Yesterday Was Celebrate Bisexuality Day! (Did You Know?)

Bisexual symbolGeez…
You know, a brutha tries to keep up with certain things regarding sexuality but there is only so much one can learn about everything that happens in this country, let alone the world! Certain social events, such as PRIDE-this or PRIDE-that need better promotion – that is, if the purpose of such events is to get better support, awareness and education among the masses! For example, I would have been happy to inform everyone I knew that yesterday (September 23) was Bisexual Pride Day or officially Celebrate Bisexuality Day, (among other names of this day I won’t bother to mention). You can click either of the titles to get Wikipedia information on Celebrate Bisexuality Day. I never saw a thing or promo in social media leading up to this day! It makes me wonder how many other people didn’t know. I’m not saying there were no announcements or promos; I just never saw anything! I cannot have been the only one!

bi-prideCHECK IT: If such calendar events that are supposed to draw the attention of society are going to occur with the intent being to get people to support and talk about it, then PUH-LEASE… somebody needs to do a better job in getting the word out! Otherwise, it’s like someone whispering to a few folks that he’s gonna have a huge party somewhere then have some silly ass high expectation that the entire town will show up for it, only to be disappointed. Apparently no one told the bisexuals whom I know on Facebook or those on other social sources that I frequent about Bisexual Pride Day. I would have seen some buzz! Yeah…that fuckin’ day went by like a light breeze – barely noticeable! (sigh) What a major FAIL by those who are supposed to be the [outspoken] or established activists of the LGBT or stand-alone bisexual community!

Yesterday, President Barack Obama met withThe Bisexual Flag-v members from the bisexual community to discuss issues and concerns regarding bisexual people. Click Bisexual Pride Day to see clip. You may not have heard about it on the news because it was a “closed session”. Well, I guess it’s up to me to do what I do best: TEACH and INFORM! So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the bisexual colors of the Bisexual Flag and a link to my famed blog article about bisexuality, Does Bisexuality Exist? (Written/published October 2012) I also recommend this Huffington Post link if you are considering “coming out” as bisexual.  It’s a very entertaining read!
Speaking of which….

Most readers of this blog know that my sexuality has never been open for discussion in this blog. There were reasons for that. However,  after some intense soul-searching and knowing in my heart that 2013 would be the year of certain personal revelations and, considering how much I enjoy talking/writing about sexuality here and on Facebook, I think most readers already know or have likely suspected, “There’s something not quite straight about RobFather-X.”  And… they would be right;Some People Are Bi-Get Over It-1 I’m not quite straight! LOL! So there it is. Not really “coming out” but simply an affirmation of what many readers of this blog already knew or suspected: I am bisexual. I am also the very same kool muthafucka you’ve always known: yesterday, today and in the future! Deal with it!  Now, as some of you also know, I don’t believe in labels or making one’s sexual orientation a big deal, therefore I ask – and would greatly appreciate – that none of you make this “revelation” a big deal either. Kool?  Thanks! With that said, I feel the need to also say the following:

  • Fuck it if you seem “upset” or “surprised”, for your reaction to this non-issue should have no bearing on who I am now or was before.
  • Fuck itif you feel I’ve “lied” to you. The fact is I didn’t lie to you. And I don’t subscribe to that weak, age-old bullshit guilt-trip line people like to call a “lie by omission”. Fuck that…especially if you’ve never once asked but instead did what so many other people tend to do: assume everyone is heterosexual or straight until they tell you or you happen to witness otherwise. Also, consider the fact that I must have had several reasons which I thought were valid (to me) for not disclosing my sexuality. One of those reasons is that I have always been – and am – private and discreet about my sexuality. I simply see no reason to broadcast it. Outside of this blog, I shall continue to conduct myself in that manner.
    and finally…
  • Fuck anyone…. who is offended or bothered by my sexuality.  That’s more your problem than it will ever be mine.

Black Male Bisexual & Powerful (RFXP-edit)Read my blog article Does Bisexuality Exist? and the Huffington Post link and learn a thing or two. Oh… and from one proud bisexual to others reading, Happy belated Bisexual Pride Day! Let’s hope next September 23 the media memo about this equally important Pride event gets wider dissemination!

