart, I continuously offer and give all shown in this picture…and more in a LTR (long-term relationship). How many men or women do you know who can genuinely do that? Men like me are “old school”; that is, we are mature, on the REAL and are a rare find. Many boys out there pretend to be men but are not; same with girls who pretend to be women. Either adult having an immature mindset will break your heart. Be careful with whom you let get close!”
“Loyalty and Honesty. Yeah, I like that shit.”
RobFather-X (Hardline)
S/N: I made this Hardline a picture since it’s been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Maybe people will get the message! I realize poking doesn’t bother some people but it bothers ME and that’s all that matters!
“Some people need to give up trying to get me to change or adjust my attitude. At my age and experience that is not possible for one such as I who has “been around the block” more times than they have been breathing.”
Porn Name? GTFOH!
“Those stupid “find your porn name“pics floating around on Funnybook? Let me tell you all something: “ROBFATHER” is very sexy – and so damn sexy that it is the ONLY “porn name” I’ll ever need! It is also the only name I want to hear my lovers say which will reafFIRM the HARDness of my jawn…whether I’m giving it to them nice and slow or fast and steady! Word!”
S/N: This Hardline comes from a passage in my blog article titled, “Go Downtown and…Have Some Pie(click tittle to read)
“I’m a patient person [when it comes to sex] because experience has taught me one important rule: Patience and proper preparation of the pussy for full, smooth penetration is a must. “ (Yeah guys; go ahead and steal that line!)
Karma in the Positive
“Someone in my past is beginning to remember – and realize to their dismay – that I had been, have always been and am still the very kool, caring, considerate and selfless man whose friendship they threw away for what they thought would be “greener pastures”. It’s good to know that in spite of all the shit I was put through by that person (and of which I am still dealing with) my BASIC GOOD NATURE has remained intact and untarnished. Anyone who has known me can challenge those persons who would dare deny that I am a living example of the true measure of a man. My head has never hung in shame or dishonor because my spirit has always remained true, confident and strong.”
Religion and Politics on Facebook –
“After some careful thought, I’ve decided that I no longer believe Facebook is the appropriate place where the subjects of religion and politics ought to be preached and campaigned or the support of particular political candidates or office holders is to be pushed. I compare such to the environment of a family gathering where discussion of these subjects is normally taboo. Discussion about religion-in-general and politics-in-general is fine – sometimes. However, when one pushes only single religion and its so-called “redemption factor”, consistently posts judgmental verses from a bible written by Man – or posts anything related to religion; or when one focuses support for only one political candidate or current political office holder, then I feel both areas tend to lead people not into peaceful debate or expressing an adverse opinion or denial (if a choice is given) but when such is done, the author or his/her supporters would go into soul-conversion and brain-wash mode or they begin spewing nastiness and hatred, thus disrespecting opposing viewpoints. I witnessed similar behavior during the last presidential campaign. It is also quite annoying seeing certain religious campaigns or certain platforms of a single political party pushed. I’m no longer going to tolerate logging on Facebook and seeing any of that shit. I’m not being judgmental; this is strictly how I feel. People can post whatever the fuck you want. But know this: I’ve already begun the friendectomy of people on my friends list who I’ve determined annoy me with their one-tracked mind approach in the areas just mentioned. Further explanation is given here.”
Communication: Self-expression –
“I’m old school…and proud of it! If there is ANY possibility of us being good friends or “kickin’ it“, I’ve got to hear your voice! I’ve got to hear a certain inflection in the words you use and how you say them! I’ve got to hear how sighs and verbal reactions are to the things which I say to you. And, I’d want you – as the listener, to hear the same coming from me! (This is also how I choose to talk to my radio show listeners.) I want people to hear my REAL-ness and my sincerity! You can’t always get those things from words on an electronic screen, especially when expressing intimacy; the feeling just isn’t the same! There simply is too much room for ambiguity and misunderstanding in certain forms of non-verbal communication for me to ever take a risk on establishing a meaningful relationship with someone!
