A Man’s Life (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the Keepin’ It…Real blog series, A Man’s Life. Click here to read A Man’s Life (Part 1)
Hey fellas (and ladies in the room).  It’s been awhile since I last talked to you in this series called A Man’s Life, so let’s get started!

BM_nude (4)Many people don’t look forward to Mondays but that is the ideal day to start the new week by beginning, interrupting or cap off the day with a “3M” (Mandatory Masturbation Monday) session!  I hope you were able to do that these past few Mondays since A Man’s Life (Part 1) was posted last month and that a 3M session – or any day(s) you chose to masturbate, helped make a significant improved difference in your life! Remember, a “3M” session is simply personal intimate me time,  with your sole mission being to use masturbation to release any pent-up sexual tension or stresses of everyday life that do nothing good but adversely affect your mental, emotional and physical well-being which can hold you back from reaching your fullest potential as you begin the new week.  If your weekend went by without the time, privacy or means to release some sexual tension or if it has been a while since you last busted a good nut, (ejaculated) then yes, my fellow cock-swinging brother, perhaps a “3M” session is in order for you!  And while it is never necessary to have a masturbation session on Mondays, we choose Monday to try to always kick-start the positive energies of our masculinity.  Universally, Monday is considered the first day of the week –regardless of whatever holiday (like Labor Day here in the U.S.) that sits on it. Sure, you could wait until Tuesday but why?

Guys, remember any masturbation session should always be about… YOU!  As you get into it, remember that the best thing to do in a session is to delay the PONR (point of no return) also known as edging, for as long as possible. Edging (which I’ll discuss further in the next segment of this series) helps increase the time you will stay in the “zone” long after orgasm has been reached.  After my initial orgasm, I often experience post-orgasmic waves lasting anywhere from five to sometimes up to fifteen minutes afterwards! I like to call these waves my “secondary post-orgasm”. I’m not sure if that term is existent or clinically correct but I know only too well how an intense orgasm leaves me feeling after I’ve edged for a good while… say, roughly 45 minutes to an hour or more. My secondary post-orgasm usually depends on how long I’ve been edging and:

  • how sexually deep I choose to go in my mind to create a sexual fantasy
  • my recall of some fantastic sexual experience from my past
  • the degree and type of porn I’m watching from my off-line spank bank
  • the number of various (and FREE) porn websites I decide to visit

If you have a good lube (more about masturbation lubricants in a future article) and control over your PONR aspect of ejaculation and orgasm (usually learned through masturbation) AND Kegel exercises, you could edge for hours!

Kegel Exercises for Men-1Speaking of Kegel exercises: I know there are many guys who sadly, have no idea what Kegel exercises are. Take it from me fellas, I’ve been doing them for years – not that I’ve ever needed to do them (because I didn’t) but because I wanted to make sure that as I aged, most of the sexual vigor of my youth would be retained. For example, when I ejaculate, I’ve always been a shooter – never a dripper or oozer of cum. I enjoy the feeling the force of semen ejaculation gives me and wanted to make sure that when I reached my 40s and 50s and beyond, I had retained as much of that force and pleasure of ejaculation as possible. Today, at age 53, I’m still a shooter – a forceful one at that, I’m still able to edge for long periods – whether I’m masturbating or having sex (you can edge when fucking), and I’m still enjoying very intense orgasms. I can’t give all the credit to years of doing regular and reverse Kegel exercises though; some of it has to be attributed to genes, a reasonably healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and of course practicing regular sexual activity – mainly with myself than with a partner.

pc-muscle-kegel-diagramClick the diagram for more Kegel exercises for Men information.

