Getting Comfy After a Long Day Out

Chillaxin' with wineI want to thank my friend Christian M. who inspired me to write this article. Christian says, “The best part of getting home from work is vodka in your cup!” Sweet. I’m happy that works for him. As for me, I don’t drink vodka – at least not straight – but I do get his meaning. I know some of my friends like to enjoy a glass of Hennessy cognac but I have neither liked nor drink that stuff.

For me, the best and usually first part of getting Chillaxin' with beer, vodkahome from work (or from anywhere) is simply and immediately getting naked. Seriously. Clothing for me can sometimes be so… restrictive. (Read my two-part article The Freedom of Nudity to better learn and understand my position on nudity and my clothing-free home lifestyle.) Therefore the moment I enter my home, off go my shoes, socks (if I’m wearing any), shirt, trousers or shorts and undershorts…that is, if I decided to wear a pair of undies that day. (I am and always have been a shameless freeballer.) Alcoholic drinks such as wine, rum, a couple shots of tequila or a beer then become an immediate and better-enjoyable second. 🙂

– RobFather X
© RobFather X! Productions

7 thoughts on “Getting Comfy After a Long Day Out

  1. I can so relate with this. Unfortunately for me after undergoing a major surgery and radiation for tongue cancer I have lost a lot of weight and keeping warm is essential during these winter months. The extent of my clothing is still a bathrobe and when it’s warm enough I enjoy the freedom of being clothesfree.

    Stay Bare


    • Thanks for commenting, Fabien. All my best to you for a speedy and most healthy recovery to your body. Stay bare but always be healthy, g. 🙂

  2. Hey Rob! A very inspirational post on how to unwind and undress when returning home. I feel you there, buddy, as the first thing I do when I get home is strip. As I remove the layers of garments I feel all my burdens becoming lighter and the grime for the outside world disappearing. Great post and images, my nude and blogging buddy and friend! Much love and many naked hugs!

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