Three Kinds of People…

I’m old enough to know (and life continues to remind me) that in the so-called “two/three kinds of people in the world” scenario, there is yet another category set to consider (at least as far as I’m concerned):

Three Kinds of People (article pic 1)

  • those who don’t have a clue
  • those who don’t give a fuck
  • those who do

Of the three categories listed, some people do not know where they would stand or fit nor why. Other people however, do. I suppose the latter is a good thing because living life is easier when the other person either already knows, can clearly see, or is shown exactly where you fit and where they fit.

Hopefully you will always be associated with people who continuously show themselves to have an intelligent clue about both the important things in life and the seemingly or supposedly less-significant things in life; people who also can – or at least would be willing to give a fuck about many, if not most or all, of the same things you do.
– RobFather X

3 thoughts on “Three Kinds of People…

  1. I dare say that I’ve met plenty of folks who swear they have a clue, and I’m just sitting there, mentally eating popcorn and thinking, “This shit show oughta be good”.
    Does that make me bad? 😬

    • Nah, g. It makes you normal – and someone who’s aware – with several clues (like many of us)! LOL! Thanks for reading and commenting! 😊

  2. The three categories of people that you listed is an excellent summation of all the types of folks that we encounter. Somehow, the numbers of the first two types listed seem to grow exponentially and the numbers of the last group always manage to shrink. I often wonder is this because our society is becoming immune to the needs of humanity or is it because we are becoming less humane as individuals? Great post, my naked brother! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug! 🙂

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