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A Man’s Life (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the Keepin’ It…Real blog series, A Man’s Life. Click here to read A Man’s Life (Part 1)
Hey fellas (and ladies in the room).  It’s been awhile since I last talked to you in this series called A Man’s Life, so let’s get started!

BM_nude (4)Many people don’t look forward to Mondays but that is the ideal day to start the new week by beginning, interrupting or cap off the day with a “3M” (Mandatory Masturbation Monday) session!  I hope you were able to do that these past few Mondays since A Man’s Life (Part 1) was posted last month and that a 3M session – or any day(s) you chose to masturbate, helped make a significant improved difference in your life! Remember, a “3M” session is simply personal intimate me time,  with your sole mission being to use masturbation to release any pent-up sexual tension or stresses of everyday life that do nothing good but adversely affect your mental, emotional and physical well-being which can hold you back from reaching your fullest potential as you begin the new week.  If your weekend went by without the time, privacy or means to release some sexual tension or if it has been a while since you last busted a good nut, (ejaculated) then yes, my fellow cock-swinging brother, perhaps a “3M” session is in order for you!  And while it is never necessary to have a masturbation session on Mondays, we choose Monday to try to always kick-start the positive energies of our masculinity.  Universally, Monday is considered the first day of the week –regardless of whatever holiday (like Labor Day here in the U.S.) that sits on it. Sure, you could wait until Tuesday but why?

Guys, remember any masturbation session should always be about… YOU!  As you get into it, remember that the best thing to do in a session is to delay the PONR (point of no return) also known as edging, for as long as possible. Edging (which I’ll discuss further in the next segment of this series) helps increase the time you will stay in the “zone” long after orgasm has been reached.  After my initial orgasm, I often experience post-orgasmic waves lasting anywhere from five to sometimes up to fifteen minutes afterwards! I like to call these waves my “secondary post-orgasm”. I’m not sure if that term is existent or clinically correct but I know only too well how an intense orgasm leaves me feeling after I’ve edged for a good while… say, roughly 45 minutes to an hour or more. My secondary post-orgasm usually depends on how long I’ve been edging and:

  • how sexually deep I choose to go in my mind to create a sexual fantasy
  • my recall of some fantastic sexual experience from my past
  • the degree and type of porn I’m watching from my off-line spank bank
  • the number of various (and FREE) porn websites I decide to visit

If you have a good lube (more about masturbation lubricants in a future article) and control over your PONR aspect of ejaculation and orgasm (usually learned through masturbation) AND Kegel exercises, you could edge for hours!

Kegel Exercises for Men-1Speaking of Kegel exercises: I know there are many guys who sadly, have no idea what Kegel exercises are. Take it from me fellas, I’ve been doing them for years – not that I’ve ever needed to do them (because I didn’t) but because I wanted to make sure that as I aged, most of the sexual vigor of my youth would be retained. For example, when I ejaculate, I’ve always been a shooter – never a dripper or oozer of cum. I enjoy the feeling the force of semen ejaculation gives me and wanted to make sure that when I reached my 40s and 50s and beyond, I had retained as much of that force and pleasure of ejaculation as possible. Today, at age 53, I’m still a shooter – a forceful one at that, I’m still able to edge for long periods – whether I’m masturbating or having sex (you can edge when fucking), and I’m still enjoying very intense orgasms. I can’t give all the credit to years of doing regular and reverse Kegel exercises though; some of it has to be attributed to genes, a reasonably healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and of course practicing regular sexual activity – mainly with myself than with a partner.

pc-muscle-kegel-diagramClick the diagram for more Kegel exercises for Men information.

