[Most] Nude Sports? – I’ll Pass!

I don’t know of any people in my ethnic group who ski or snowboard. I’m sure some Black people do these sports but I’ve never seen any video of it. If there are Black people who ski or snowboard I doubt they would do it in the nude. If readers of this blog has such a video or link showing a BLACK person doing ANY sort of sport in the nude or in the semi-nude, please…send me that link! I’d love to see it!
Now, check out this 2:37 minute video:

Ok…so this video is, in a word…AWESOME!  It’s awesome because of the BRAVERY of these people to ski and snowboard in the cold and in the nude.  As a nudist and “low-level” naturist, I have my limits as to what it is I will do and not do in the nude and certainly where I will do it. For example, I simply am not spending more than five to ten minutes tops, in the nude, fucking around in the cold or winter – exposure time depending on the wind chill factor at the time, regardless of the [reasonable amount] of body hair I have. Uh-huh. Nope. Not gonna happen, muthafucka!  Of course, in my lifetime, I’ve taken out my dick several times and pissed in the cold. I’ve even mooned people in the cold (while drunk, of course) but that’s about the limit of my “exposure” in cold and/or winter. And even if I skied or snowboard (which by the way, I do not know how to do) I would never, EVER place my beloved dick and balls in harm’s way – or potential harm’s way; not in the manner in which I see some of the brave guys in this video are doing!  Oh HEL-L-L-L NO!  The length of my dick or how low my ball sac hangs has nothing to do with it! I’m simply all about protecting that which always brings me so much pleasure, baby! I have to at least be wearing a jock strap under a pair of commando shorts! That’s not being wimpy; that’s having a greater love for my jawn than with ever showing off whatever risky thing I can do butt-ass naked!

I hope you enjoyed the video, readers – I certainly did! The music helped make it that more awesome! I give highest props to the participants in the video but RobFather-X is taking a pass on any offers to ski or snowboard in the nude.

Keepin’ It…REAL!
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1 thought on “[Most] Nude Sports? – I’ll Pass!

  1. Rob, first, I loathed the cold and the snow. Notice the passive…loathed. A few years ago, my Black partner introduced me to “s’naked” (snow + naked). Now I love it! Just being nude and hanging free in the snow is an indescribable sensation. You have to start out maybe at five minutes maximum and graduate in small increments. However, it is exhilarating! When participating in s’naked, I do wear a knit hat on my bald head and boots on my feet (to hinder rapid loss of body heat) but otherwise, I’m only in my skin. I’m hooked on the experience!

    As to snow skiing and snowboarding, I agree with you, my naked brother, no fucking way that’s going to happen to my skinny body! I’m too much of a heat and humidity man to even entertain the thought of those activities, naked or clothed!

    Great post and video, buddy! Although your video of getting your nipple bar re-installed is tops in my humble opinion! 😉 C2C hugs and much love, man!

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