About FACE …

“About face” is a military cadence order meaning to face forward or face the opposite direction. However, to this retired Navy veteran, about face now means looking at some attractive human eye-candy! As a bisexual man I’ve always taken great pleasure in appreciating not only women whose faces (and bodies) I find attractive but men as well. Let’s get into it!

1. I can appreciate a man whose face is not excessively oily or filthy and has little to no facial blemishes. It’s usually an indicator that he takes care of his skin by watching his diet, most particularly drinking and smoking, if he has such vices.Beautiful Face-no blemish (b)

2. There is little to no excuse for a man – regardless of his age, to have long protruding hairs in his ears and/or nose. Many men need to learn to trim those areas or pay a gentle someone to do it for them.

3. I’m especially a sucker for a man’s Eyes,close-cut beard, eyebrowseyes. Some men have beautiful eyes in shape and color. I’m usually attracted to a man with beautiful eyes. I’ll sometimes study a man’s eyes – looking for some idea as to the kind of person that man is or might be – or may have been, depending on my presumption of his age and other factors.

4. Eyebrows are important on a man’s face. They should be natural, with no obvious signs of having been trimmed. Obvious stray or wild hairs should be cut or removed. No man should take any pride in having unibrow. Guys, if you’ve got unibrow, please… fix it!

Beautiful Face-no blemish (1)5. I like a man who has facial hair – such as a mustache and/or beard or goatee provided either or both are neat, clean and not too long (with length judged/determined by my finding of his attractiveness). I’m not partial to hair color.WM_scraggly beard, nice eyes I like the close-cut or day-old beard look. It’s a look which I often like to wear and which I find to be very masculine and sexy. I should note that I do not feel that a man without facial hair or who prefers to maintain a “clean-cut” look to be any less masculine. On the contrary! The scraggly beard look can also work on some men but not all. Goatees are fine too but “soul patches” are – and have always been pointless in my opinion.

6. As for the top of the head, I think having (and still being blessed with) hair – whether it be styled full, close-cut in some fashion or just sporting the completely bald look is BM_bald (3)suitable on a man. Again, I’m not partial to hair color. Some men look very good with a full head of hair – meaning there are no signs of hair recession or pattern baldness. Some men are able to sport the bald look. The bald look however, isn’t for every man. Contrary to stereotypical or naïve beliefs, Black and other men of color aren’t the only ones who lookWM_bald good with a completely bald head; many White men look good with the bald look too! I would always prefer a man (who is balding) who takes the bold step and to shave off whatever remains of his head of hair than to ever wear some thin top-of-the-head comb-over or that ugly “three-sided wall” of hair on his head or worse, a toupee, wig or implants. UGH! Ok; enough about hair.

I’ve always been of the opinion that regardless of one’s sexual orientation, there’s nothing wrong with another man appreciating or expressing the beauty he finds in another man either in his face or his entire physique. All I’m saying is if I find a man attractive I simply find him attractive.

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. I believe such a beholder – as he believes himself to be beautiful or handsome – should take no shame in ever expressing how he feels to another man, if of course he thinks that particular man to whom he wishes to express favor might be appreciative in hearing and well-receiving such a kind sentiment. Usually the man who is insecure with his masculinity and sexuality tends to think that such verbal expression given from another man is “gay” or “faggoty.” I’m here to say that it’s not. Many men have ulterior motives for paying such compliments to other men. Alternatively, there are also many men who simply express – or want to express to other men what it is they like seeing and who have no such motives. They – or we, just appreciate seeing beautiful creatures.Beautiful Face men (1)

Many men need to get over their silly, negative machismo thinking and inhibitions (read: fears) when another man – one who is secure in his masculinity and sexuality, pays a kind compliment to or about another man’s looks or appearance.

Keepin’ It…REAL!

7 thoughts on “About FACE …

  1. Rob, once again…shit, I stand corrected…as usual, you are right on point! The important thing for most men to remember is to take care of yourself and show the world that you have enough self-confidence by looking as though you give a damn when out in public. i agree with all your advice about the face but what most men forget is the rest of your body needs/requires some attention also.

    Far too may are taught (especially white men) that to attend to one’s physical appearance is a sign of femininity and weakness. “Real men don’t worry about that!” Nothing is further from the truth. Thank you, buddy, for exposing all men to this myth. Everyone should take care of themselves and on a daily basis.

    I’m grateful for all that you do, Rob! Keep it up, man! C2C hugs! 🙂

  2. Great blogging as well as taste and I’m glad you included Damien Christopher in this.

  3. LOL…I’m over here loving the part about the uni brow. I actually have to maintain that, lol. But no, I definitely agree. I think, especially for people who have a genuine appreciation for life, seeing beauty in either sex is quite like looking at a wonderful work of art. It’s not always sexual, or even envy based. And I think in that, it’s often a greater and more genuine compliment. And those kinds of compliments are much easier to receive. The one thing that I find interesting is that not only do a lot of folks have trouble accepting these compliments because of their insecurity, but they have problems giving them as well!

    • How true your words are, Xen, particularly the last sentence in your comment! Thank you for visiting the blog and for reading and commenting on the article! 🙂

  4. So agree with you. I like to go bald in the warmer months and keep the hair low during the winter…so I can’t wait till Spring lol. But yea, eyes are killers for me. I have literally started into a guys eyes for more than may be socially appropriate. Those are a knockout feature to me. Recently, the salt and pepper thing has been a real turn on to me. But no matter what style, color, length of your hair (anywhere on your face), it’s all about knowing what looks good on you and can accentuate your features. Some can find out right away, some have to experiment. But once you find it, you know, it’s like a feeling you get.

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