Issues with Windows 10 OS

S/N: This blog article was inspired by a friend’s Facebook post. He says:
Microsoft used to be a good company with fairly intuitive products that were easy to use. But they rewarded our loyalty (what other choice did we have?) with arrogance and grossly inferior products that they rushed onto the market without first having a need, or a purpose. Windows 8 was really bad, rushed onto the market long before it was ready. But Microsoft fixed that by coming up with Windows 10, which was so awful, arrogant (it now shuts down daily to update, in the middle of your workday, and you can’t do anything about it) and incompetently visioned, that the Microsoft programs of the 1990s, were far more advanced. What once took one or two actions to complete, now takes 6 or 8. And every time it updates, it erases your settings, to impose Microsoft’s settings. I, like so many others, are being driven to buy Apple’s overpriced products but at least Word and Excel won’t crash 3 times every day!”
– Stephen Maglott
(June 14, 2016)

Windows 10 - laptop
Some time ago, I posted a comment or two on Facebook regarding some of the things Stephen said about the Windows 10 operating system (OS). Since last June [2015] I’ve been reading a number of computer tech websites and have been listening to a number of computer tech radio programs; some which have made mostly adverse comments about Windows 10. Some gave or had given either direct or somewhat-subtle advice to readers/listeners not to download and install the Windows 10 OS due to its many ongoing issues and user-reported inconveniences. Yet many people did download the free OS and have been suffering because of it.

Now, to be fair I have heard some people speak well about Windows 10, as though it were Microsoft’s greatest achievement to date. Ha! I think some of those people are full of shit and just want to save themselves from the embarrassment of anyone knowing the troubles they’re having with it. However, if you dear reader, are using Windows 10 with no issues to speak of then count yourself among the few fortunate users. I only ask that you please not post comments to this blog article telling me or other readers where they can go get help with Windows 10. If users of Windows 10 don’t know by now where to get assistance then that’s probably because they either aren’t interested, had in fact visited a host of resources – including Microsoft’s Windows 10 home webpage and still found no satisfactory resolutions to their Windows 10 problem(s). They also could have reached the point of utter fuckstration (you read that right) and chose to wipe their entire computer hard drive clean; something they were comfortable with doing since they had the wise forethought to back up all their important files to a backup service in “the cloud” (like Carbonite, for example) and/or to a reliable external hard drive prior to installing Windows 10.

As a freelance computer tech I’ve been strongly advising my clients not to download and install Windows 10 on any computer on which it was not originally installed, regardless of the annoying pop-ups which intermittently appear on their desktop. The computer engineer at my radio station job recently issued instructions to all employees not to download and install Windows 10 to any company-owned computer. We rely heavily on computers to do what we do in radio. If we were to install Windows 10 – particularly with the problems it has or has been known to have or cause, the results of that installation could be disastrous for our business.

Users who have installed Windows 10 – and if that OS was on their computer for less than 30 days, have the option to revert/rollback to or recover to their original OS (either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1). Microsoft says the return to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (whichever was originally installed on your computer) will not affect the user’s personal files. However that rollback action will remove any apps installed or settings made after upgrading to Windows 10.Windows 10 - going back-2
Users will not be able to revert or recover to their original OS through the Settings option [in Windows 10] if Windows 10 has been on their computer longer than a month. The option to revert/rollback simply won’t be available. In such cases they will need to use a different recovery option. See this link:
…and good luck!  I say “good luck” with a tone of skepticism. That’s because I’ve been told that for some users, rolling back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 has presented a host of negative issues (thus another reason not to download and install Windows 10 in the first place). Then again such issues or problems could stem from the user either not knowing or not fully understanding how to properly revert or do a recovery back to their original OS… or their issues/problems could be caused by any number of other things related to the computer itself. Computers and/or their operating systems can be such damn fickle things!Windows 10 - going back (Robz edit)

July 29, 2016, will mark a full year since the Windows 10 OS free upgrade launched. According to Microsoft, that date is also the last day PC users can download the operating system without cost. It’s my hope that after that deadline Microsoft will include in its next update to Windows 7 a change that tells the Windows 7 registry to eliminate those annoying “Get/Upgrade to Windows 10” pop-ups from our Windows task bar. Until  that change (which might may or may not come) users can following these simple steps to hide both the Get Windows 10 app and notifications about the upgrade:

1. Right-click (or press and hold) the Taskbar, and then select Properties.
2. On the Taskbar tab, select Customize… for the Notification area.
3. In the Notification Area Icons window, for the GWX (Get Windows 10) icon,
select Hide icon and notifications.

S/N: I have never used nor examined a client’s computer which came pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system. From what I’ve been reading and hearing, and from people I know who now own a “Windows 10 computer” but who had been users of computers that ran earlier versions of the Windows OS, Windows 10 is among the worse they’ve ever used. That’s a sad testament to Microsoft and is exactly what Stephen talked about in his Facebook post.

I am among many who are waiting for Microsoft to publicly admit its folly with the much ballyhooed Windows 10 OS and for them to acknowledge their receipt of negative feedback from the public. I’m sure Microsoft will do neither so I won’t hold my breath.

– RobFather X

© RobFather X! Productions

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