The Hardline (series) 1990-2011

A series of continuous, profound original epigrams and statements from the mind of RobFather X!

“I am my own man; a free and independent thinker and doer. Respect that of me and I shall respect the same of you.”
“If at first you don’t succeed, adapt or find a way to change the fuckin’ rules.”
(or simply…)
“If at first you don’t succeed, change the fuckin’ rules!”
“Man made the calendar; Nature is natural and has ALWAYS done her own thing, long before Man came along and invented such crude time references – like clocks and calendars – to predict when she was to change or do something. ‘Tis best to leave her be.”
“Certain events in our lives cause us to accept the fact that we may need to REgress a bit so that we can PROgress – aggressively.” (GER-199207:08)
“Some people don’t know enough about me to say shit about my attitude. Fuck off!” (GER-199504:12)
[Rhetorically speaking] “Who ARE these people…and why are THEY on my planet?”
(Referring to the selfish, the stupid, and the asshole muthafuckas I have to see and/or deal with nearly everyday!)
“Father in Heaven, forgive them for they know not what they assume and the trouble in which being an ass can lead them!” (GER)
“Somebody asked me to explain my stand on religion. I referred him (and anyone else) to the song “Shallow Be Thy Game” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (from their 1995 album, “One Hot Minute”.) The lyrics say it all for me!” (GER-200409:25)
Some basic rules of Life:

  • Always expect the best.
  • Try to prepare for the worst.
  • Take care to assume nothing!
  • Four things matter in this world: sex, money, power, and self-preservation.”

“I believe that people should vote their conscience, based not on any party loyalty, but what they – as private individuals – personally feel a candidate or issue might or will benefit them as a citizen in that particular city, state, or country, with the mindset that their one vote might do well for one’s self and his/her family. Never let any religious or societal pressure force you into the “pied-piper” mentally! Make the time to learn the issues for yourself; learn the candidate’s position for yourself; and then MAKE THE TIME to GO VOTE! That is the TRUE exercise in personal political freedom!!” (GER-200802:29)
Traits important to me in any relationship (intimate or platonic):
“Trust, loyalty and respect are extremely important to me. I can handle a little dishonesty but it really depends on the person and circumstances involved. However, under no circumstances will I ever tolerate betrayal. I simply do not handle that well at all. I have the life-long scars from several personal experiences to prove it. Once a person has betrayed me, although I may eventually forgive, he or she will never again have my trust or confidence. Furthermore, it will be extremely difficult for me to ever reconcile with someone who has betrayed me.”
(GER-200803:04 – Tuesday)

[S/N: The date noted is specially marked for the date my wife of 17 years and so-called “soul mate” of twenty years, left me for the second time, taking with her our 11 year-old son and dog, along with important papers and documents – all without any warning, notice or given reason – having done so in the same manner only less than two years before. I am perplexed. I was prompted to write this personal thought in my journal two weeks to the day as I carefully consider the option of filing for divorce. I have to weigh such decision for it will be my first divorce (her second), considering her actions and from me recently learning that she has said some very seriously untrue things about me to both her family and mine, to authorities and even to an attorney, regarding my treatment of her and our son. I have to consider the option of divorce as I learn of all the things she has said and done against me since her departure and that which she has been easily influenced by her family to do against me. My in-laws – her family, whom I have known as long as her, simply refuses to hear me or give me any benefit of doubt. I should not be surprised by their hypocrisy. Still, it is true that be it right or wrong, blood is thicker than mud, which is how I am being treated at this time. I remain confused, hurt, and angry, in despair. I have done many self-destructive things and am at the point of even considering taking my life. I have no one in whom to call for support and confidence. I should be used to that; having lived in this god-awful city of Saginaw for eight years and yet not made any close friends…and not from a lack of having tried!  I fear even if my wife and I were to reconcile, I could never rest, relax, trust or even love her in full again for fear she may again up and leave without word of warning or some valid given reason. Truly this must be love, right? Well, I HATE love… and I hate what it does to the heart – at least to MY heart. My heart: fragile and sensitive and unable to fully trust anyone for too long since the day I was first placed in foster homes at age four and moved around at least four times like a damn chess piece! My heart, which on rare occasions, I allowed to trust and to love, yet eventually seeing it yanked out, stomped, spat and pissed upon then shoved back inside me. When will I ever learn that there is no one who understands and apparently does not want my unconditional love? And now THIS…, this betrayal! I asked my Creator to give me reason for my being here; to give me, a good and righteous man, reason for all this suffering. He does not answer. Fuck Him. My wife’s actions marks the third time in my life where someone very close to me has felt the need to betray the trust, loyalty and respect and love I had so selflessly given. This was my first and final marriage. I shall never marry again – my word is bond. My heart is closed. I fear I shall never allow anyone to get so close to me again. The pain is simply too great to bear. I’m done.
– GER-200803:18-Tuesday]

“Debates and discussion are like a chess game: one should never be allowed to come along after the game [debate] is over and start telling either player what moves [words] should have been or could have been made [said] to change the results of the win or to improve the game [debate] already played.”

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