Praying for Year 2014 – Not!*

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed  Project-Mission! [SOTFJW-PM]
nude man praying-3 2014
Knowing how hundreds of people will be going to church or staying home New Year’s Eve to pray to their deity about things they want to see in the coming year, here’s my opinion about the ineffectiveness and uselessness of prayer. Now, I don’t want to get into a huge debate about prayer but I ask that you simply think about its effectiveness for a moment.

People pray to a deity for certain things and have some hope or faith in that deity’s ability to grant them their requests. However, there is the possibility that the prayer request of one person can be counteracted by a request “sent up” by someone Prayer - helping people feel better about doing nothing - Copyelse to the same deity. A simple example would be war between opposing countries or a competition between opposing sports teams. Each side – and their benefactors, supporters and fans, pray to the same deity for a win. Now, keep in mind that if a god or goddess exists, they are such for a reason. When it comes to Mankind, that god or goddess – considered a supreme being over Man, never has to choose who will win or who will lose in anything. They also do not have to grant or honor any thought or prayer request “sent up” to them. Why? Because they are deity! That’s why I’m amused whenever people say, “God heard and answered my prayer.” I’m thinking, “Really??”

Christians need to tell me and prove to me how exactly they know what God heard. They need to explain what makes one person’s prayers more favorable over that of someone else who may have “prayed” to the same deity – for the very same blessing on their part, yet God did not answer. They also need to explain why and how God chooses which kinds of prayers to answer and which to ignore. I’m sure Christians have been challenged with such questions before.

nude man prayingYou see, even the Christian Bible says that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) yet Christians ignore this fact and the chosen ignorance enjoyed by deity! Worse, they create some “reason” to explain why God acts the way he does. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Christians created their god and that there is an instruction book on how to get God to act or perform. Funny when you think about it, isn’t it? Christians might want to read some Greek, Roman, Norse and African mythology stories. The behavior of the gods (created by those people) in such stories is fascinating! Oh, but wait! The god in the Bible already provides enough content in the area of deistic behavior. Never mind.

If people think about it, the similarity between how a child is looked upon by its parent is no different from how a human is looked upon by a god – and vice versa. So many Christians tell the lie and unproven fact that God answered THEIR prayer over a situation while their neighbor – whose prayer was not answered, is told, “It is God’s will” or worse, is told: “God did not answer your prayer because you asked amiss and with bad or wrong intentions.” (James 4:3) or the person Prayer is like masturbationis told: “You didn’t have enough faith (the size of a mustard seed) (Luke 17:6; Matthew 17:20) in God’s power.” These are lies and contradictions told by most Christians each and every day to justify why God does or does not do a particular thing. I’ve always found it curious that an omnipotent god has so many mortal people speaking for him.

CHECK IT: The competitive affairs of Man do not concern a god or gods (again, if there is any). Why should they? They are deity! Since the gods believe in nothing, their only concern might be YOUR belief in them – and in such belief, they take their amusement. Therefore, save your prayers – and try to do or help yourself with the will power, knowledge, and skills you have – and should consistently be improving upon…and try to remember to help your fellow man who may not be so blessed.

Keepin’ It…REAL!

3 thoughts on “Praying for Year 2014 – Not!*

  1. My friend, you may not be able to spit great distances but you certainly are able to soil the “feet that Jesus washed!” 😉 Count that one among you many hidden talents, my naked brother! You are indeed “blessed!” LOL! I’ve often wondered with so many competing prayers being offered, just how does a deity(ies) keep track of which one to grant and which one to deny?

    Much love and naked hugs, C2C and all around, brother!

    • Thanks for reading this article, Roger. Yeah, I’ve got a shitload of subjects that question or bring to light certain things in/about Christianity, since that is the religion in which I raised and had practiced for years before I turned my back on it. There are more articles under the series Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed Project-Mission already posted in this blog which I invite you to read at your leisure and more to come! Stay tuned!
      C2C hugs, my friend!

      • I eagerly await your additional thoughts on belief systems as well as all other topics. I’m always amazed at the similarity of our opinions on unrelated subjects! Uncanny! There must be some validity on the concept of soulmates, my naked brother! 🙂

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