And now, THIS brief comment …


Damn Apple iTunes! THREE (3) updates within a month’s time! REALLY?!!?

In my experience in working with communication computers and software, I’ve learned that often whenever a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has to frequently release an update or new release to its equipment, operating system or program, that could possibly mean that somebody who was supposed to fully test the equipment and/or software BEFORE FINAL RELEASE of that product or software, has been seriously fucking up in doing their job!  Hmmm… Now where does this sound awfully familiar?? Oh! I know! That Microsoft software they call WINDOWS and that new Affordable Care Act (ACA) website! (Note that I did NOT call the ACA “Obamacare”. That’s just disrespectful!)
Anyway, somebody needs to be fired for wasting the CUSTOMER’S time!

I say: Get the fuckin’ job done right the FIRST time!HALF-ASS (RFXP)

And this rant about iTunes reminds me of when some people would slam and harshly criticize people – like me, who are perfectionists or who have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) simply for wanting to take as long as it takes to make sure anything we work on has as few errors or flaws as possible!

Yeah, we perfectionists/OCDers work hard to avoid doing anything half-assed! I wish everyone did…but they don’t…which is why so many half-assers call on us to do their work! (sigh)

Keepin’ It…REAL!
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3 thoughts on “And now, THIS brief comment …

  1. To begin with, I need to apologize to you, Rob. When I read the title of this posting, I told myself: “Rob Father-X brief? Hell, no way!” So I heated some tea, fixed a snack (grapes and crackers, I can’t cook) turned off my sidekick, sat down and WHAM! Damn, you WERE so right…it was brief! Sorry for all the expletives I called you! LOL!

    You are too right, my buddy! The bigger (wealthier) the business, the less concern about quality and customer satisfaction. Why wait for the best possible product when we can put a shoddy prototype on the market and make even more money? The suckers (consumers) out there will buy it, no matter how much it sucks!

    Great job, my naked blogging brother! BTW: love the half-assed image! 😉

    • LMAO!!! That’s funny! 🙂
      Yeah Roger, I CAN be brief – when I want! I’m still laughing at your comment! Sweet! And I think somewhere on this blog is the FULL ass pic. If not, hit me up in an e-mail. I’ll be happy to send it to you (for you to kiss)! LOL! Thanks for reading! 🙂
      C2C love and hugs, bruh!

      • Kissing ass? You don’t EVEN want to get me started on that topic, Rob! I’ll crash your computer on that dissertation! 😉 Love ya, man! Take care and stay bare!

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