Articles on Human Sexuality and Sensuality

This page features articles I’ve written and/or have commented on related to and about human sexuality-in particular, male sexuality. Some material will be based on my personal experience, education, research and general opinion. As a person who is and has always been interested in human sexuality, what I find interesting on that level comes quite natural for me. I hope to discuss a few of those subjects which you might be thinking or wondering about (but simply were reluctant to ask or discuss!) This page  and any sub-pages may also feature shares or reposted articles and/or content from other web sites which I determine as interesting or necessary to make a point or as it relates to articles I’ve writing about sexuality.

Click on any topic of interest below to access the blog article. Keep checking back for more articles!

  1. Self-love (and Viewing Pornography) Is NOT Cheating
  2. Reports Indicate Black Men Continue to Rate High in HIV Infection
  3. From Black “How The Penis Changes With Age”
  4. Does Bisexuality Exist?
  5. Perhaps You Can Relate?
  6. There Go My (Comic Book) Heroes!
  7. Go Downtown and…Have Some Pie!
  8. The Freedom of Nudity (Part 1 of 2)
  9. The Freedom of Nudity (Part 2 of 2)
  10. Bad Porn Videos
  11. Question of the Week (series) /K-QOW No. 3
  12. It’s…National Masturbation Month! (Why?)
  13. National Masturbation Month 2013 Cums to an End…
  14. Today, I’m HIV Negative!
  15. LGBT Pride Month: What It Means to Me As A Veteran
  16. It’s Read NAKED Day!
  17. Don’t Fear the Sexual Hypothetical/What-If Scenario!
  18. Recognizing Nude Recreation Week
  19. RobFather-X, Male Escort???
  20. A Man’s Life (Part 1)
  21. A Man’s Life (Part 2)
  22. Yesterday Was Celebrate Bisexuality Day! (Did You Know?)
  23. A Man’s Life (Part 3)
  24. National Coming Out Day 2013
  25. A Man’s Life (Part 4)
  26. About FACE…
  27. Drinking – A Part of Male Bonding
  28. Season 1 of HBO’s “Looking Ends”
  29. Really, Michael Lucas?!!?
  30. Applaud ANY Black Man Who Shows Emotion!
  31. At 54, I’m…Confident. Classy. Sexy. Kool! (RobFather’s birthday bio)
  32. Black, Bisexual, Nude and Proud!
  33. National HIV Testing Day (2014)
  34. National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (2015)
  35. Are There ONLY 7 Safer Ways to Have Sex?
  36. Treat Yourself to a Daily Orgasm!
  37. Sunday’s Sin…