RobFather Rants: The Private Lives of Celebrities (Why The Fuck Should We Care?)

RobFather-X (15a)So here I am, on this fine Monday evening (May 12, 2014), trying to get through my “off” day and do what I do online and in social media. All fucking day all I see on Facebook is the word or name “Solange”. So I asked myself, “What or who is this “Solange” thing or person which so many people are talking about?”

I looked at the word/name “Solange” a few times before realizing that I probably am pronouncing it wrong. So I did what a few other people have probably done and Google’d it. Come to find out that it’s a name – of a female – the sister to recording artist Beyoncé – and her name is Solange Knowles. (I still can’t pronounce the name.) So I checked further to find out why her name is trending the web, the media and the attention of so many people on Facebook. I should have stopped the moment I learned that she was related to Beyoncé but I didn’t. Stupid me. You see, I am not a Beyoncé fan nor am I one of Jay Z (aka Sean Carter). I don’t know those people and their public and personal lives aren’t worth the turd of shit I dropped in the toilet this morning. Those people simply have no bearing on my life. Yet, I just had to find out why these people captured the attention of the media, the web and many of my friends on Facebook. Well, I learned that supposedly, someone possibly identified as being Solange and someone possibly identified as Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z got into some physical altercation on an elevator. I watch the 3:31 silent TMZ video as I asked myself, “Why are people concerned with this?” “Who the fuck cares what these wealthy people do?”

I just couldn’t believe…no, wait; That’s not true; I suppose by now that I DO believe that there are people whose day simply isn’t completely made until they’ve seen the negative aspects of some celebrity. I shake my head at this kind of mess and kick my ass for even bothering to waste a fraction of my time watching a three and a half-minute silent video of people in an elevator being…well, people! Perhaps, had that been a video of some extremely important people fussing and fighting, say President Obama and Michelle or Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles for instance, who were having a fuss then perhaps I could understand the interest and this article might be moot.
And no readers; I will NOT post that piece of shit in this article! You’ve got everything you need in this rant to find that video online (if you haven’t seen it already) and look at it yourself! I’d strongly advise against making that search. You’ll thank me (unless of course, you ARE the type of person whose toes I’m stomping all over right now).

So I must ask: “Who the fuck is Jay Z, Beyoncé or that Solange person in the grand scheme of running this country and/or this world?” Those people are not world leaders, world religious leaders or famous doctors or philosophers known to make a difference in the world. Why are so many people focused on the personal lives of people like the Knowles and the Carters – or with any celebrity?

Someone needs to explain to me – in the clearest of detail, why anyone should give a flying fuck about what those people – or any celebrity for that matter, does on a personal or private basis. Celebrity gossip website TMZ gets a hold of something like the video I’m discussing, posts it online and people just…salivate! I don’t understand it; all I know is that I hate it!

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We Hate Obnoxious Kids on TV!

Brick Heck-(Red X'd)“As we approach our 54th earth year, we think that we might be too old for some of the sitcoms being aired on television today. We are having increasing difficulty tolerating the know-too-damn-much, too-smart-for-one’s-own-good, sassy and disrespectful attitudes which the child characters and very young child characters of those TV shows have and often use against their character parents and other adults. We are disgusted by this new wave of supposed “comedy” given to us by sitcom writers whom – we must assume, either not have kids of their own or if they are parents, then such writers either have not parented for very long or they have poor parenting practices and skills which in any case, somehow gives them cause to write such material for child characters and believe it might be funny, humorous or worse, “cute” to older adult viewers of those particular sitcom programs. We will have to reevaluate our viewing of those sitcoms and any television program which feature such obnoxious child characters.”
– RobFather-X

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I’m Bored As Fuck!

I’m at work monitoring yet another boring Detroit Tigers baseball game. I hate radio broadcasted baseball. In fact, I hate any radio broadcasted sports… with a passion! I always have. You see, I’m not that into sports. There are certain sports that I either need to see on TV or be physically present at the game in order for me to gain some degree of appreciation to what’s going on. I’m just glad that sports programming isn’t the only content we air at the stations where I work or I’d left this job years ago!

Fuckin' Bored (1)So as the title of this article says, I’m bored as fuck. Or am I just fuckin’ bored? Is there any significant difference between someone being bored as fuck and being fuckin’ bored? Who the fuck knows! It’s boring just to think about answering that fuckin’ question! Fuck; it was boring just typing it here! Yet strangely, it wasn’t boring when the question formed in my head. Go figure! I suppose that’s a good thing and could mean that a part of my brain isn’t [yet] affected by boredom.
Wait a minute.
That’s getting psychologically deep. Me thinking and rationalizing right now is, well…fuckin’ boring!

Fuckin' Bored (3)When I’m bored like this I don’t feel like doing shit, especially boring shit! I got plenty of rest last night but that’s because I didn’t have sex with someone. [Fuck!]  I’m not sick or recovering from any illness. Yet for some reason, I simply don’t want to do a goddamn thing. Nothing at all. Nada! I think the word that best describes me right now is lethargic. Don’t front or judge me: we’ve all been a “victim” of lethargy more times than we care to admit!

RobFather-X at workIf I had to do a medical self-diagnosis I’d say the reason for my boredom right now is being here, in the radio station, alone with no one to talk to and having to give some half-ass attention for my cues from the originating network of this boring baseball game to air my station’s spots or for me to make some public service announcement.
(NOTE: a “spot” is radio jargon for the word “ad” or “commercial”.)