Check it: I “read” people by certain verbal expressions and physical reactions. A physical reaction is simply body language which, with a certain degree of accuracy, clearly “speaks” to me! I challenge people to TALK to me! CONVERSE with me! LISTEN to me! WATCH me! Much can be learned about who I am – and what I’m about, not only through my writing but also through my verbal and physical means of communication!”
The Kilpatrick-Ferguson story –
Kwame Kilpatrick, Bobby Ferguson“The Kilpatrick-Ferguson story – and its ending – (story here) is a sad testament to Black men and Black people in America but specifically to the good citizens of Detroit. But as a Black man, I don’t feel bad. Both former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his buddy, contractor Bobby Ferguson were/are men who had the intelligence – more than many people their age – and background – to simply do the right thing! Instead, each chose to make their talents all about themselves. Sure, nothing wrong with personal ambition. However, when you know full well what you are going to do is wrong and/or that it will hurt others and yet you choose to deceive and/or fuck up anyway, knowing or perhaps ignoring all the extra work and effort it will require to cover up that INTENTIONAL deceit and fuck-up, then I say, you’ve made your own bed of extra-sharp nails and you should rest as best you can ON it! I feel no sympathy for either man, particularly none for Kilpatrick! None! And God-forbid, if President Barack Obama ever chooses to fuck up this way – or worse, then what I’ve just said about these two men will also apply to him! This is all about a sense of LOYALTY, TRUST and BETRAYAL. The persons we elect were SPECIALLY chosen to represent us. We, as their constituents, were LOYAL to them and we TRUSTED them. How dare they BETRAY us! Therefore, just as I do with people in my personal life, I shall continue to do with those in the political arena who have fucked up and betrayed me: I shall be done with them! Once you have compromised my sense of LOYALTY and TRUST, you have BETRAYED me! I am so done with you! Get far away from me!”
Maturity Assessment in the Facebook Social Media Forum –
“I am quickly coming to the mindset that I may have to place an age restriction on whom I decide will continue to be a member or be approved for membership on my Funnybook [Facebook] friends list. I have tried to ignore the signs, however while it has always been obvious to me, I am constantly reminded that there are those there who do not now – nor will they ever – have the experience of life – and of the world – to the degree which I have. Sure, some there might have some formal, informal and perhaps a street education and knowledge similar to my own but none of it will ever compare or compete with mine. There are people there who lack the maturity, the tactfulness, the class, the honor, the self-discipline and a sense to “move the fuck on” when it is clearly necessary. There are people there whose egos are larger than their sex organs and whose feelings are much too fragile and sensitive for my tastes and tolerance. I consider such people to be petty children; petty little boys and little girls compared to me, a grown man of 52 years.

For seventeen years, I have raised a son – a task which continues and which I very much enjoy doing. Long before his birth I was actively involved in the raising, disciplining and guidance of the sons and daughters of other men (U.S. Navy). I can easily recognize bruised egos and “know-it-all” attitudes when I see it – whether they be written, spoken or silent. I have no desire or patience to deal with the minds of children – especially on Facebook. My patience for tolerating people of certain ages and backgrounds has worn thin. I’m simply too grown, too intelligent and (definitely too damn sexy) for immature people who fail to keep up with me, won’t try to understand, tolerate and/or respect my points of view – even if they disagree. I am “over qualified” for such people, which in effect, makes them underqualified to deal with me.

On my side I have age, experience and a vast knowledge of certain things which little boys and girls cannot begin to comprehend – not until they’ve pulled their heads out of their asses. My most pleasant debates and “heated” yet friendly arguments have only been with those who are mature, have “been around the block” of life a few times, who carry the scars of actual experience (and it shows in the way they comment) and who know how to peacefully agree-to-disagree on just about any issue or, at the very least, stay the fuck out of commenting on a subject altogether.

I have to admit that most (not all) of the people with whom I enjoy social interaction are those who are in their 30’s and up. There are only a few people in their mid-to late 20’s who closely qualify as being part of my social enjoyment on Facebook and in the “real world”. All the rest fall into the group of those people who irritate the fuck out of me with their childish behavior; they will be closely scrutinized from now on.