Partner-assisted masturbation (in this sense, when someone else is jacking your dick) may be hot for some guys but it has never quite worked well with me, at least not with women. I often feel like she’s trying to milk a cow or something! Perhaps my discomfort from those women was due to the slight curvature of my cock that makes it difficult for me to enjoy some of them jacking me off. I know many guys who enjoy being jacked off and I know some who – like me, find little pleasure in having someone do it for them. It seems when some women try jacking me off they would always get tired of stroking or would complain that I was “taking too long to come”. The fact is, no matter what I would tell some of those women, they simply were not hitting the right spot(s) on the shaft of my cock, or not giving me the right feel or grip or were pulling my cock too damn hard. So, I’d like to say the following on behalf of every man reading this who has had the same problem with women (or rough men) jacking their dicks:
Damn! Learn to ease up on our jawn! Our dicks/cocks are LIVING organs; not something dead or made of metal, such as a stick shift in a car or a joy stick in some video game! We actually FEEL the roughness and power behind each pull or tug you give in a non-gentle manner – just as we feel your teeth when you blow us!  We know you mean well but we’re gonna need for you to take it easy on our most prized body part, okay?
(Now, this is where my gay and bisexual friends would interject and say what they ALWAYS say:Only a man can successfully jack off another man!” Ha! Ha!
Logically, there is some truth to that comment BUT… not all women are poor at jacking off a man; it depends on the penis-handling expertise of that particular woman! And, regardless of what my friends may say or think, every man masturbates differently from his cock-swinging brother. No one should ever automatically assume that another man can always successfully jack off another man – although admittedly, as cock owners, men are indeed more familiar with an erect penis and understand the importance of certain strokes and grips of a cock than women – whether the erection is firm, semi-firm, or the erect penis is straight or curved in any direction, at various degrees. Whether the person giving such service be female or male, a man’s cock still needs to be handled with a certain amount of care. Only the owner of said cock can best determine how much force in strokes and how tight a grip his cock can comfortably, uh…handle (pun intended). Still, as far as I’m concerned, some things, like jacking off are things we men do best all on our own!

In Part 3 of the series A Man’s Life, we stay on the subject of male masturbation just a while longer. I’ll further discuss the male masturbation technique known as edging and give some other tidbits to readers – particularly the female readers, on how most men edge, some info about pre-ejaculate fluid aka precum – and the big deal behind it, as well as other helpful and/or did-you-know information related to men and masturbation.

The blog series A Man’s Life continues here.

Keepin’ It… REAL!
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10 thoughts on “A Man’s Life (Part 2)

  1. Yet another great, insightful and supportive article about masturbation. Your comments are right on target. I wish more men were encouraged to really get to know their penis, and learn the art of loving themselves. I actually taught myself the art of edging during masturbation as a teenager, and I think I’m a better for it – my masturbation sessions are anything but dull. Instead, they are exciting, extremely pleasurable, and my ejaculations are much more intense thanks to edging. Again, thanks for keeping it real and reminding us that masturbation doesn’t have to be dull or boring, but is yet another great form of sexual release.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting on the article, Nate. Yes, I believe a man does himself a huge disservice when he fails to get to shamelessly know and enjoy his body. I don’t intend to enter my elder years (I’m now 55) with any regrets like that; I’m planning to give myself sexual pleasure for as long as my mind and body will allow!

  2. Another informative and highly erotic article. Although this may not be your primary reason for posting these, I can’t help but be intrigued and erect throughout. The subject matter coupled with your exquisite penmanship somehow keeps me stimulated both physically and mentally. Needless to say, after reading this episode I shall take care of certain matters. Thanks for the charge. 🙂

    • Wow. The fact that you tell me that my writing stimulates BOTH your intellect AND your libido is greatly appreciated, Ted! Thanks!

  3. I was very glad to read this installment!! The cock is a sometimes underestimated friend and the better relationship we have with “him” the more we’ll appreciate ourselves. Yes, appreciating this one smaller extension of our bodies can affect our self esteem! A session of 3M that concentrates on getting to know him, or multiple sessions getting to know him might inspire awe and appreciation…

    • Right on with that, Hartsel! There’s one more to …uh, come in this series. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! 😉

  4. Ready! Aim! Fire! My friend, you have scored a direct hit with this thoughtful dissertation! I’ve often wondered why men, regardless of their gender attraction, are loathe to discuss masturbation issues, even with their sexual partner(s). You not only address this topic, but you offer advice and ideas on how to achieve optimum results from self-stimulation. Excellent job!

    Not all men experience sexual gratification in identical ways. Here, not only do you acknowledge this overlooked reality, you also explore different options as alternatives. Finally, an education for all men and their intimate partners. An insight that hopefully enables everyone to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

    Take care and stay bare, my brother! Much love!

      • Hey Rob, my naked buddy! You know I will stay tuned! I depend on you to keep me real, man! Much love and naked hugs! 😉

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