I’m Back To Blogging!

RobFather X  (face)Hello everyone. I apologize for my long absence. My only excuse: challenges of life. Oh, and the fact that I’ve been considering leaving the WordPress blogging service to move to a domain and develop a website where I am in complete control of what I post. Until such a decision and action is made, I am changing the name of this blog from Keepin’ It…REAL! to Real Time. There will be other changes made related to the content posted here.

Over the past several months I’ve been making a number of postings on my Facebook page prefaced with the title Real Time. That’s how I came to decide to change the name of this blog. Under the new blog name Real Time, articles posted on this blog shall continue to reflect the same position I’ve always taken with previous articles I’ve written: simply keeping it real – or as real as my perception of reality is and how certain things in life are or happens to be. It’s that simple…at least for me it is; and that’s all that matters on this blog.

Thank you for your patience and welcome to… REAL TIME!

– RobFather X

1 thought on “I’m Back To Blogging!

  1. even thou, i am behind in reading your blog, t as you can see i am back, this is your run, i hope that you will continue to enlighten us with your work… hehehe, i am just getting started on my own master piece, happily, i am using your blog as a mentor… much love Robfather x

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