If anyone on my Facebook friends list feels that I am “over qualified” to be their Facebook friend, I want them to please save me the trouble of having to friendectomize their name from my friends list. Let’s both cut the bullshit and be real and fair about whom we each choose to spend time with in the Facebook social forum.”
“The hated, the ignored, the bullied, the betrayed, the lied to and the trampled upon never forget having been treated as such, particularly if such treatment came without provocation or justification from people who were known and/or trusted. Victory over such people will always be manifested – often years later – in the success, the positive and “still standing” attitude and the pleasant smile of those who were once their victims.”
“When I tell you I want or desire something in life, stop telling me to “speak it into existence”! What??? Is that some kind of magical spell or connotation? Is there some invisible genie, wizard, warlock, witch or angel following me to grant that which I want or desire? If you can’t take me seriously, then get the fuck away with your bullshit and save it for those who mindlessly believe in religious hocus-pocus!”
Marriage Equality/Right of Gays to Raise Children –
“Aight….Stop going, “Huh???” “Really, RobFather?? You believe gay people should get married AND that they should raise children??”
People, get over yourselves! If you know anything about me then you already know that I have always hated discrimination from its greatest form to its smallest form!
Check it (1): I’ve never made it any secret that I SUPPORT same-sex/gay/homosexual marriage. I have always felt that the same marital rights, privileges and responsibilities which have been so long and richly enjoyed by so-called straight/heterosexual couples ought to be enjoyed by gay couples – with no red tape or bullshit strings attached! Same-sex marriage absolutely has no bearing or impact on anyone else’s marriage. Period. I simply do not buy into any mandatory or so-called “biblical edict” of “one man to one woman” marriage arrangement as being the only marriage concept that God will allow or bless.
Check it (2): I firmly believe that gay people – single or as a couple – if they are loving, qualified and willing – are just as capable, if not MORE capable in some cases, of raising decent, disciplined, educated, and sociably acceptable children to function in any civilized society. Now be careful: for the person you next meet, study or work with just may have been raised in a same-sex parented home! In a school classroom or church school classroom full of kids you DO NOT know, I would challenge anyone to pick out the child who was raised in a same-sex parented home. When you can do that, then let’s talk; otherwise, shut the fuck up and let people enjoy their lives as they please… and with whom they please.”
“A true sign that a man is sexually mature and is in full control of his sexuality: being able to write and/or talk about sex and not getting aroused or feeling the need to “handle his business” in the process! Check out my articles here: RobFather’s Articles on Sexuality
More to… uh…come!”
“I LOVE “stepping on the feet Jesus washed” (aka attacking religious bullshit)! It’s like back when I was a kid in Philly, where me and some friends would step all over the new, clean, WHITE sneakers some boy wore to school. Was that bullying? Nope; because just about every boy did it! That’s why we hated it when our mothers bought us white sneakers, for it made us automatic targets to have our feet stepped on! But that “males-only” type of teasing helped to keep us boys grounded and mindful that certain things are never to be thought of as always “clean, pure and perfect”, therefore we should not walk around trying to act as though they were.”
[S/N: The following was posted on my Funnybook (Facebook) page today.]
*RobFather X picks up the mic*
Whassup, Funnnybook.
Check it: I’m a man of keen sense and intelligence. While I love humor as much as anyone, as such I do not “do” April Fools’ Day (aka All Fools’ Day) “jokes”. That is beneath me. However, I will “do” anyone foolish and disrespectful enough to fuck with me who mistakenly believes I want to play in that sense. As it is foolish to fuck around with a beehive, so it is to fuck with a NWB – especially one with a mastery of words! Do not be misled by my intentional use of the word “fuck“. I am no fool; I am no man’s fool. Since you can read, consider this a warning. Now grow the fuck up!
*RobFather drops mic, walks off stage*
Regarding my political views –
“I am neither conservative, moderate or liberal; neither Republican, Democrat, or Independent. I am, have always been, and shall always be a…F R E E T H I N K E R; one who votes and/or supports that which I believe best suits my life and its future…and that of my son – until he is legally able to determine such things for himself. I will not be enveloped or boxed in my way of thinking on any issue under the sun.”
