Ignorance in Racism & Bigotry on Facebook (Pt. 1)

From my Hardline According to RobFather-X (series 2013)
“The fact that there are people in America who cannot recognize racially or ethnically disparaging comments or remarks and pictures or those made against a subculture in this day and age still perplexes me! When someone (like me) calls it out for what it is, those particular people always cry, “Black people love to find negativity, racism or bigotry in everything!'” as they overlook or choose to ignore the bigger picture – which may not necessarily be about Black people but about that of another ethnicity or subculture! Of those same people, many love to defend themselves by giving that tired, old and meaningless retort, “I’m not racist” or they might add, “I have friends and/or relatives who are [fill in the blank with any ethnic group or subculture].
Give me a fuckin’ break!
Perhaps such persons aren’t racist or a bigot but they sure as hell are ethnically and culturally insensitive and ignorant!”
Take a look at this picture I found posted on Facebook:
This is racistIn my view, the title and the instructions for how to see or read the hidden message of the font is racist in itself. I said as much when I EDITED the picture to point out the most racist line in the instructions and add my comment. Here is my EDITED version which I posted on my Facebook page yesterday:
This is racist about JapaneseNow here is the Facebook (FB)  transcript – verbatim , posted today, November 24, 2013, from the page of my Facebook friend Bonnie, who posted the picture. On my FB page Bonnie, told me she agreed with my assessment. However on her page, Bonnie’s  friends who saw my comments, did not agree. Each of the women shown in the transcript below is White. That should not matter but to understand what is going on, I felt mentioning that fact here was necessary since I chose not to post their FB profile pictures or their last names. (That should show blog readers that I’m not a complete asshole.)
I’ve italicized their comments below.
RobFather GE Robinson: Bonnie, I know that you didn’t make this pic but I would be remiss if I didn’t express what I thought of it. I think this picture is RACIST. I find no humor in it! It implies that Japanese people cannot or do not fully visualize anything due to the natural shape of their eyes. What the creator of this picture SHOULD have suggested was for people to SQUINT their eyes in order to read the picture. The mention of the facial features of Japanese people should have been avoided!
13 hours ago • Like

Tabitha: Some people find something negative out of everything. I find it funny & I’m not racist, nor did racism cross my mind. Just the fact that I must have really bad eyes then!!! Haha thanks for bringing laughter to my day Bonnie.
5 hours ago via mobile • Like

RobFather GE Robinson: Oh here we go. By “some people” Tabitha, I must assume that you mean me, since I’m the one who made the comment about this picture. First, I never called or implied that anyone posting or reading this picture was a racist. I said that the picture was racist. It was my personal assessment of the picture and perhaps of its creator. You would have done well to have simply respected my comment as such. You should have just given YOUR comment of the PICTURE and saved the snide comment against me. You don’t know me to be making any personal assessment of anything I mind find “negative”. Second, going only by your profile photo, it appears to me that you are not an ethnic minority. If such is the case, then naturally, I would not expect you or some other non-person of color, or perhaps one who has not been the victim of racism, to understand and respect my point of view. Finally, I actually expected someone on Facebook to go on the defensive with that tired, old, yet very ignorant “I am not a racist” comment and take MY comment as being one that is negative. How sad that you Tabitha, are among the first to have met that expectation. It seems you have a lot to learn about ethnic sensitivity!
4 hours ago via mobile • Like

Diana:  I really don’t think Tabitha meant to offend you in any way, just because she said some people… she thought it was funny. What I personally find amazing is that people of different ethnicities automatically ‘assume’ that everything has to have a racial motive behind it when it reality most could care less is what your ethnic background is- as long as you are a good person. Lastly, think of the first three letters of assume… that can really hurt people, especially when you don’t know them personally.
4 hours ago • Like • 1

Tabitha:  Bringing up race is simply one more thing that prevents unity in this world. Can’t we all just laugh, smile & get along?
about an hour ago via mobile • Edited • Like • 1

