Fuck April Fools’ Day!

April Fools' day (keyboard)I neither like nor appreciate April Fools’ Day jokes or pranks.
Oh, I have a great and wonderful sense of humor. I love comedy and a good joke when expressed in its proper place and time and to the right people. However, I’m too grown and too intelligent for childish, silly – if not near misleading and/or dangerous, games and pranks people usually pull on April Fools’ Day! Besides, some of you muthafuckers simply do not know how or when to play! Even the most “innocent” of jokes/pranks can go wrong. In my time I have witnessed the terrible outcome of such “innocence” gone wrong!

Far too many people tend to selfishly believe that everyone they know – and don’t know would appreciate getting a “good” April Fools’ joke played on them. Before, during or after the joke or prank, they will tell you shit like, “Oh lighten up!” “You’re too serious!” “It’s all in fun!” “Don’ be a downer.” Well, to all that bullshit I say, “Ha-Ha! FUCK ALL THAT!”

You know, it’s all fun and games …until someone gets hurt emotionally, physically or both! Then few – if anyone ever wants to take responsibility for a joke/prank gone wrong. If this article sounds negative so far, then GOOD! It’s meant to wake you the fuck up! And here’s a NEWSFLASH for you April Fools’ Day playing muthafuckas: It is a huge myth that “everyone” loves playing April Fools’. Worse than that, it is a mistake to ever believe or assume that “everyone” will or might appreciate being the brunt, object or victim of your fuckin’ April Fools’ “joke”!

If you want respect, I suggest you grow the fuck up and let the little boys and the girls play their childish games – under adult supervision, of course! Yes, I said it! You adults who are guilty of such foolishness need to go get a REAL life and stop fucking around with the lives and well-being of other people!
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I strongly advise all who agree with this message to be careful today, particularly as you browse the web. There are a lot of people – perhaps a few who may be unlikely suspects of playing April Fools’ Day games/pranks; people who are just waiting to get a laugh or take some sick, almost orgasmic pleasure at your expense, if not also that of someone else. Take extra precaution in what you read, how you read it, in what you hear/overhear, what e-mail/text messages you open, in what you see on the web – which you might feel compelled to give a “click” to check out and what you might be led to believe or inspired to pass on as gossip! Gossip never did anyone any good.

This is no joke, readers; this is for real. Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled or hoodwinked. Now have a great day, be safe and careful, use good sense and judgment and be aware!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Fuck April Fools’ Day!

  1. THANK YOU! Rob, this is perfect for this day. I’ve never been one for this senseless behavior, no matter what the hell day it is. None of us are ever too sure of what is happening in the life of another, no matter how intimate our relationship. As you cautioned, there’s always the possibility of something going wrong that can have adverse effects. The workplace may be full of fools, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to “play” the fool. Work is for working, not play-time.

    As always, you’re right on point. Great job, my naked brother! Much love and C2C hugs, buddy! 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, Roger! As always, your input and support are welcomed and appreciated, my brother!
      Much love and naked C2C hugs in return! 🙂

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