“I’ve decided to no longer be the (often unknown) “nice guy” who does certain things that covers or helps to cover, the ass of others. Certain people need to do their own damn jobs and/or and be responsible for their own shit. My efforts, whether known or unknown, tend to go unappreciated anyway, so fuck it… and fuck them! I simply do not need the fuckstration! (You read that right!) God knows – and I sure as hell know– that nobody is covering or will cover MY ass! I’m not saying I’m perfect or am one who remembers to do everything I’m supposed to do, but I honestly cannot remember the last time – if ever – when someone told me that they had to do something on my behalf to save my ass from some serious trouble or detriment. I figure that I’m either doing my job and/or meeting certain responsibilities quite well or I’m one very fortunate, spirit-protected muthafucka.”
(Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed…)
Respect the dead?? Fuck that!
I just read on another thread that we should “respect the dead”. The conversation was about the recent passing of Margaret Thatcher and her sins during her tenure as Prime Minister of Great Britain. (I cared less than two shits about her passing!) I hear people say “respect the dead” all the time. Whoever said the dead deserved respect? Does that mean we should respect the executed murderers in our society? Are we to respect the death of our enemies when we kill them for trying to take our lives or those of our loved ones? C’mon people! We cannot pick and choose to respect the dead people we once loved and not the ones we despised in life! Death is death. Death does not care about respect and I’m certain the dead care little for any given respect of yours or mine. Stop asking, demanding or expecting people to respect the dead person on the right but not the one of the left. Again, death is death; it’s over as far as this earthly plane is concerned. Now go live your LIFE and stop being silly!”
“When I was punk kid teen growing up in West Philadelphia, I remember the “old head” men of my youth talking and joking with me and calling me “youngblood” or “young G” (since “Gerald” is my given name) as they gave me all sorts of advice about life, much of which I never forgot. One such advice came to mind today as I was writing a note to someone. Since I am now one of the “old heads” I want to pay it forward to anyone who cares to listen:
“A wise man has more respect for the man with KNOWLEDGE than for the one with all the money, property, power and pussy in the world.”
Obviously, I never forgot that! And so, I continue to yearn and learn but also remember to always pay forward that same knowledge – including the new things I’ve learned and experienced in own right – with the youngbloods coming up behind me!”
My Own Method of Self-Expression –
“The QUALITY of my advice is never governed by the CONTENT or QUANTITY of the words I use. Whether writing or speaking, I tend to choose my words carefully and will use whatever and as many words I feel necessary to illustrate a point or stress the importance of my message. I’m old school; therefore rarely would I ever give “short-cut”, ambiguous or censored advice or comments lest I risk someone misinterpreting my meaning! I will not be responsible for – or a contributor to…anyone’s ignorance.”
The New “Hoodspeak –
“People tend to communicate in writing in much the same way they do verbally. Sometimes this is good, other times it is bad. While I see nothing wrong with ethnic cultures writing or speaking its own language in certain settings, it seems that after listening to certain speech in the city, that featured on television and observing some of the written texts on Funnybook and Twitter, I might need to go to some form of “lazy ebonics” school in order to keep up. Either I do that or remove myself from the environment or social mediums that cause me physical illness at hearing or seeing the practice of poor communication – including that done in ethnic cultural form. I’m finding it difficult each day to understand or decipher much of the ‘hood-speak language, poor grammar, and pulled-out-of-the-ass short-cut word terminologies and slang used by many in my particular ethnic group. I fear for the continued survival of my beloved native lexicon known as American English.”
No More Fuckin’ Around…
“For years, I entertained the idea of leaving. Just grab my laptops, some clothes and splitting the scene. Fuck everything and everyone else. No one needs to know where the fuck I’m going. Should I EVER get a windfall of some serious money, I am out of here (Saginaw, Michigan) and not looking back. No announcements, no warnings and certainly no fuckin’ explanations or weak-ass apologies. I will simply be gone. I have no family or friends who will miss me (except my son…but he’ll be the only one I keep in touch with) so the decision will be easy.
