Confessions (LGBT Pride)

Yesterday (June 30, 2018) I attended and enjoyed both the LGBT Pride festival and the afterparty drag show held in my area. The only sour note to my entire day turned out being the same whenever I attended such events in previous years: I always end up going alone and never make any new friends.
– RobFather X
RFX_LGBT Pride (Bay City, MI_30JUN2018) rz

1 thought on “Confessions (LGBT Pride)

  1. For what it’s worth, my friend and blogging buddy, you got out and supported our community. We don’t always have the opportunity to meet others unless it is pre-planned but even those occasions can be disappointing. I know too many people who always complain that they never meet anyone when they go out to GLBTQ functions. However, when questioned about when the last event attended, it was 10-12 years ago, You got out and went! That’s what’s important to me! Love, many hugs and a naked tug!

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