Praying for Year 2014 – Not!*

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed  Project-Mission! [SOTFJW-PM]
nude man praying-3 2014
Knowing how hundreds of people will be going to church or staying home New Year’s Eve to pray to their deity about things they want to see in the coming year, here’s my opinion about the ineffectiveness and uselessness of prayer. Now, I don’t want to get into a huge debate about prayer but I ask that you simply think about its effectiveness for a moment.

People pray to a deity for certain things and have some hope or faith in that deity’s ability to grant them their requests. However, there is the possibility that the prayer request of one person can be counteracted by a request “sent up” by someone Prayer - helping people feel better about doing nothing - Copyelse to the same deity. A simple example would be war between opposing countries or a competition between opposing sports teams. Each side – and their benefactors, supporters and fans, pray to the same deity for a win. Now, keep in mind that if a god or goddess exists, they are such for a reason. When it comes to Mankind, that god or goddess – considered a supreme being over Man, never has to choose who will win or who will lose in anything. They also do not have to grant or honor any thought or prayer request “sent up” to them. Why? Because they are deity! That’s why I’m amused whenever people say, “God heard and answered my prayer.” I’m thinking, “Really??”

Christians need to tell me and prove to me how exactly they know what God heard. They need to explain what makes one person’s prayers more favorable over that of someone else who may have “prayed” to the same deity – for the very same blessing on their part, yet God did not answer. They also need to explain why and how God chooses which kinds of prayers to answer and which to ignore. I’m sure Christians have been challenged with such questions before.

nude man prayingYou see, even the Christian Bible says that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) yet Christians ignore this fact and the chosen ignorance enjoyed by deity! Worse, they create some “reason” to explain why God acts the way he does. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Christians created their god and that there is an instruction book on how to get God to act or perform. Funny when you think about it, isn’t it? Christians might want to read some Greek, Roman, Norse and African mythology stories. The behavior of the gods (created by those people) in such stories is fascinating! Oh, but wait! The god in the Bible already provides enough content in the area of deistic behavior. Never mind.

If people think about it, the similarity between how a child is looked upon by its parent is no different from how a human is looked upon by a god – and vice versa. So many Christians tell the lie and unproven fact that God answered THEIR prayer over a situation while their neighbor – whose prayer was not answered, is told, “It is God’s will” or worse, is told: “God did not answer your prayer because you asked amiss and with bad or wrong intentions.” (James 4:3) or the person Prayer is like masturbationis told: “You didn’t have enough faith (the size of a mustard seed) (Luke 17:6; Matthew 17:20) in God’s power.” These are lies and contradictions told by most Christians each and every day to justify why God does or does not do a particular thing. I’ve always found it curious that an omnipotent god has so many mortal people speaking for him.

CHECK IT: The competitive affairs of Man do not concern a god or gods (again, if there is any). Why should they? They are deity! Since the gods believe in nothing, their only concern might be YOUR belief in them – and in such belief, they take their amusement. Therefore, save your prayers – and try to do or help yourself with the will power, knowledge, and skills you have – and should consistently be improving upon…and try to remember to help your fellow man who may not be so blessed.

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My Views on Religion* (Pt. 3)

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) Project-Mission!
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STATEMENT: You want to push messages of positivity on social media? Fine, but please refrain from posting anything RELIGIOUS!

Religion- people shove it down your throat (RFXP edit)I’m all for people posting messages of positivity on social media. I understand many people mean well (bless their hearts). However, in their well-meaning, some of those people tend to get religious …EXTREMELY religious! Let’s take Facebook for example, where many messages of positivity are posted. Some people post religious messages that are soft or subtle – that is, they don’t hit the reader over the head with their words. I can be kool with those messages – sometimes. However, other people post religious messages, prayers and pictures which are strong, explicit, directing, practically suggestive, if not absolute in nature. For example, some messages or pictures might say, “TAKE your problems to the Lord Jesus in prayer”, “God will take care of all of your problems IF you only come to Him”, “Turn away from your sins posting anti-religious picsand FOLLOW Christ”, etc. And let me not even get into those religious pictures and posts that tell people to “click ‘Like’ if you love Jesus, ‘Ignore to go to Hell” or there would be posted comments or pictures that instruct people to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ or to repost some religious comment or picture just to prove the reader loves Jesus or that he/she agrees with the posted religious statement otherwise, it implies that person doesn’t loveHe took my place-REALLY or accept Jesus and is going to Hell. I say, if the intent of Christian people is to get people to convert to Christianity or accept Jesus Christ as the son of God or as some Savior, then those Christians are going about it all wrong – and they are doing wrong by trying to play on the conscience of other people. I hate seeing postings of this type on Facebook!