S/N: Saginaw, Michigan….Yeah, famed R&B recording artist Stevie Wonder is from here…and he’s proven time and again that even a blind man can see the place isn’t worth coming back to!
The day of certain decisions along those lines nears…”
“In any particular group or environment, I may not be the smartest person but I’m certainly smart enough. That’s all the advantage I’ll ever need: to be smart enough. It’s certainly worked well for me over the past three decades; I see no reason for why that won’t continue!”
Expressions People Should Stop Using (Pt. 1)
For years, I’ve heard people throw around the expression, “great dick/cock”, “great pussy” and “great ass”.
To ask someone what exactly is “great dick/cock”, “great pussy” and “great ass” would mean getting a stream of differing opinions – many of which would come from people who’d swear that they have had it, that they are the ones who have it or, with a certain degree of bravado, are the ones who can give it! Silly people! When it comes to anything sexual, “greatness” remains subject to personal opinion and whether someone chooses to accept that opinion or reject it.
Check it: It’s time people realize that the expressions “great dick/cock”, “great pussy” and “great ass” are speculative at best and mean nothing except to the person receiving and enjoying said dick/cock or pussy.”
Quarterly Self-assessment –
I’ve come to the realization that thinking about the welfare of other people, doing for the benefit of other people and seeing to their happiness has, in recent years of my life, brought me nothing but disappointment, misery, resentment, pain and misfortune. Good people are often ignored, severely unappreciated and are shit-canned…that is, until we are needed again to perform some task or service where certain people expect us to give some part – if not all, of ourselves in doing that which benefits only them. We never finish last and often, many of us never live to finish at all! It’s why I often hate the human race. It’s long past time where I started being a bit selfish (as is my right) and saying not just “No” but “Fuck no” to some people – regardless of who they are.”
“The GOOD thing about fucking yourself: If you’re smart, you can impregnate your mind with some GREAT ideas!”
Summer Eye Candy –
“One of the benefits of summer is having the blessing to be able to visually absorb and appreciate the various forms of eye candy. I mean, DAMN…there is PLENTY of it! As with anything, some places have more of one and less of another type or “flavor” of eye candy while others have a damn good mixture! I’ve been made to always prefer variety when choosing or looking at certain things; that includes eye candy! If one is willing, Eye Candy-mix (sm)there are certain places where one can go – even on the hottest of days – and just visually “feed”. The hotter the day the less – or more about a particular piece of eye candy is found and seen – depending on one’s perspective and desire. I say, put on your shades and take in the visual pleasures; but be careful; some eye candy isn’t always what it seems! As a practical person, none of the eye candy I see would mean a damn thing if I ever hear or witness that particular “piece” having or giving a nasty or bad attitude, mistreating another person, or demonstrating an obvious lack of respect, intellect, knowledge and wit. I’d consider such a vision to be ugly and undesirable for which I shall take no pleasure. No matter how enticing its appearance may be to someone else, my visual appetite shall be satisfied elsewhere.”
The Workplace 69
I let it slip that some people at work are guilty of practicing “the workplace 69”.
A co-worker asked, “What’s that?”
I answered, “The Workplace 69″ is when two people flatter and will agree with another person on nearly everything simply to gain favor – and that act is reciprocated to point by the other person, so much so that both persons end up kissing the ass of the other at the same time.
We all know people who practice (and maybe enjoy) doing this!”
A Man of Principles Cannot Be Brought –
Niggas. RobFather X applies that word to anyone – regardless of skin color who thinks that everything is about the fuckin’ money! Such people seem to think that if they offer to throw a few shitty dollars in our face, then we’ll ignore and/or forgive their transgressions and all will be well. What selfish fools! If we are not willing to sell our soul to the so-called “devil” nor willing to compromise our principles (for we pride our person on being a man of principle), why the hell would people think or assume that we would do it for them?
