Perhaps You [Guys] Can Relate…

… the head and/or the shaft of your dick is sore as fuck several hours later – and the next day, too – after having rubbed it vigorously (while watching porn, of course) because you didn’t bother to apply spit or some kind of slick lube to it first. UGH!
(NOTE: Precum doesn’t always do the job of lubrication, fellas.)


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Christmas is OVER!


FINALLY!!! Christmas Day is OVER and is DONE!!!

Now, each of you who had worked so damn hard to fake being nice and sweet and “filled with Christmas joy and cheer” can begin reverting to your regular, better-known and much-easier-to-recognize (and appreciate) asshole-ish selves.

And please, try to do it before the year is out. Seriously.

– RobFather X

Simply for the Record…

(…and to get it off my chest…)
I continue to see a number of news media articles and social media postings from people who seem concerned about the recent news regarding the mental and overall physical health and well-being of entertainer Mr. Kanye West.kanye-westOkay then. In that case, I feel perfectly fine with expressing my attitude about his situation right here – on my blog. I do this with no intentional offense to his legitimate fans, stans and basic suck-ups. My comment is what I would say about any so-called idol or “icon” in the entertainment business who I don’t like nor have any measure of respect; people who in my view, are ridiculously idolized and given far too much undeserved attention and mention:

“So what? I don’t give a damn on any level about Mr. West’s health issues, well-being or anything about the happenings in his personal and public life nor should I be expected to! Uh… “sorry, not sorry”, as the kids say, for having the seemingly cold, yet real-as-fuck attitude about someone who has never said nor done anything to earn my admiration, love, respect or concern.”

Ahhh. It felt good to express that realistic point of view! Naturally, I see nothing wrong with sometimes “hating” on some thing or on or about some person. Sometimes an expressed personal attitude, point of view or feeling about a situation or person simply is what it is; nothing more. To hell with people who don’t like it because nothing anyone says or does in opposition can change the originator’s point of view.

– RobFather X

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Campaign 2016: Debate Moderation

When you’re damn serious about political debate moderation you don’t fuck around with hiring soft-spoken, timid and/or easily intimidated men and women to serve as debate moderators. Nah…fuck that.
You get… Samuel L. Jackson!samuel-l-jackson-debare-moderator-robz-edit

– RobFather X