RobFather GE Robinson: Diana, you feed into the notion by making the general assertion which so many non-persons of color make when you state that “people of different ethnicities automatically ‘assume’ that everything has to have a racial motive behind it”. I say, Get real.
As I said to Tabitha, I say to you and to anyone else reading this: you do not know me to assess my mindset with regard to the comment in the photo! However, since you DID make that ignorant assessment, let me be clear when I say that I never once assumed a thing nor did I imply that the picture or its creator cared about my ethnic background or that of someone else. Then you cancelled out any respect I might have had for your comment by resorting to the childish play on the word “assume”. This time I say, get real… AND grow up! I don’t subscribe to that play on a word.
As I posted, I feel that the words in this picture is inadvertent or implied racism against Japanese people. I repeat and firmly stand by my comment that the TITLE OF THE PICTURE AND THE STATEMENT about Japanese people and their facial attributes or features is racist. In my view, the creator of the picture either is racist or was being highly racially insensitive when telling people, that in order to see the humor of the picture they should look at the picture by “try pulling the corner of [their] eyes as if [they] were Japanese”. That is similar to telling someone that “To look like a Black person, a person needs go get their skin tanned to a certain tone or they need to get surgery to match the attributes of the Black person they prefer to appear as”. It is also similar to saying “To look or sound as a White person, all one needs to do is act this way or that.” It’s all racist! I would hope people would see these kinds of things as racist or, at least as a demeaning remark about a person’s physical attributes that may be different from their own. As I said, the TITLE OF THE PICTURE AND THE STATEMENT which are the “instructions” on what one needs to do to see the visual behind or embedded in the font design hiding the message about sex, implies that Japanese people cannot or do fully visualize anything – unless their eyes are ROUND like those of other people! Again, that’s RACIST! Unless one has the facial features of a Japanese person, how can such a comment be made and not be thought by any sensible person as being offensive? These of course, are my points of view. I do not speak for all people of color but I would hope that ALL people – regardless of their ethnicity – would see the obvious racially offensive overtones in the words of the picture and agree with my assessment. The comment referring to hidden message about sex is funny, yes; but couldn’t the author of the picture simply have told viewers to SQUINT their eyes to see that message and avoid referring to Japanese people? Was it necessary to title the “test” as being a “Japanese Eye Test”? Is there anyone here who knows what a Japanese eye test actually is? I doubt it!
You all speak about “humor, laughing, smiling and getting along”. I’m all for that. But my ethnicity notwithstanding, I cannot stand by and allow something which I find to be a demeaning or racially disparaging or bigoted remark or reference against any group of people or sub-society to go without calling it out for what I think it is. The fact that I had to explain how racist the title and instructions in this picture are, tells me that you don’t know much about recognizing the signs of racist things! As I stated to Tabitha, it seems to me that you too Diana – and others who agree with you and who blatantly choose to ignore the needless reference to the good Japanese people in this picture, have a lot to learn about ethnic sensitivity! That’s all I’m going to say on this subject.//
41 minutes ago • Edited • Like

Diana:  First of all, I AM a color- every single person in this world is a color and I could care less if you’re pink, purple with polka dots… if you’re a good person, then I don’t have a problem with you. Obviously YOU have a problem with color… Did you copy and paste your comment or did you really spend a lot of time typing your diatribe? What my aunt posted was a JOKE- like all of the other JOKES that go all over social media… I really don’t care what you think about me; you don’t know me either but here’s something for you to think about…. one of my best friends is black (and cannot believe what she’s reading right now)… in fact, out of the people I know personally, I can trust my black friends more than my white friends (that was funny, I had to sit there for a few minutes because I don’t put color into anything). Considering the college courses I’ve taken on Ethnic Responsibility and Values, Ethnic cultures, psychology, sociology… I could go on and on… I would have to say, again, sir -ASS-uming, ASS-essment… It’s not childish, it’s you trying to play your race card when Tabitha is right and you have to sit and act like an ASS- people are people- I think you need to take some classes on ethnicity yourself- and get some professional psychological help for your need to blame every little thing you see as ‘racial’. I’m so glad you are done talking about the subject because I really don’t like seeing someone make an ASS out of themselves… have a good day!
12 minutes ago • Like

RobFather GE Robinson:  … and so, THIS ^^^^^^ comment just proves my point beyond all else. Sweet. And I never needed to lay any bait. Sweeter! Thank you for showing your TRUE self, Diana!
NOW I’m done!
4 minutes ago • Like
Readers, I stand by the words I wrote in the edited picture and the comments above. Of course, I expect more negative comments to my point of view on this topic that will be posted on my friend’s page but I won’t respond to them and have since stopped following that status post. Also, if you notice, neither Diana or Tabitha addressed the reference the author made to the Japanese people and their physical attributes. That tells me a lot about these women. It should tell you something too.

Keepin’ It…REAL!

5 thoughts on “Ignorance in Racism & Bigotry on Facebook (Pt. 1)

  1. Rob, I honestly DID hesitate on your post here before writing this comment. Why? Because I’m certain that people are actually tired of me agreeing with most, if not all, of your thoughts. However, once again, I feel your words and endorse your thoughts. I want to add that it simply isn’t race and/or ethnicity that’s involved. Stereotyping or profiling goes beyond those two aspects, it also involves gender, age, ability, size, etc.

    Next, for someone to write that “people of different races or ethnicities always…” That IS racist, plain and simple. It implies that their is only one race or ethnicity that matters and the rest of us should “get over ourselves.” That hits to the root of the problem. There are too many people in this world for anyone to make the assumption that they are in the majority. Many would like to think the rest of the human race thinks or believes as they do. The reality is that very few do. Period.

    I am Greek (first generation, American born so I’m not even Greek-American). I know that I do not speak for all Greeks. I am Deaf. I know that I do not speak for all of Deaf Culture. I am same-gender-loving, yet I do not speak for the gay male community. I am a nudist, yet I don’t speak for the entire clothes-free world.

    I am intelligent enough to understand that most people have their opinion and I respect that right. I am also sensitive to the fact that words can hurt and offend. It only takes a few seconds to engage the brain before using words. This relatively simple process often and usually eliminates any thought that perhaps another may find offensive.