It pisses us off when people who know well the man that we are, would think or assume that we would be willing to take their money simply to continue “accommodating” their tardiness, overlook the shortcomings in their personal responsibility and tolerate their sheer lack of respect for our person and our time! This especially when in times past, out of the goodness of our heart – and often against our better judgment, we’ve made considerable provisions for their careless actions towards us several times over! Apparently, with some people, if we “give ‘em an inch, they’ll take far more than a mile!” They continue to make the huge error of mistaking our kindnesses for weakness. They enjoy pulling the “ethnic obligation” card when requesting a favor or “pass”…as if we should feel some “ethnic allegiance” towards anyone of our ethnicity and, with that same pass, they feel we ought to be willing to simply overlook their affirmation of the stereotypical “CP (colored people) time” behavior! Well, to all this we say, “Enough is enough”; and everyone should take special note that RobFather-X is probably one of less than a few thousand with black skin in this country who simply does NOT do “CP time”!
We do not mind being the asshole toward persons who would disrespect or dishonor us for we’ve had to be one enough times in our lifetime to prove our integrity and stand stalwart in our position regarding certain matters. And though we are kind, patient, reasonably understanding and tolerant of some things, we do have our limits! Accordingly, we have no problem in telling someone (in so many words), “Fuck no; we are not, nor are we willing, to help this time!
Check it: Anyone who wants to work with us, who wants us to do a work or anything else for them or who even wants to be our fuckin’ friend, needs to learn that RobFather’s principles, his word and his demand for respect will always come first before anything else. Such cannot be dictated, compromised or bought. ”
“I am so damn tired of having to fight for or against something in this society! Fight! Fight! Fight! That seems to be all I’ve done in my adult life except for those years when I was in the Navy where I was happiest! At least in the military, one sorta knows what to expect in certain situations, can almost detect a backstabber or ass-kisser a mile away and getting fucked over is handled more easily because the person who got fucked over eventually gets to return the favor! Everyday, my hatred for American civilian society grows stronger! Fuck some of you people!
“We don’t know about anyone else but we – RobFather-X, shall not waste our vision, our hearing ability or our superior intellect regarding a damn thing where George “Kill-A-Young-Black-Man-In-Cold-Blood” Zimmerman is concerned until such time he is behind bars in prison or in his grave; either place where we feel he is deserving and rightfully belongs! Although we feel that you should consider following our thought process on this matter, we shall respect your chosen desire to look into the senseless melodrama that is currently trending the media. We however, simply do not give a fuck. As you peer into the slime that is Zimmerman’s personal life, we ask that you consider the following two questions:
– Did not Zimmerman receive enough press coverage and public attention of the past year and some months?
– Did not certain Ameriklan citizens selected for jury [erroneously] hand him a verdict of “not guilty” of the charges of which he was accused?
Check it: We shall not bore our person with any further thought or discussion about this terrible man. We therefore sum up in three (3) words how we feel – and inform our friends that it shall be all we will say on the matter: Fuck George Zimmerman.
Now ask us no further our position on this particular matter.”
Yes, I Can Be That Attracted –
All my life, I have had the great fortune of meeting and being around many people who were simply, in my opinion and in the trilateral sense, physically, characteristically and spiritually beautiful! Depending on where you live, that’s rare! Some of those people I met had become close friends of mine. If certain members out of that close-friend category in whom I might had eventually developed a deep crush (which with me, has and sometimes does happen) asked me to drink some of their bath water, such a request might not be so bizarre. You just don’t know! My only hope is that they would never ask me to do that, or at the very least, still like and keep me as their close friend after I’d done it! Don’t judge me. LMAOBVS!
RobFather Loves Being Male: Silly Quip No. 1
“Hickory dickory dock. Won’t you please service my cock?”
Every man loves when his cock – not his cook, wakes up ready for service before he does; but man’s cock always expects service before the man does anything else! Then blessed be the man whose cook is ready and willing to service his cock!”
