SCOTUS is Open for Business!

American government shutdown-1Today, October 7th is the first Monday of October 2013.
The American federal government has been in a PARTIAL shutdown for one week.
Now, I keep telling people the American government is only in a PARTIAL shutdown since many essential government agencies and services are still running or operating. Few or many people don’t care about that…which is sad but somewhat understandable. Still, a “not caring” public attitude suggests to me that some people either don’t know what essential services are available and/or they have no inclination to pressure their congressional representatives to get their collective heads out of their asses, resolve their differences NOW and get back to work for the American electorate! (sigh)

As further proof of my statement about the government being in a partial shutdown, I wish to inform all that the Supreme Court of the US Supreme Court Building-resized-2United States (SCOTUS) an essential public service but more importantly, one of the three constitutional branches of U.S. government, begins its 2013-2014 session today. Yes, all nine Justices are back at work to listen, consider and decide cases that could affect each of us, as in…YOU and me!
Keep an eye on them!  SCOTUS Justices-1To follow SCOTUS cases and arguments, I highly recommend checking out SCOTUSBLOG ( Bookmark it, follow the twitter feed and/or “like” the Facebook page. You’ll thank me later!

Keepin’ It…REAL!
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2 thoughts on “SCOTUS is Open for Business!

  1. Excellent advice to all about following the issues before the Supreme Court, my friend! These are decisions that will ultimately impact all our lives, in one form or another. Too many people sit back, clueless, and once a verdict is rendered, bitch and moan. SCOTUS is, in my humble opinion, perhaps the most powerful branch of government and the one that is the major catalyst for change and progress within our nation.

    As for our congressional gridlock, I really can;t belive the extremists are acting as though health care overhaul just happened overnight. Then-Senator Obama campaigned on this issue back when he won the presidency in 2008. The reform was enacted by Congress and signed into law in 2010. Were any of them even paying attention? We’ve known it was coming, so why act out your childish tantrums now? Get over it! President Obama was re-elected in 2012. Obviously, this law is something the American people know we all need. You are so right in encouraging them to remove their heads from their asses. Keep them real, my blogging and naked brother!

    C2C hugs, love and best wishes! Take care and stay bare! 🙂

    • Right – on all points, Roger! Thanks for reading! 🙂
      C2C hugs and love, my brother!

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