Shut The Fuck Up, Magic Johnson; You’re NOT Helping!

I wrote my comments (here) about the racist comments allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling in an unauthorized recording of a private conversation with his mistress. I have since learned that the major news media have picked up on that video/audio tape story posted on the web by celebrity gossip assholes, TMZ. I have also learned that in the official “investigation” being held by sports officials (what a waste of time and money) there is some speculation that the Sterling’s mistress may have secretly recorded the conversation and may have given it to TMZ in some lover’s payback tactic scheme against Sterling since supposedly there is some legal battle between the two of them.
Listen: I don’t know the whole story on who did what to whom and why. As I said in my previous article I don’t give a flying fuck! Neither should you. It’s NOT our business and I explained all of that in my article.

TODAY, THIS ARTICLE (click to read)Earvin “Magic” Johnson vows not to attend Clippers games if Donald Sterling is the owner.Earvin 'Magic' Johnson-shut upMy response to that article:
How very ignorant of you, Mr. Johnson. You know damn well people, let alone Black people, are not going to boycott basketball games. What kind of message would that send to the Los Angeles Clippers team players? Why should the team be void of fans watching them play? Why should fans forfeit the tickets they’ve already purchased or plan to purchase to the games simplyLos Angeles Clippers basketball team logo to make a point about one person’s “assumed” private feelings or remarks about race? Basketball fans go to the games to see the TEAM play, not to look at a team’s owners! And now you tell us that you will boycott Clippers games as long as Mr. Sterling owns or is tied to that team. C’mon, muthafucka; get real! Frankly, who would give a damn whether your ass showed up at a Clippers game! Just shut the fuck up about boycotting Clippers basketball games. You’re not helping the situation that’s trending the sports media right now and we need to hear POSITIVE things!

Finally, who do you think you’re fooling, Magic? You did not just find out how Mr. Sterling feels about Black people or people of color – assuming that any of the shit floating around about him is true! Get real and stop with your own line of hypocrisy and bullshit! I thought you learned long ago to overlook the negative and find something uplifting about certain things – considering the history of your own issues.Donald Sterling, Earvin Magic Johnson Boycotting Los Angeles Clippers games is neither productive, uplifting or sportsmanlike, to say nothing of how it sends  a needless strike against the Clippers basketball team for the actions of its owner. Regarding the history of your own trials when you played ball and in your personal life, you have a short memory, Mr. Johnson. Very short!

I see that somehow I made the mistake in thinking that you were smart enough to rise above all this bullshit controversy. My personal respect for you has just done a heavy free-fall by several degrees!
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Readers, for the record, I don’t expect many people to see things as I do on this NON-story about Donald Sterling. I’m very kool with that. Yet I’ve grown weary of hearing about it and I’m tired of writing about it because – as I’ve already said here and in my previous article (here) – I don’t care about Sterling and his comments do not faze or affect me. I supposed I’m one of the few older Black men living who simply don’t believe in jumping on the “Look! There’s a racist!” bandwagons or reacting to every supposedly or actual racist comment which I happen to hear, read or is told to me. I am not ignoring anything; I’m simply choosing which of the bad and ugly things in this world I’m willing to give the benefit of my personal attention and valuable time. This Sterling non-story is simply not worthy of that attention or time.With that said, this is my final blog entry on this subject but I’ll accept and/or briefly respond to respectful and non-argumentative comments from readers.

Keepin’ It…Real!

6 thoughts on “Shut The Fuck Up, Magic Johnson; You’re NOT Helping!

  1. An intelligent thoughtful article. How many fans could name all the owners and more importantly, who cares. No one forced Doc Rivers or any of the players to sign with the Clippers. I hope Magic Johnson and his group never own a NBA team. In the meantime Magic, SHUTUP. Shelly Sterling should sue you. BTW, what are you doing at the Clipper-Thunder game today? You are full of it.

  2. I’m always the last to see or hear stuff… I get my news from Facebook so I screwed when I’m off for a day or two. Lol. How that man (Stirling) feels is his to own. How these people getting a stroke feels is theirs to own. As for me Robfather, I’m with you! Who gives a flying fig what some ignorant jack has to say.
    If the players choose to take action that may hit him in the purse strings then so be it. More power to them. There you have it G. Love

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