An Omen That Summer 2013 is Gone!

My favorite pair of flip-flops (busted)Damn! I tore up my favorite pair of brown flip-flops today. While that may seem trivial to you, it pissed me the fuck off!  It happened as I was walking – no…actually I had been running – up the stairs to my apartment. I must have still been fatigued from working late hours the last few days — so much so, that my body, specifically my left leg, didn’t have the strength to lift itself high enough to avoid getting my flip-flop shoe from catching on the edge of the stair. Rarely do I ever trip on stairs and I certainly have never done it while wearing flip-flips!  Anyway, I was a bit upset over the matter but made my way on up to my apartment to get the item I’d forgotten earlier and put on another pair of flip-flops before heading back out. Before leaving, I studied the left shoe to determine whether it was worth getting repaired (I’ve had this pair repaired once before) or if I should take it as an omen that, after nearly fourteen (14) years of wearing this particular pair of flip-flops, that perhaps it was long past time I said good-bye to one of my favorite pair of footwear.

My other pairs of flip-flopsI’ve since regained my composure over the incident, considering that I already own four more pair of flip-flops. (How vain of me, right?) But in that instance, I came to realize RobFather thinks of the islandsthat, considering the drop in temperatures these past few nights that stretched into the early mornings, that summer in Michigan was in fact, gone. I had to once again accept the fact that it wouldn’t be long before the entire day would have cold temps and when the weather changes to that of an intermittent schedule of icy rain, hail and snow; conditions that would make it impractical for a person…(meaning, me), to wear flip-flops outside. God, how I hate Michigan! I sighed as I dreaded the thought of me having to go back to encasing my feet in a prison of cotton socks and leather shoes (break out the Timberlands!) whenever I have to go out. So I say again…damn!

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4 thoughts on “An Omen That Summer 2013 is Gone!

  1. Flip flopping, slip sliding etc. requires über finesse; not everyone is as masterful as you Robfather. They could learn a thing or two from you, we, us!! Lol ❤

  2. My naked brother, I feel you, here! This is just to surreal! I am the same about my flip-flops, sandals! 🙂 I know what you’re going through with the advent of the colder weather and having to cover up any part of my body! BTW: they’re on sale this time of year (if you can locate the right size). Stock up for next summer! C2C hugs and love! 😉

    • I’ve been getting comments from people who either hate flip-flops or hate seeing the feet (or bad-looking feet) of some people who wear them. Yes, SOME people have bad-looking feet (but not me – I take DAMN good care of mine) and some people have nice to very beautiful-looking feet. Yes, I DO look at the feet of BOTH men and women! I don’t have a foot fetish but I have always appreciated my [potential] sex partners more when I see that they have well-cared-for, to beautiful-looking, feet (and hands!). SOME people walk in flip-flops in such a manner that cause them to make that awful “flip-flop” sound and floor-slide noise. I hate that! I think people (like me) who know how to wear flip-flops – or any style of shoe like that, don’t make that sound when wearing that shoe; we actually KNOW how to walk in the things in certain environments that is a NON-BEACH or street environment. Wearing flip-flops is like free-balling (another topic I’ll be writing about); it is a LEARNED ART, and the wearing of such a shoe – while not always physically good for people, is not for everyone.
      Thanks for the comment, Roger! C2C hugs and love to you! 😉

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