Annual Friendectomy of My Facebook Friends List

RobFather XIt is January 1st… a day where annually I restart the quarterly clock of friendectomizing (aka “defriending” or “unfriending”) those persons from my Facebook friends list whom I’ve:

  • had little to no meaningful contact or communication exchange over the past several months to complete year… and/or
  • received little to no sign of support or at least some favorable comments for any of my life statuses… and/or
  • determined to have surpassed my patience and tolerance of their religious and political expressions and/or their ignorantly made comments related to certain issues affecting our society… and/or
  • simply lost interest in that person being connected to me in social media.

CHECK IT: The fact that it’s a new year doesn’t mean I have changed or somehow need to modify my desire in wanting and requiring quality social media friendships and relationships. It also doesn’t mean that I need to demonstrate social media “loyalty” by continuing to keep someone – anyone, on my social media friends list who give or offer me nothing. The friendectomized will have to fuckin’ deal with being cut; they will quickly get over the sudden disconnect and move on. After all, it’s just Facebook. More importantly, what have any of them done for me lately?

Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Annual Friendectomy of My Facebook Friends List

  1. One of the many aspects that I admire about you, Rob (and there are many, trust me) is your “take no prisoners” approach. And you know how much I love you, man! I know some people who hold dearly to their FB, YT, or Twitter (Twits?) folks for sentimental reasons, the numbers game or just in case they may have some use for them someday. I like your clean-house policy! “Let it go and move on!” Amen!

    C2C hugs, tugs, much love and all my best, now and forever (right about now is when I have some huge choral mass walk in singing the “Hallelujah Chorus!” 😉 You’re the best!

  2. i do the same thing to the contact list in my phone. Some people will not follow me into 2015.

    • since the first day that i joined your crew, you have been no then but up front and personal, you have always made sure of what you are reporting is factual.. i applaud you for keeping real..oh yeah let me mention to you about the radio show, it is so short.. i want more… just to let you know i am loving it … will continue to listen old school music…

      • Thank you, Geranimo1028. I appreciate the comments! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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