Applaud ANY Black Man Who Shows Emotion!

Congratulations, to Michael Sam! 
Significant history in sports – particularly, American sports, has been made this day!
Click here to read the history-making story!

Here is a video of Sam’s reaction.

Now, perhaps I’m more of a sensitive masculine man than I thought but I looked at the video and felt joyful for Michael Sam. I’m very proud of him and have a great deal of respect that this Black man was not afraid to express emotion for having realized his dream. But when this was shown to some people on Facebook, a few small-minded and insensitive people made fun at a grown, strong-looking man crying the way you’ve just seen in the video! Then there were people who added more insults by poking fun at the physical and sexual comparison of Sam and his boyfriend with the making/posting of crude sexual “jokes”! I just couldn’t take any more reading of that bullshit!

In a society such as ours which already heavily scrutinizes, stereotypes and even fears Black masculinity, and one that often questions that very masculinity and its ability to be sensitive in any form, why would anyone make fun of Michael Sam’s reaction? Today, May 10th, American sports history has been made with the drafting of an openly gay man to play on an American professional football team. Yet some people chose to poke fun at Sam by expressing their limited and “old-fashioned” idea of what defines manliness or masculinity (e.g. “grown and/or masculine men don’t cry“) and they dared to make some sick speculations (“It’s all in fun”, they tell me) about some sexual activity between Sam and his boyfriend.


The latter was the worse for me to read on Facebook but comments about Sam’s masculinity and his relationship with his beau are both shameful on the part of those individuals who very likely don’t know a damn thing about Michael Sam as a person or about his relationship or sexual activity with his boyfriend. People need to mind their fuckin’ business! The adage, “If you can’t say something nice, keep your comments to yourself” strongly applies here!

I have to wonder had this been a huge football player-type built White man with his small-framed Black man – especially in a history-making situation such as this, would people still find ridicule in that White man expressing himself the way Sam did here. It saddens me! I’ll tell you, reader, watching Sam’s reaction brought a tear to my eyes…and as you know, I pride myself in being a masculine person but a realistically sensitive, masculine person…one who knows that human emotion is no respecter of persons or gender role. Human emotion is an essence that is a part of human life!

I don’t know Michael Sam personally but I do indeed understand the kind of pressure he’s been under since telling the world of his sexual orientation. I understand the risk he took that by “coming out”, the chances of homophobia in professional sports could have prevented him from going pro. I’m extremely happy that Sam’s dream to be selected to play for a professional football team has been realized. Look at the video again and tell me that is not a man overjoyed in happinessCONGRATULATIONS, MIKE!

Now I say, SHAME to anyone making fun of this scene! Get it together, people – especially you people of my ethnicity! As an ethnic group, we have enough issues – whether any of us are gay, bisexual or straight – to deal with than in ever finding pointless fault, putting down or making senseless fun of each of other!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

3 thoughts on “Applaud ANY Black Man Who Shows Emotion!

  1. My naked brother and friend: my deepest appreciation for publishing this! Very true! 🙂 Our emotions are a natural aspect of who we are as men. A real man is not ashamed of who he is! 🙂

    • Exactly, Roger! I hate having to fight to destroy the many stereotypes of men, especially of Black men and MOST especially of gay Black men!
      Masculine AWARENESS and TRUTH is one of the reasons for why all three of my blogs exist and for why TWO of those blogs concentrate solely on male masculinity. Too many false interpretations of what “being a man”, “manliness” and “masculinity” exist and it all seeks to erases or eliminate the HUMAN factor of MALEness and masculinity. It sickens me!
      Let me stop. I feel a blog article coming on… like that near-orgasm feeling we men get when we’re about to cum. LOL!
      Seriously, my efforts is a shitty job but someone has to do it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, bon ami.
      Naked C2C hugs.

      • It may be a shitty job, my naked brother, but you do it with finesse and style! 😉

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