Facebook Mutes

Facebook Mutes-faceSocial media mutes…in particular, Facebook mutes. I hate those silent muthafuckas on Facebook! I simply can’t “read” them! Facebook mutes asked to be my Facebook friend; I certainly didn’t track them down. In the private chat room, many of them claim to want to get to know me but, while I often post content or make comments to things other people post on Facebook, I rarely see nothing original posted from those particular silent Facebook friends. In fact, I rarely get a “like” to something I posted on my page and don’t get a comment or a few words of support or personal opinion from them on things which I’ve posted on Facebook! I sure as hell don’t see any fresh Facebook statuses from them nor do I see their comments to things which others have posted on Facebook. It is therefore impossible for me – and I’m sure others as well, to learn anything significant about whom the fuck those particular Facebook friends are!

woman-using-laptop1-1024x494I’ve noticed that many Facebook mutes love to share things posted by other people instead posting anything original. I don’t get that. Facebook is social media. A user of any social media outlet is expected to share and engage in [respectable] dialogue with other people whereby other users can read and try to learn more about who a person is, how that person thinks and feels or would react regarding certain things. If people who sign up to use Facebook don’t want to socialize then why the fuck are they there? I don’t accept the often read or heard excuse of “I’m busy” or “I don’t have time” [to engage on Facebook or social media]. I say, fuck that! If a person’s time is so occupied then logically that person should not be on social media like Facebook, let alone be submitting friend requests! By the way: Why do “busy people” submit Facebook friend requests? That makes no sense. It’s not rocket science to realize that in order to be a part of Facebook or any social media community, one has to have some time to actively engage in it!

Facebook EASY-LIKE buttonAs a social media user of MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, it’s always been difficult for me – and for most intelligent people I’d imagine, to take any measure of intellect, education, personality or character from a social media mute. Facebook mutes are users of that medium who simply share, re-post or give a “LIKE” or an “easy like” to whatever other Facebook users post or share. As such, their actions tell little to nothing about that particular Facebook user – the one doing that sort of thing. Those people need to get with the program! Perhaps someone can help me answer these other questions:

  • Are social media or Facebook mutes actually GHOSTS?
  • Are they clandestine spies or perhaps Facebook police who have infiltrated my friends list for the purpose of collecting data about me or others so that they can use it at some point in the future to send me or someone else to Facebook jail? Or worse… to blackmail someone by threatening to reveal a person’s Facebook content or secret comments to someone else, the Facebook police or Facebook administrators? OMG! (LOL!)

These are valid questions – which has a partial ring of humor but a load of considerable seriousness behind them. Just think about it. *sigh*
I dunno…Maybe I shouldn’t mock the quiet Facebook users because it may come across to others as me being “judgmental of who they are.” Right?
Nah! Fuck that! I don’t think I’m judging a damn thing! I’m simply calling shit out as I see it! In my mind, that’s keeping it real!

Are FB friends REALLY friendsYou see, I have no fuckin’ way of knowing for certain exactly who the fuck my mute Facebook “friends” are; at least not in terms of what their online personality and intellect is all about! So it fuckstrates me to know so damn little…no, to know next to nothing (short of some limited bullshit on their “about” page) about such people who have asked to be my Facebook friend. (Why the fuck do they ask?) Technically, a Facebook mute is not my Facebook friend nor is he/she yours! That muthafucka is still a Facebook stranger. I’ve never seen on the option on Facebook for one to request to be Facebook stranger and I certainly wouldn’t be foolish to approve a “stranger request” since the majority of Facebook users whom one does not know are already strangers! Duh!! But… perhaps I would have indeed been made a fool…that is, IF I continue to allow Facebook mutes to remain on my friends list.

People who share in the mutual desire to get to know others in the world via social media should be the only ones submitting friend requests; just as sensible people in the real world who wants to make the FB poke-2 (Red X)acquaintance of a stranger at some social gathering will simply walk up to someone, say hello (they don’t ever “poke” a person to do this; – and how I fuckin’ HATE that Facebook “poking” shit!) and further introduces him or herself with the hope that conversation will ensue. They find if they have things in common with each other (other than being at The Silence of Our Facebook Friends (RFXP edit)the same gathering for perhaps the same purpose) and the two or more people get to know each other better. This is called socializing!
People who do not intend to meet other people, who do not want to socialize or who somehow feel bothered by the presence or closeness of other people should never attend parties, concerts, rallies and other public or social gatherings. They should stay the fuck clear of public places such as pubs, marketplaces, malls, churches, bookstores and the like. Thus it should be with regard to social media outlets like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. While society frowns on one being a recluse there’s no law that I know of against a person who chooses to be one.
CHECK IT: A social media mute or its rare user should remain a wallflower of society and stay the fuck away from its dance floor.
More questions:

  • Why should I want to have people on my friends list who are Facebook mutes or strangers?
    You know, that kind of silent behavior from a Facebook user is a bit unnerving. It is akin to someone coming to a party and just walking around or standing in some corner of the room looking at everybody but never once engaging in the party (meaning, social media/Facebook) or with the host (that would be me) or the other guests (that would be other social media/Facebook friends/users).
  • Who the fuck are these very quiet or SOCIALLY MUTE people at the Facebook party (aka my Facebook friends list)?
  • Why the fuck did they ever request to be my Facebook friend but yet remain MUTE as a fuckin’ stone at the very forum where they are EXPECTED to mingle, interact, engage in conversation and just be sociable?
    I simply don’t get that! After all…fuck! I thought that I was the one who was introverted and shy! Sheesh! And no: that other tired-ass excuse of “I don’t come to Facebook often” needs to be shoved back up the ass from where it came! If people don’t intend to engage with others in a social media like Facebook perhaps they should consider closing their account Delete-defriend-and-move-on– or at the very least do me the honor and favor of simply defriending me! If defriended, I promise not to cry or throw a hissy fit! It’s just not my style and I won’t give a shit!

Social media mutes and Facebook mutes are the same as being invisible or dead as far as I’m concerned. As a realist I simply don’t deal with invisible or dead things. My thinking is this: If I cannot “read” a person then I must no longer be associated with that person and therefore must cut away, block and/or defriend that person! I’m damn good at performing the friendectomy!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Mutes

  1. It’s the “POKES” that get on my nerves. Before that it was the game requests. LOL

  2. As I remarked in my previous comment, I don;t associate with convicted felons! LOL! Love you, Rob!

    Seriously, a terrific argument against those who abuse/neglect their social media responsibilities. Nice work, man! Perhaps they’re silent because they know that all they have to offer is s-t-u-p-i-d!

    Much love, my friend. C2C hugs and all my best!

  3. I love this RobFather, and you are absolutely right… I can’t with people that doesn’t give me a hello or anything!!! So I thank you for this!

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