One of the reasons for the existence of my pet project (or “mission”, as I like to call it) called Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) is because I have a problem with strong Christian rhetorical messages, prayers and pictures being posted in social media like Facebook. (Yeah, I know: I can just ignore them but that’s often hard to do when one logs on and is bombarded with them!) Christianity notwithstanding, I simply do not believe people ought to push any religious beliefs or religion on Facebook or similar social media. Many such messages, prayers and pictures are presumptuous,Religion isn't under attack-being called out judgmental and insensitive in nature. Many of them are aimed at people whom that religion has determined are not living as their religion, holy book and god dictates. They tend to ignore the existence, if not disrespect the existence of other religions – religions which are just as honorable and deserving of the same respect as the Christian religion. Such messages, prayers and pictures are also insensitive to people who may be agnostic or atheist. (Yes, it matters to us/them, too!) I ask: Must non-religious people, agnostics and atheists be subjected to seeing material from any religious entity in social media? I certainly do not think so. It’s why I support some of the anti-religious/anti-Christian messages in social media groups and on web-sites. Their efforts seem to help balance the scale of the shit which religious people post there.

It would be nice if Facebook, Twitter and all forms of social media had a filtering feature where users have the option of filtering or blocking out anything deemed religious or offensive in nature. If such a filter option existed, users would not have to defriend or block people who post make such postings…Facebook Like, Dislike, Fuck you choices people whom otherwise have a good social media relationship with that user. Some people, including my sister, have told me that on Facebook, they found some of my comments and pictures posted on my page “negative” or “offensive”. She and a few others have complained how offended they are over certain pictures I’ve posted that were anti-Christian in nature. They’ve complained about my constant use of the word fuck [one of my favorite words –in all of its connotations]. Well frankly, I don’t give a fuck about her feelings or those of other people where Facebook or this blog is concerned. I’ve told them as much and have stated that everyone has the option of simply ignoring my page, defriending or blocking me. Superman tosses the crossI couldn’t care less – either about their religious beliefs, feelings or goals and certainly couldn’t care less about their opinion regarding what I post on my Facebook page – (and certainly not over what I post in this blog). My belief is that if everyone else can post the things they want and not give a fuck about my feelings and sensitivities, why the hell should I or would I want to give a fuck about theirs? Who says that Facebook has to be a place full of positivity and euphoric bliss? Fuck that! Only fools refuse to believe that in the real world, there are both good things and bad things just as there are positive and negative things. Let it be noted: I am not now, nor will I ever be responsible for the sensitivity of other people.  

For the record, I want it noted that I support religious freedom. I support and respect any person’s right to believe and worship as their conscience guides them. However, people need to remember that religious freedom does not mean people have the freedom or the right to force, lure or attempt to convince other people into thinking and believing in their particular religion or doctrine. As I have done with previous articles on religion, so shall I do with this one: talk about those things which make me uncomfortable or which I feel is wrong that are being done by some of the people (not all) in the Christian religion.

Christian Denominations pie chart (2009)Christianity is perhaps the only religion, out of the many that I know of, whose members – from any one of its more than approximately 41,000 denominations that consistently pushes their religious rhetoric and religious book on to people. A religion with that many denominations simply tells me that there is no one who can agree on the same things written in a book which they all claim was inspired to have been written by God. Everyone has their own interpretation and opinions about what the Bible says! I’ve argued that a perfect god would never author an imperfect book, so it seems to me if the Bible is so right, then won’t everyone believe it as written? And if the Bible is the book by which Man should study and live his life, then why can’t everyone agree on it? Why do 41,000 splinter groups or denominations of Christianity exist?