I Stand by the Words I Spit or Write (Pt. 1)
“Simply because someone writes about or defends a point of view based on research, study, and personal and/or known experiences, does not – nor should it ever necessarily imply anything more than what it is: a reasonable defense in the argument. The response or defense does not deserve any sort of further implication from others, nor should it be given any ignorant, premature and assumed assessments about the person making the so-called “over the top” defense (or the manner in which said defense was made), particularly when said defense comes from a person whom you don’t know or don’t know anything about.”
“I’ve finally figured out why it is I don’t get some jokes (in spite of my unique sense of humor) and why some of the things I hear or see some people say are beyond my scope of understanding: I’m simply too far ahead in certain things in life. I have a type of “been there, done that” syndrome. My subconscious mind simply won’t let me regress to any immature or inferior mindset or thinking. Fuck it if that offends some people reading this but it is what it is. I’m in a constant state of moving forward. Why apologize for that? All I can say is, “Catch up, muthafuckas!”
Regarding Fickle Facebook “Friends” –
“Dr. RobFather X performs a friendectomy – at least once every couple of months – if not sooner. I do this free of charge! My friends list “patients” never feel a thing and, once the procedure is over, they never have to see me again!”
“There’s something I continue to learn each day of my life – which applies to my life, not necessarily that of anyone else: The older I get and the more that I am simply me – and on the REAL-ness tip, the more it appears that some people just do not want to try to understand or accept the real person that I am. Most of my adult life I encounter these particular situations. All I know is…BEING REAL both with myself and with other people! Frankly, I’m sick of fickle muthafuckas and I’m sick of their insane expectations of me being whomever they want me to be but yet would dare get attitude when I don’t “fall in line” with those expectations! Fuck ‘em! I will never apologize for being who I am nor for being a real, down-to-earth, sexually masculine, Black alpha male muthafucka. There’s a mouthful description of RobFather X to swallow! I say people ought to be grateful when – or if – I choose to be tactful! Fuck, I’m giving them a freebie!
Check it: Life is simply too unpredictable and short for anyone to be fuckin’ around being FAKE with other people! Be real; you’ll get more respect – even if people don’t like it! Trust me on this!
Now once again, everyone here knows where I stand! Either deal with me accordingly or… fuck off!”
“It does not pay to show or to express any form of compassion to certain people…. particularly towards those with whom one may have had a long-term relationship. There are people who – often without thinking, always find a way to say something either inappropriate, unappreciated or uncalled for in return. Strangely, yet unapologetically, I find greater comfort and warmth in having a cold heart towards them.”
“Fuck me or get me fucked up; one or the other is good but both would be better!”
About So-called “Important” Holidays –
“The only holiday that should be “important” is one’s own birthday or the birthday of someone they love dearly. Fuck all that other stuff. If you live to see the anniversary of your birth and/or that of your children, why should anything else matter? Be thankful for it and celebrate it for the next 365 days. No ads, no fuss, no muss!”
Fuck it key “As each day passes in my life, I continue to realize that there are increasingly less things to be concerned about. Few people really give a damn so why should I? Therefore,fuck it I shall be using the “fuck it” key and the “fuck it” phrase more often. It is certainly a right I have earned in this second half of my life.
“The fact that there are people in America who cannot recognize racially or ethnically disparaging comments or remarks and pictures or those made against a subculture in this day and age still perplexes me! When someone (like me) calls it out for what it is, those particular people always cry, “Black people love to find negativity, racism or bigotry in everything!” as they overlook or choose to ignore the bigger picture – which may not necessarily be about Black people but about that of another ethnicity or subculture! Of those same people, many love to defend themselves by giving that tired, old and meaningless retort, “I’m not racist” or they might add, “I have friends and/or relatives who are [fill in the blank with any ethnic group or subculture].
Give me a fuckin’ break!
Perhaps such persons aren’t racist or a bigot but they sure as hell are ethnically and culturally insensitive and ignorant!”
Cover Your Ass: A Learned Art –
“Too many young – and older people do not know the art of “cover your ass”. “Cover your ass” (aka CYA) is a LEARNED art. Not everyone can learn it and not everyone remembers to practice it – efficiently. It is the huge difference between one being slick and one being sloppy!”

The Hardline According to RobFather X continues in Year 2014!

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