RobFather X Gets Nipple Repierced!

Robz Ink (1a)It’s been more than fourteen years since I last wore a nipple barbell and sixteen years since I first got my nipple pierced. Fourteen years ago, I had to remove the nipple barbell I’d been wearing for two years due to Masonic initiation ritual requirements. After that ceremony, I had difficulty reinserting the device. Due to a hectic schedule at the time, I never got around to visiting a tattoo studio to get the barbell put back in so I just decided to leave it out. The piercing would close up in that time.

Mandy HartungA lot has changed in my life since then but I’d always been meaning to get another barbell or a hoop ring put back in my nipple. Today was the day I finally got around to getting that done. In the video, you’ll hear me shout out in pain! That’s kool because I still laugh at myself for making that noise.’s done…and the pain felt much like I remembered it years ago.  The barbell will complement Donna Lutz Hartungmy kanji tattoo for honor, Meiyo, which you see on my chest and posted throughout the blog. Thanks to the capable hands of Mandy Hartung, the “stabbing”, as I like to playfully call it, went well; it was quick and over in a matter of seconds. Mandy is such a sweet and beautiful lady and the daughter of another sweet and beautiful lady, my tattoo artist Donna Lutz Hartung, who reluctantly captured it all on video.

I uploaded this video on Facebook and on YouTube today just for shits and giggles and to see if it’ll get any hits. That YouTube upload was my first so my cherry’s popped in that regard! Ha! Ha!

Donna's Etched in Skin Tattoo cardIf you’re in Saginaw, Michigan, get YOUR piercings AND tattoos where I get all my ink work done…at Donna’s Etched In Skin Tattoos on Bay Road in Saginaw, MI, next to Jack’s Food Market parking lot. It’s “Not your ordinary tattoo studio”.

Keepin’ It…REAL!
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5 thoughts on “RobFather X Gets Nipple Repierced!

  1. EXCELLENT, Rob! The audio is useless for me, but I was completely expecting to see you jump and dance, at the very least! LOL! I need an 8×10 color glossy to add to my scrapbook! LOL! Congratulations on losing your “virginity” on the video aspect, my naked brother!

    Much love and C2C hugs! 🙂

      • I couldn’t miss the chance to see you perform live in front of the camera! Once in a lifetime opportunity, my naked friend! 😉

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