As noted in previous articles in this blog, I used to be a Christian. I used to be one of the many in that religion who ignored the feelings and rights of other people to think and decide for themselves how they should live their lives, which religion to choose (if any), what spiritual walk to take (if desired), which deity to serve (if they believed in a deity) and what “holy” book to read (if they believed in one or wanted to read one). I used to be like many pompous ass Christian people who thought the There it issouls of other people needed “saving” by some person believed to be the son of a deity. I used to condemn anyone who didn’t believe as I believed; often that included people who followed so-called “false religions”, agnostics and atheists. I used to be one of those Christians who harshly judged the “unsaved”, considering them “unwashed” or “unclean” and “wicked”. I was one of those Christians who believed that the Bible was the “undisputable word of God”; that it was some infallible, perfect manuscript sent by God; I was one of those people who felt that any person who could read, ought to use it as their main guide for living a “decent life” and to bring others to Jesus Christ and Christianity. I had believed that the Bible gave me the sole authority to point out those sins or deeds considered to be more “abominable” or offensive in God’s eyes than other sins and to judge the actions and lives of other people who committed such “awful” sins. I remember Free thinking & knowledge breaks mental bondage (RFXP edit)always praying for the souls of the “lost”. And I too, would quote some biblical scripture to back up, challenge or prove that certain things people were doing were sinful and “not Christ-like”, as I would declare that any other religion or thinking other than the “mind of Christ” was sinfully wrong. Yes, sadly and regretfully, some near thirty years ago, I had once been one of those very terrible people. Reflecting on my past sins against my fellow man makes me nauseous…knowing that I used to be like that, particularly when I recall what a hypocrite and a living contradiction I’d once been; a person who dared to condemn certain sins which others were doing when I too, had been doing and enjoying the same sins and “acts of abomination” myself! Thankfully thirty years ago, I had my “road to Damascus experience”. I won’t go into any specific detail except to say that I eventually came to realize the error of my ways and began to turn away from Christianity and from being a religious self-righteous, asshole!

I feel it’s wrong for people to assume that their religion is the only and the right religion or that their religion is the way, the truth, and the light. I feel it’s wrong to assume or expect that everyone ought to believe in God, Jesus Christ and that they need to be “saved” from their sins. I feel it’s wrong to assume or expect that everyone ought to live and guide their respective lives governed by whatever the Bible says or that they ought to rely on the “power” of prayer. It’s presumptuous for many Christians to believe that simply by their posting biblical scripture, people ought to respect it, be moved by it, submit to it and/or readily – if not instantly, be affected by it in some manner simply because theyReligion is like penis say it is “the word of God”. Many Christians are especially wrong when they do this sort of thing in an attempt to pass judgment or attack a person for who he/she is or how that person might be living. Again, the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed project (SOTFJW) exists to help bring to light, balance and smash this nonsense!

A synopsis of Christian hypocritical thinking would be:

“I am a Christian, saved by the blood of Christ. My sins and sinful behavior is forgivable. I will surely go to Heaven. Your sin is an abomination to God and is unforgivable. He will not love you for it. Repent, get saved or you are going to Hell!”

Translation: “Because I am a Christian, basically am better than you. That generally means I can do whatever I want. God will still love and always forgive me. However, if you are not a Christian, God will never forgive you unless you become a Christian and stop doing the sins that are an abomination and therefore unforgivable.”

To be fair, all Christian people do NOT think or act like this – thankfully!

The people who post religious messages on social media outlets like Facebook can continue to express their positive demeanor. Moses says- Be Cool, & Don't be an AssholeHowever, I challenge religious people to see if they can post positive messages without ever crossing the line of another person’s  or subgroup of people’s right to independent thinking, without fucking around with the conscience of others, or without making some subtle or even a direct, in-your-face judgment of the way people choose to live and govern their lives. I would ask that they save any religious messages and rhetoric for their personal pages and groups or better yet, send/share them only with people whom they know would actually appreciate seeing such things.