    Excellent article, my naked brother. Yes, you call us out on the absurdity of our actions. The fact that you do proves we need you to keep us real! Take care and stay bare, my friend!

    • Hey Roger! Let me give heart-felt thanks for reading this ENTIRE LONG-ASS article – and for commenting! I appreciate the excellent points you made!
      Don’t worry about always liking or agreeing with me on Keepin’ It…REAL! (KIR). I suspect that few people read my blog anyway so if you think I’m right about something, then please say so and don’t concern yourself with other folk. If you happen to disagree with me on something I said, I’d want to know that, too! I respect your opinion and those of a few others who regularly read this blog and so I’d be interested in getting a different point of view. I tend to respect the opinions of my REGULAR readers on this blog – particularly those who take time to leave a comment. It shows me that those readers have taken time to get to KNOW me, my mindset, where I’m coming from or where I stand on certain things. If reader tends to disagree with me, well… that’s kool, too – provided they do so respectfully. I’m going to pay extra attention to his or her words and give their opinion the respect it deserves. No one is going to be right on everything and everyone has a different point of view on various things. I understand that perfectly! People who comment on this blog who might disagree with my articles would most likely be those new or infrequent readers of KIR. They haven’t [yet] taken time to learn who I am here and therefore might be too eager to disagree with WHY I feel a certain way or why I posted certain things here. The fact is, a part of me is written in nearly every article post on KIR. Whenever I post an article here, generally I am neither looking for nor expecting approval or criticism since this blog is about…me. As such, the words of new or infrequent readers would have to be given extra careful consideration so that the intent of the commenting reader is not misread or misunderstood. Likewise, I would hope that reader does not misread or misunderstand MY intent – especially if that reader bases his or her opinion or comment on one or two articles.
      Now regarding this article and your comment:
      Earlier yesterday, I had been having second-thoughts on whether to keep this article on the blog or delete it simply because I thought readers might take the subject matter as me just whining over nothing. I never expected anyone to actually read it – let alone leave a comment! I just figured that it – like a few of my other not-so-good articles, would simply be ignored. Anyway, the matter had been on my mind most of the day (I’ll never fully understand why I’m so hard on myself) so I decided to remove the article from the blog. But then my good sense reminded me that the problems of other people misunderstanding me – and with them complaining about the length of my writings and comments, mainly existed with assholes in the “real world” and on Facebook! I remember that I should NEVER avoid freely expressing myself on my own damn blog – a place where I don’t have to care – no, make that, GIVE A FLYING FUCK (sounds better!) about those things or people that bug me. Besides, where else can I go if not here? So I decided to let this article stay on KIR and not worry anymore about it. Then, as fate would have it, here you are blessing this article with a highly appreciative comment! Well, that confirmed my decision to let the article stay on KIR!
      Rog, I’ve been getting tired of posting certain things on Facebook – or as a Facebook friend there said, “throwing pearls to swine” and have decided to redirect more things that are on my mind to this blog. Some of those things you’ll like and some you’ll miss reading but none of them will I ever hold you to reading or giving comment. That’s always up to you, my friend and as usual, I will always be very grateful for your supporting readership and comments!
      Thanks brother and again, thanks for reading!
      Much love and C2C hugs, my friend!

      • My naked brother, as a friend, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to read what you share here. As you pointed out, this is YOUR site and in order to understand your heart and mind, then I need to take the time and carefully read your feelings, ideas and opinions. I really value your friendship and respect your efforts to make this world a better place for us all. I especially appreciate your commitment to our youth. Too often, most people (adults) want to bitch and dis their entire generation without ever offering to them an option. You, on the other hand, always provide them with an alternative in addition to “lighting the path” for them.

        Please, brother, don’t get me started on facebook. I’ll go on for hours and the powers that be will end up censoring your site if not completely banishing me from here!

        Take care, stay bare and continue to keep us real! I think your nickname here should be “The Rev” because you love to preach! I am proud to be a member of your congregation! C2C hugs, buddy! 😉

      • Thank you, Roger! And PLEASE (laughing)…do NOT nickname me “The Rev”, considering TWO things – one of which you might not know until now:
        When I was a kid, my mother and certain others in my world at the time, wanted or assumed that I would enter the ministry! Boy, were they wrong! And if they knew how I left the Christian religion they would have a fit (not that I’ve made it any secret). Someday, I’ll share on this blog certain aspects of my so-called “angel by day/devil by night” life. LOL! Second, with my strong disdain for religion, a nickname like “The Rev” would fly in the face of my “Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed Project-Mission (SOTFJW-PM) – based articles posted here. We can’t have THAT happening now can we? LOL! 🙂
        Much love and C2C hugs, bruh!

      • Okay, I’ll drop The Rev although it was selected out of affection and not any religious preference. Angel by day/devil by night? My naked brother, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s a good thing we live in different states. If we were together as partners-in-crime, we’d both be naked behind bars! 😉 C2C hugs back at you, Rob!

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