RobFather X in a Smooth Groove

I hardly take video selfies but, when I do, I have to make sure that such videos will make me smile, otherwise I won’t post nor share them with anyone. (It’s the shyness factor in me.)
So yeah folks, this is me at work today [Sunday, August 20, 2017], doing my radio show. I’m grooving to one of my favorite tracks from the American R&B (rhythm and blues) and jazz-funk fusion band/group, The Blackbyrds. The song is Soft and Easy from their 1977 album, ‘Action(Click the song title or this You Tube link to listen to the entire song.)

– RobFather X

© RobFather X! Productions

2 thoughts on “RobFather X in a Smooth Groove

  1. My brother, just watching you enjoying yourself lets me know that you are happy and into your music! GREAT job, man! Much love and many naked hugs, my friend and one that I proudly consider my brother!

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