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They Used a CHILD to Preach a Message of HATE!

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) Project-Mission!
Yesterday, in North Carolina, there was some shit on Easter Sunday…

Somebody PLEASE give this boy a box of Cracker Jacks and a puppy!
Count the number of times he keeps saying “God loves you”, followed by “going to Hell”, and the multiple use of “you people”.
It is a shame to human society and existence when adults brainwash their children to HATE…and use them to pass on their messages of hate!
It is this kind of shit that will always inspires me to “keep steppin’ on the feet Jesus washed”!

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Easter Sunday Hypocrites, I’m Calling You Out On Your Shit!

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) Project-Mission!
You’re so vain, you probably think this article is about you
You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this article is about you
Don’t you?
Don’t you?

– Adapted from the 1972 hit song, You’re So Vain by Carly Simon

Easter Sunday hypocrites, I’m calling you out on your shit….even though by the time this article is published or read, Easter Sunday would have passed, the words here will still apply. If you feel guilty, then GOOD!
Now stop the bullshit act and listen up to what I say!

  1. Many of you ROSE UP this morning from a good night’s sleep. Others may have been in some drunken comatose-like mindset but still you ROSE AGAIN after having had maybe three HOURS – not three DAYS of sleep.
  2. Many of you could not wait to put on the NEW “you”…that is, the brand new outfits you bought specifically for Easter Sunday. For some, this will be the first of perhaps three Sundays in the entire year when you will get your asses in some church building and bear through the church services. The other two Sundays when you might feel obligated to go to church is on Mother’s Day (only because you want to show Mom that the child she raised still believes in going to church) and on Christmas Eve.
  3. Many of you will parade (or have already paraded) yourselves and/or your children for others to see the new EASTER CLOTHES you bought specifically for Easter! I’m talking new dresses, suits, hats, ties, shoes, purses, and overcoats!  Easter Sunday is more of a fashion show– particularly in the Black church than any other Sunday of the year. I know this because I have seen it happen since the day I started going to church as a child, to the last Easter I set foot in one as an adult. It’s always the same in every church, except I know it to be more prominent in certain Black churches.  Easter Sunday is when you all get to show off (and you do SHOW OFF) the “NEW YOU”… at least on the outside…and you want other people – rich and poor,  to see how well you can dress yourself in threads and plastic and how well you do the same for your kids (if any). It’s sad how many of you so-called parents like to use your kids to make yourselves look good and would display the innocent ones as though they were objects to be admired and adorned! Of course later on, you will get upset when 7-year-old Johnny crawls on the floor in his new “Easter suit” or when 9-year-old Cheryl  rips a hole in her white stocking leotard. And you’ll be ready to disown poor 10-year-old Janet for spilling cherry-red punch (she got from some idiot in the church kitchen) all over that $75.00 yellow dress you bought her just for Easter!  Damn kids! They don’t appreciate shit!
  4. Many of you will judge other people and the attire they wear/wore to church.  You will say, “Oh, he (or she) should have put on something more decent for Easter!”  Others will think or gossip about how Mike or Helen “wore THAT same outfit last month, if not LAST Easter. What a shame!”
  5. Some of you will be given Holy Communion in honor of Jesus’ rise from the dead and all that blah-blah-blah. Yet the meaning of that communion will in fact be lost, if not displaced, as you hope that the smelly old Mr. Jones (whom you’re sure never uses deodorant and wears the same old suit every week) never sits next to you or in “your” pew.  Here again, ye are HYPOCRITES for ye judge others whose story you do not know!
  6. You will compare, or you have already compared, your kids’ nice new Easter outfits to the “pathetic jeans and sneakers attire” worn by some of those “other”, less fortunate and rowdy kids. You will judge not only those other kids but also their parents –especially that “slutful” Olivia!  Now there’s an interesting person.
    Let’s look at Olivia, shall we?
