We Hate Obnoxious Kids on TV!

Brick Heck-(Red X'd)“As we approach our 54th earth year, we think that we might be too old for some of the sitcoms being aired on television today. We are having increasing difficulty tolerating the know-too-damn-much, too-smart-for-one’s-own-good, sassy and disrespectful attitudes which the child characters and very young child characters of those TV shows have and often use against their character parents and other adults. We are disgusted by this new wave of supposed “comedy” given to us by sitcom writers whom – we must assume, either not have kids of their own or if they are parents, then such writers either have not parented for very long or they have poor parenting practices and skills which in any case, somehow gives them cause to write such material for child characters and believe it might be funny, humorous or worse, “cute” to older adult viewers of those particular sitcom programs. We will have to reevaluate our viewing of those sitcoms and any television program which feature such obnoxious child characters.”
– RobFather-X

Keepin’ It…REAL!

1 thought on “We Hate Obnoxious Kids on TV!

  1. Your observation is correct, my friend! It’s not only the young characters that are rude and sassy on these shows. Sometimes the adults leave you wondering: who the hell raised them? Much love and C2C hugs, my nude brother! 🙂

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