Going Home (to a funeral)

rfx-2 (03nov2018)_rzThe financial sacrifice in my choice to stay at a hotel instead of a relative’s home when I go home to Philadelphia (to attend my mother’s funeral) is well worth the cost. It means I don’t have to [continuously] contend with any family drama. And oh, how I abhor drama (i.e., bickering, backbiting, et al) of any kind; most especially that of family, and particularly the kind of family drama which often is created and lingers whenever a beloved family matriarch (like my mom) or patriarch transitions! I’ve experienced that sort of thing some twenty years ago when the matriarch of my [then] in-laws transitioned. I remember promising myself to never again put or keep myself in, near, or around such a fugly environment! (Some of you reading this can relate.)

My mind is now and will continue to be at peace during my stay in Philly, knowing that I can always return to the peaceful sanctity – and privacy – of my hotel room each night until I return to my home in Saginaw.

– RobFather X

4 thoughts on “Going Home (to a funeral)

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I can sense your reverence for her in your words…it will be nice for you to have your private space, away from the intensity of family, to spend some time with her in your thoughts during the coming days.
    Take care while you’re away!

    • Thank you, Chris. I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to respond to your comment and sympathy note. (I really thought I had already done so; my bad!) Hope all is well, g. Naked hugs! 😊

  2. Very aptly put, Rob. Once again, my condolences over your loss. Please travel safely and although it is a sad and somber time, be comforted that all her worldly suffering is over. Much love, naked hugs (many) and a gentle tug!

    • Thank you, Roger. I thought I had previously responded to your comment. If not, then I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to do so. Naked hugs, my friend. 😊

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