    Poor Olivia, lost and turned out (as the 35-year-old popular song from The Whispers goes). Her Marine staff sergeant husband was killed in Afghanistan recently and she and her three kids have been struggling so hard. But you wouldn’t know anything about that. Olivia has been fighting with the Department of Veterans Affairs for months, trying to get the full death benefits she and her kids desperately need and deserve. Her youngest 4-year-old boy Timmy, suffers with a rare case of Lupus. Because of the VA red tape, doctors bills continue to pile up and go unpaid. Before Olivia lost her husband, she had worked as a well-paid paralegal. It was a great day job she loved and had worked in the five years her and her husband were married. His Marine Corps E-6 income, joined with her own helped keep the family in a reasonably comfortable lifestyle for those five wonderful years. At that time, the loving young couple could afford moderate day care for their kids and supplemental medical care for Timmy in addition to that care already being provided by the Department of the Navy and the VA. When her husband died, some freakish screw-up happened in “the system” that ended up with the VA halting payment of all death benefits until the matter could be cleared. That was almost TEN months ago! And thanks to the mess at the VA, Olivia has had to quit her paralegal job in order to care for her kids as she could no longer afford daycare. When she was offered the only job as a night-shift emergency room dispatcher, Olivia asked her junior year college student younger sister Caroline to move in to help care and watch her kids while she (Olivia) worked the much lower-paying NIGHT shift job, which was located some 35 to 40 miles (one way) from her home. Again, you would have no way of knowing this, as many of you judgmental fucks just assumed she was whoring around each night. All you knew was that she always left the apartment around 9 o’clock on most nights and assumed that she was leaving those poor little children alone to fend for themselves.  One of you even placed an anonymous call to Child Protection Services!  You just knew the woman was a slut; coming home around 7:30 each morning as you were about to take your own kids to daycare and school. How dare Olivia show up looking all ragged and shit; her clothes and make-up all fucked up! Yeah; that bitch was with a man… or perhaps several men! The slut! The thought never occurred to you or some of those other nosy Wisteria Lane neighbors that perhaps, just perhaps, Olivia was returning from a long night at work.  You were sure she was whoring around when you kept noticing how she was always letting at least two or three different men in her home during odd hours of the day…and while her kids were in school, no less! She had been doing this more times in the month than was considered “normal  and proper” for a lady!  How were you supposed to know that these men were actually VA representatives, her attorney, and her very-married brother-in-law Scott, himself serving in the Marine Corps as a Lt. Colonel – each visiting to help Olivia through the VA death benefits red tape situation? You were so certain that she was fucking those men! What judgmental fucks YOU are. You may know Olivia but you sure as hell don’t know her story!

Let’s stop right here because I’m sure you get the point. The meaning of Jesus’ “rising from the dead” means very little, now that church – and the Easter Sunday fashion show – is over. Oh… and we know how your day ended. You could not wait for you and the kids to get over to Bob and Alice’s house after church, where your kids and theirs would see Bob (now dressed in a rabbit’s suit), would sit the kids on his lap (while sportin’ and semi-hard boner) and tell the ALTERNATE Easter story about Peter Rabbit and some colored eggs.  You have always thought the bunny story was more credible anyway… just like that old Saint Nicholas story told every Christmas!  After the story, the annual Easter egg hunt (which was always held in that huge backyard Bob and Alice always kept impeccably manicured), would begin. During that time, the four of you adults would gossip about who-wore-what in church today, and who in the neighborhood didn’t mow their lawn and/or wash their car for this very special “holy” day, which for the four of you, was second only to Christmas itself. And of course, you must talk about what you all just heard about that awful, sinful and slutty Olivia! The latest gossip going around now? The slut has just taken in some strange FEMALE visitor. Now what’s that all about?

What a wonderful Easter Sunday this day has turned out to be.

Happy fuckin’ Easter, hypocrites!

Keepin’ It…REAL!