Racist, Bigoted Comments Are Not Allowed!

RobFather-XWell! After two years of blogging, I just received my first heavily RACIST comment on this blog, Keepin’ It…REAL! It was a very nasty one, too! I suppose it was time that happened. Considering what I do, perhaps I should expect more hate speech to come my way. Anyway, I’ll take that person’s comment to mean that I am doing something right on this blog by writing about some of the things few others are reluctant or would not dare talk about! That’s a clear sign that I should…keep goingKudos to me!

Don’t bother going to look for the comment, reader; it’s not here. Each of my blogs are my domain of absolute personal self-expression. I simply do not subscribe to nor will I ever agree with the asinine thinking or concept some people have that if one is going to blog then that blogger has to accept and/or allow any comment or remark given by persons who reads that blog. RobFather-X does not have to accept shit! As such, I do not and will not ever allow negative or racist comments or epithets to be posted on any blog of mine. I will always either delete such comments or if necessary, report them to the blogging service.

(and to those who may be considering attacking me in that manner):

1. GROW THE FUCK UP! No one forces anyone to come to this blog or to read a word of it. If you don’t like what you read, don’t comment; just MOVE THE FUCK ON! The web is an infinite place. Surely there are PLENTY of blogs and websites that fit your liking and represent your particular racist thinking and ideas. In other words, don’t go to someone else’s house to shit if you don’t like that house, those people or what they have to say or what they represent. Just stay the fuck away. It’s really that simple and easy!

2. You should know that I have reported the racist comment to my blogging service, WordPress. Shame on you for choosing someone’s blog – which as I implied earlier, is a place where people go to exercise their American Constitutional First Amendment right to express themselves and whatever is on their mind. We bloggers don’t give a fuck if anyone agrees or disagrees with our thoughts and opinions. By their very nature, blogs are not – or rather should not be, a source or forum for debate. That’s usually the primary reason for why most of us blog! (At least it’s the reason for why I blog!)

3. Save the debate and argument shit for social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter – both which are places where one can (and should) peacefully and respectfully participate in a debate or discussion with other people. However, while I love such debates/discussions, one will never find me – RobFather-X, instigating or in the mix of any senseless or disparaging argument. I simply do not argue with anyone on social media and I sure as hell will never argue with anyone on my blogs! At least on many social media outlets, users can immediately block and report faceless, unknown, cowardly racists and bigots. I’m not yet sure if I can block people like you on WordPress but you can bet I’m looking into it and will take whatever action necessary to make sure racist or bigoted comments are not posted on this blog and that your name and computer IP address is reported to the WordPress blogging service. I will do this every time such comments and epithets are found in my comment box. 

Finally…go away asshole and stay the fuck off my blog!

Keepin’ It…REAL!


6 thoughts on “Racist, Bigoted Comments Are Not Allowed!

  1. Some people just hate to see people who are happy and self-confident enough have the courage to live life as freely as they want to, so they try extra hard to tear someone else down. A person would have to really really hate his or herself a great deal if they find it somehow therapeutic or useful to try tearing another person down so that they can feel better about their own life. Anyway, great blog and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for visiting and reading, Caleb and for the kind compliment! I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Don’t sweat it….just let’s you know that you’re doing the right thing! Although you’re better than me- I would have at the least responded with a ” punk mf”!!! That’s just me though!!! Love your blogs, it’s some of the best reading out here, always look forward to reading what you have to say!

  3. Good for you, Rob! A very well-stated policy on an unfortunate incident. I’ve received a handful of these comments and like you, my blogging buddy, have simply deleted them. There’s enough hate in this world already, no need to promote it here in the blogging environment. Thank you for posting this, my friend! C2C hugs! 🙂

    • Yeah Roger, in this life as a Black man, I’ve been the recipient of both racist and bigoted remarks on a VERBAL level but never on the WRITTEN. Then again, prior to blogging, none of my years of written work had ever before been published for the public to see. I wasn’t too surprised at the racist remark but it did come at me unexpectedly, considering that neither of my three blogs is hardly anywhere near as popular or known in the blogosphere (I assume) as I would like…even though my purpose for blogging in the first place is more for the personal therapeutic mental health benefits than anything else.
      Well, comment or no comment, I now know someone other than my supportive readers is “listening” and that I’m stepping on a few toes. That means this blog – in it’s own way, is more than meeting it’s intended purpose. All I can say to that is … good!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend!
      Naked C2C hugs!! 🙂

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