Really, Michael Lucas?!!?

THIS news story:
Michael Lucas: “Gay Bareback Porn Is Hotter And I Don’t Use Condoms With My HIV-Positive Partner.”
Chillaxin'-32 (Michael Lucas, porn star & mogul)

My comment:
I know one too many men – two to whom I’m related and a few others I have as friends who are HIV positive. I lost two friends many years ago to AIDS. HIV is no joke, people! While those men I know may agree that bareback sex is hot (or was hot at the time before they learned they had contracted HIV), each of them will tell you that having to LIVE WITH HIV is NOT “hot” – nor is it “hot” being willing or selfish to expose any HIV-negative person to the disease.

If this interview with Michael Lucas is true – as it is written (because some things are taken out of context in an interview and I’m finding it difficult to believe Lucas said all of this); if these are his words then, as a world-renowned and respected gay porn mogul, I think Lucas has a certain responsibility to sexually active people who watch and buy his work. Lucas has a certain responsibility – not just to gay men but also to bisexual and straight men to promote the use of condoms in his film work, regardless of how he personally chooses to live and conduct his sex life.

Lucas should not be one of the many people and porn filmmakers/producers responsible for setting back the decades-long efforts of doctors, disease control, prevention and awareness organizations and health clinics that have worked hard – and are still working hard to encourage the use of condoms during casual sexual activity with men and/or with women. That work includes the promotion for sexually active people to get regularly tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. All of this is in the effort to curtail – and someday eradicate those diseases, including HIV which eventually causes AIDS when it goes untreated.

Again, if the words in this story are verbatim, then I must ask: What the fuck is Lucas thinking? Oh, that’s right: the MONEY and to hell with human lives!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Really, Michael Lucas?!!?

  1. Who buys porn? Men who are not out of the closet, men who claim to be DL, men who want to watch their porn on a huge flat screen tv. Men who like vintage porn you can’t see on a site, unless you buy it (converted to DVD), and maybe men who are used to purchasing it and just prefer it that way. As a porn performer and avid watcher, I know it takes money for these movies to be made. I don’t mind paying for the good stuff and owning it, rather than hoping it’s not gone when I want to see a particular person or scene. I rue the day I gave away some of my VHS porn, not knowing I owned classics!!!!

    • I agree, Kevin. One would think that even the dumbest internet user can find free porn on the web, considering the fact that there’s a shitload of it there. However, there is [still] also a huge amount of PAY porn available. Those pay-for-porn websites pull in buyers by offering them full or longer length videos and/or high definition pornographic content. That’s fine, I guess, for those people who have a deep or serious “addiction” to porn …and perhaps, with nothing else in life to occupy their time.

      People with pay-for-porn websites know that there are poor saps out there that don’t have a life but do have the money and the desire to pay to see the sexual thrills offered. It is to those gay, straight, bisexual men – and women for why I think those pay-for-porn sites still exist. It’s simply the economics law of supply and demand! And let’s not forget about ads for sexual aid products and like-content that people click to check out. Every time someone visits those pay-for-porn websites or clicks an ad, both the website owner and advertiser make money. Same thing happens every time someone simply clicks to view a thirty-second to two-minute video clip tease or “sample” of some porn action. Logically, the competition between that which is free and which isn’t should not exist, let alone be stiff. Yet, pay-for-porn is still on the web! But I’m sure you know this already.

      It’s my logical guess that Michael Lucas very likely has other porn-related ventures that he’s either into or a partner of. That could be how he’s still making money.

      It all boils down to the old adage which many of us know all too well: Sex sells; but I always add that sex sells by any means necessary to whoever is willing to buy, no matter what form it comes in or how it’s packaged.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

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