Movie: “Exodus: Gods and Kings” (Hated it!)

This past Tuesday evening (December 30, 2014), my son and I saw the recently released movie, Exodus:Gods and Kings. I’ve been calling that film a “remake of sorts” of the 1956 film, The Ten Commandments. Never mind the awfully silly social media Exodus_Gods and Kings (2014) posterfusses made over what the skin color or ethnicity of the characters were “supposed to be” in that movie. Fuck all that dumb shit about race because Exodus:Gods and Kings is after all, just a movie. Being “just a movie” doesn’t mean that I can’t give an assessment about the film itself, so here it is.

Exodus:Gods and Kings is in my view, a terrible movie! Actor Christian Bale SUCKS as Moses; and so does “God”. Yeah, the great Almighty sucked too as the lazy, pass-the-buck, so-called-all-powerful, “I AM”.
Give me a break!

I hated ninety-eight percent of the film. The two percent which I did like was the one battle scene (shown early in the film) and the one Ben-Hur-like scene where horses and chariots run over people. Those who have seen the 1959 movie Ben-Hur will remember the scenes where people got ran over by horses and chariots. I love seeing that shit in movies depicting ancient times!

My son happen to like Exodus:Gods and Kings but then, he’s young; what the fuck does he know? LOL!

Exodus:Gods and Kings has earned my red X of disapproval in films to recommend for watching. UGH!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

3 thoughts on “Movie: “Exodus: Gods and Kings” (Hated it!)

  1. Hey Rob! For starters, I’m glad that you and your son were able to enjoy the holiday season together. Secondly, not being a religious practitioner, this film did NOT appeal to me. I have no intention of watching it, even as a cable re-run. That was even BEFORE reading your review. Afterwards, it doesn’t even warrant a second thought!

    BTW: I have a feeling that your son has strong opinions, just like his father. Look out, man! 😉

    C2C hugs and tugs with all my best for 2015! Brush off your laptop, buddy! Take care and stay bare! 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting, Roger!
      As I think you know, I’m no longer a religious practitioner either (as shown in my posts on this blog). Having studied the bible for years before I decided to leave Christianity my interest was piqued in this film – as it is in any film related to some earlier-made film about the myths, tales and often exaggerated stories written in the Christian Bible or about the so-called “ancient times”…like my favorite (but now defunct Starz network TV series, Spartacus, for example! My son knew how much I loved that series that in Christmas 2013, he gifted me a DVD copy of all three seasons of that show!
      And speaking of my wonderful son…yes Rog, you’re right; he does indeed have strong opinions; just like me… one of many things that make him a solid chip off his old man’s block! I have to stay on my guard sometimes! 🙂
      C2C hugs and tugs, my good friend! 😉

      • Robs in duplicate? Is the world ready for this? LOL! Seriously, you’re one hell of a man, my friend! Take care and stay bare! 😉

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