Bored as I am right now I wonder who gives a flying fuck about me being bored, or in why I’m bored or in my particular degree of boredom.
Anyone? Anyone?

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A question for you, dear reader:
Are YOU bored? If you’re reading this then obviously you are bored – or perhaps you are just a boring fuck who gets off from reading about the boredom of other people who hate being bored.
Why don’t you go play with yourself? Sex is always on my mind so that particular suggestion was the best I could come up with for you to go do; that is, if Male, female masturbating (RFXP new edit)you’re bored. Although I’m alone at work, I love my job too much to ever risk someone coming into the station and seeing me (not catching me – for I’m never ashamed to masturbate in front of other people) sexually pleasuring myself. No, I’ll just wait until I get home to do that, thank you very much. However friend; you go right ahead and do it. Rub one out and shoot a good cum load or vaginal gush …for me. That way at least one of us bored muthafuckers won’t be bored; unless of course, when you play with yourself, the act of masturbating itself is, well…boring. If that’s your issue please don’t expect me to feel sorry or pity for you.

That would be…boring. 🙂

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Fuck April Fools’ Day!

April Fools' day (keyboard)I neither like nor appreciate April Fools’ Day jokes or pranks.
Oh, I have a great and wonderful sense of humor. I love comedy and a good joke when expressed in its proper place and time and to the right people. However, I’m too grown and too intelligent for childish, silly – if not near misleading and/or dangerous, games and pranks people usually pull on April Fools’ Day! Besides, some of you muthafuckers simply do not know how or when to play! Even the most “innocent” of jokes/pranks can go wrong. In my time I have witnessed the terrible outcome of such “innocence” gone wrong!

Far too many people tend to selfishly believe that everyone they know – and don’t know would appreciate getting a “good” April Fools’ joke played on them. Before, during or after the joke or prank, they will tell you shit like, “Oh lighten up!” “You’re too serious!” “It’s all in fun!” “Don’ be a downer.” Well, to all that bullshit I say, “Ha-Ha! FUCK ALL THAT!”

You know, it’s all fun and games …until someone gets hurt emotionally, physically or both! Then few – if anyone ever wants to take responsibility for a joke/prank gone wrong. If this article sounds negative so far, then GOOD! It’s meant to wake you the fuck up! And here’s a NEWSFLASH for you April Fools’ Day playing muthafuckas: It is a huge myth that “everyone” loves playing April Fools’. Worse than that, it is a mistake to ever believe or assume that “everyone” will or might appreciate being the brunt, object or victim of your fuckin’ April Fools’ “joke”!

If you want respect, I suggest you grow the fuck up and let the little boys and the girls play their childish games – under adult supervision, of course! Yes, I said it! You adults who are guilty of such foolishness need to go get a REAL life and stop fucking around with the lives and well-being of other people!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I strongly advise all who agree with this message to be careful today, particularly as you browse the web. There are a lot of people – perhaps a few who may be unlikely suspects of playing April Fools’ Day games/pranks; people who are just waiting to get a laugh or take some sick, almost orgasmic pleasure at your expense, if not also that of someone else. Take extra precaution in what you read, how you read it, in what you hear/overhear, what e-mail/text messages you open, in what you see on the web – which you might feel compelled to give a “click” to check out and what you might be led to believe or inspired to pass on as gossip! Gossip never did anyone any good.

This is no joke, readers; this is for real. Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled or hoodwinked. Now have a great day, be safe and careful, use good sense and judgment and be aware!

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[Most] Nude Sports? – I’ll Pass!

I don’t know of any people in my ethnic group who ski or snowboard. I’m sure some Black people do these sports but I’ve never seen any video of it. If there are Black people who ski or snowboard I doubt they would do it in the nude. If readers of this blog has such a video or link showing a BLACK person doing ANY sort of sport in the nude or in the semi-nude, please…send me that link! I’d love to see it!
Now, check out this 2:37 minute video:

Ok…so this video is, in a word…AWESOME!  It’s awesome because of the BRAVERY of these people to ski and snowboard in the cold and in the nude.  As a nudist and “low-level” naturist, I have my limits as to what it is I will do and not do in the nude and certainly where I will do it. For example, I simply am not spending more than five to ten minutes tops, in the nude, fucking around in the cold or winter – exposure time depending on the wind chill factor at the time, regardless of the [reasonable amount] of body hair I have. Uh-huh. Nope. Not gonna happen, muthafucka!  Of course, in my lifetime, I’ve taken out my dick several times and pissed in the cold. I’ve even mooned people in the cold (while drunk, of course) but that’s about the limit of my “exposure” in cold and/or winter. And even if I skied or snowboard (which by the way, I do not know how to do) I would never, EVER place my beloved dick and balls in harm’s way – or potential harm’s way; not in the manner in which I see some of the brave guys in this video are doing!  Oh HEL-L-L-L NO!  The length of my dick or how low my ball sac hangs has nothing to do with it! I’m simply all about protecting that which always brings me so much pleasure, baby! I have to at least be wearing a jock strap under a pair of commando shorts! That’s not being wimpy; that’s having a greater love for my jawn than with ever showing off whatever risky thing I can do butt-ass naked!

I hope you enjoyed the video, readers – I certainly did! The music helped make it that more awesome! I give highest props to the participants in the video but RobFather-X is taking a pass on any offers to ski or snowboard in the nude.

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