The Hypocrisy of American Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

lrish Mug of Green Beer, St Patricks Hat

As usual every year, we (that’s me, myself & I = RobFather-X, and we are One) will be happy when all of the silliness of American St. Patrick’s Day (SPD) is over. Many of the people in America who “celebrate” the day haven’t a drop of Irish blood, ancestry or heritage nor do they know or understand the history and meaning behind the observance or “holiday”. Many in America seem more concerned with dressing up in green, pulling “Irish” pranks, pretending to be Irish and drinking anything that’s colored green than with educating themselves to the point of appreciation of another country’s culture, history and people as well as that country’s sacred holiday(s) and the reasons for them. As such, we consider many of the people who choose to “celebrate’ St. Patrick’s Day in a carefree, intentionally ignorant manner to be arrogant and disrespectful fools.

Many of our fellow Americans are so quick to engage in certain cultural observances that it makes them look pathetic whenever they participate. We see this ignorance and hypocrisy happen yearly with calendar observances like Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Christmas, for example. Speaking of Christmas, many people would swear or argue others down if ever someone were to tell them that holidays like Christmas is in fact, originally a pagan holiday; one stolen by Christians to designate and celebrate the actually unknown and undocumented birthday of their “savior” Jesus Christ. How interesting that the Bible is absent of that important information. Maybe God forgot to tell Man to record that data! For all we know, Jesus Christ was born on our birthday! Yeah…let us go with that!
Now why – you might ask, did we mention “God” and “Jesus Christ” in this writing? How the hell does Christianity relate to this commentary? Well, if you knew anything about St. Patrick you would not have to ask that question! But I digress.

Since the calendar – as of this writing, is set on March 17 to celebrate (for another fifteen minutes) St. Patrick’s Day, we challenge many of you SPD revelers – after your “Irish” debauchery is over, that is – and long after you’ve recovered from your green beer hangover, to ask someone to briefly explain just WHO the fuck was Saint Patrick (and what was his real or full name), what the hell IS a leprechaun, what is a “shamrock” and where it can be found or is grown and to name the historical significance behind this particular Irish holiday. Better yet, ask someone who had such a hard-on for St. Patrick’s Day to tell you where Ireland is and who, what or where is Downpatrick. Ask them to name TWO other rock bands (besides the band U2) that are from Ireland and to explain that country’s relationship to another sovereign nation on that side of “the pond”. You may be hard pressed to find someone who can correctly answer these questions without first hitting up the Internet via their smart phone or iPad. What you might find humorously interesting is the answers given by some people with Irish surnames.

So yes, we cannot wait until the American St. Patrick’s Day bullshit is over. In fact, it has long been our desire to someday see the elimination of the St. Patrick’s Day stricken from the American calendar. We realize that’s just a pipe dream but we can wish.
– RobFather-X
(who, for all you know, might have some Irish blood, knows some Irish history and yearly takes offense to American St. Patrick’s Day hypocrisy.)

Keepin’ It…REAL!

5 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of American Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Rob, I think you’re right in your thinking here! As a Greek who happened to have been born in this country (therefore, with dual citizenship), it has often amazed and confused me how so many Americans all-of-a-sudden transform themselves into Irish overnight. Especially considering the fact that the only aspect of their Irishness they celebrate is the ability to consume enormous amounts of beer. I personally am acquainted with several true Irishmen (native born) and what they share is that Ireland contributed much more than the capacity for alcohol consumption.

    I don’t begrudge any ethnicity their right to rejoice and observe their own heritage and legacy. It also behooves all of the rest of us to learn and to encourage this celebration. After all, we all came here from somewhere. However, culture is more than just downing an excessive amount of alcohol and the wearing of a particular color in honor of a day. If this were indeed the case, then St. Patrick’s Day is really nothing more than the perpetuation and extension of an age-old stereotype that has nothing to do with history or culture.

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts, my friend, blogging brother and naked buddy. Great job! Somewhere, I imagine St. Patrick is thanking you, too! 🙂

    • Thanks Roger. I was just re-editing/making corrections to this article when I read your comment. (I’d left out a few words in the first sentence. GAWD how I hate finding writing errors long AFTER I’ve written and [think] I’ve proofed it! You’re a blogger so you understand! LOL!)
      I know I stepped on some toes with this article… but hey; somebody has to do it and call us out for our shit. Those who are offended will get over it. I was inspired to write this article as I reminisced back to my days in the Navy when we didn’t “wait” for St. Patrick’s Day (or Cinco de Mayo or Independence Day weekend) to have a good drink on. Hey, it’s the military; one drinks with friends – and sometimes with enemies whenever one can! LOL! In fact, I don’t recall there being any time when we did that sort of thing on St. Patrick’s Day. One of the reasons for that could be because our annual deployments to foreign countries gave some of us a certain amount of respect for other cultures. (Which is another reason why I feel young men and women ought to do mandatory military service for three years after high school before entering college; but that’s another blog article I’ve yet to write!)

      In the fifteen years that I’ve been a retired veteran, I have taken a great deal of notice to what happens on St. Patrick’s Day. Much of the senseless debauchery on that day has always bothered me. Being in broadcast media I’m privy to the advanced announcements from local law enforcement agencies telling us of their plan to increase patrols specifically for the weekend or days of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and the plan to have those special patrols last on through the weeks of college spring periods; all due to the dangers that excessive alcohol consumption poses on society. What a shame – and what a financial burden on the tax payer! Even more shameful is when I rarely see or hear anything on local TV, radio or in print giving the public some history for the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough. Still, I think it would make some, if not much of a difference if such history were told to the public every year – just as is done with Easter, Christmas and Veterans Day, to name a few examples. *sigh*
      Anyway, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, buddy! I appreciate it as always.
      C2C love and naked hugs! 🙂

      • Your job, Rob, my naked brother, is to keep us ALL real! It’s what you do best, my friend! That’s one of the MANY reasons I appreciate, love and respect you! C2C hugs back to you, man! Take care and stay bare! 😉

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