Partner-assisted masturbation (in this sense, when someone else is jacking your dick) may be hot for some guys but it has never quite worked well with me, at least not with women. I often feel like she’s trying to milk a cow or something! Perhaps my discomfort from those women was due to the slight curvature of my cock that makes it difficult for me to enjoy some of them jacking me off. I know many guys who enjoy being jacked off and I know some who – like me, find little pleasure in having someone do it for them. It seems when some women try jacking me off they would always get tired of stroking or would complain that I was “taking too long to come”. The fact is, no matter what I would tell some of those women, they simply were not hitting the right spot(s) on the shaft of my cock, or not giving me the right feel or grip or were pulling my cock too damn hard. So, I’d like to say the following on behalf of every man reading this who has had the same problem with women (or rough men) jacking their dicks:
Damn! Learn to ease up on our jawn! Our dicks/cocks are LIVING organs; not something dead or made of metal, such as a stick shift in a car or a joy stick in some video game! We actually FEEL the roughness and power behind each pull or tug you give in a non-gentle manner – just as we feel your teeth when you blow us!  We know you mean well but we’re gonna need for you to take it easy on our most prized body part, okay?
(Now, this is where my gay and bisexual friends would interject and say what they ALWAYS say:Only a man can successfully jack off another man!” Ha! Ha!
Logically, there is some truth to that comment BUT… not all women are poor at jacking off a man; it depends on the penis-handling expertise of that particular woman! And, regardless of what my friends may say or think, every man masturbates differently from his cock-swinging brother. No one should ever automatically assume that another man can always successfully jack off another man – although admittedly, as cock owners, men are indeed more familiar with an erect penis and understand the importance of certain strokes and grips of a cock than women – whether the erection is firm, semi-firm, or the erect penis is straight or curved in any direction, at various degrees. Whether the person giving such service be female or male, a man’s cock still needs to be handled with a certain amount of care. Only the owner of said cock can best determine how much force in strokes and how tight a grip his cock can comfortably, uh…handle (pun intended). Still, as far as I’m concerned, some things, like jacking off are things we men do best all on our own!

In Part 3 of the series A Man’s Life, we stay on the subject of male masturbation just a while longer. I’ll further discuss the male masturbation technique known as edging and give some other tidbits to readers – particularly the female readers, on how most men edge, some info about pre-ejaculate fluid aka precum – and the big deal behind it, as well as other helpful and/or did-you-know information related to men and masturbation.

The blog series A Man’s Life continues here.

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An Omen That Summer 2013 is Gone!

My favorite pair of flip-flops (busted)Damn! I tore up my favorite pair of brown flip-flops today. While that may seem trivial to you, it pissed me the fuck off!  It happened as I was walking – no…actually I had been running – up the stairs to my apartment. I must have still been fatigued from working late hours the last few days — so much so, that my body, specifically my left leg, didn’t have the strength to lift itself high enough to avoid getting my flip-flop shoe from catching on the edge of the stair. Rarely do I ever trip on stairs and I certainly have never done it while wearing flip-flips!  Anyway, I was a bit upset over the matter but made my way on up to my apartment to get the item I’d forgotten earlier and put on another pair of flip-flops before heading back out. Before leaving, I studied the left shoe to determine whether it was worth getting repaired (I’ve had this pair repaired once before) or if I should take it as an omen that, after nearly fourteen (14) years of wearing this particular pair of flip-flops, that perhaps it was long past time I said good-bye to one of my favorite pair of footwear.

My other pairs of flip-flopsI’ve since regained my composure over the incident, considering that I already own four more pair of flip-flops. (How vain of me, right?) But in that instance, I came to realize RobFather thinks of the islandsthat, considering the drop in temperatures these past few nights that stretched into the early mornings, that summer in Michigan was in fact, gone. I had to once again accept the fact that it wouldn’t be long before the entire day would have cold temps and when the weather changes to that of an intermittent schedule of icy rain, hail and snow; conditions that would make it impractical for a person…(meaning, me), to wear flip-flops outside. God, how I hate Michigan! I sighed as I dreaded the thought of me having to go back to encasing my feet in a prison of cotton socks and leather shoes (break out the Timberlands!) whenever I have to go out. So I say again…damn!

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Arsenio Hall is Back on Late-Night TV!

Arsenio Hall is back Sept 9, 2013-let's get busyI’ve been reading mixed reviews of the premiere Arsenio, which featured the return of Arsenio Hall to late night television. Some comments I read have been good while others were just …. *RobFather drops mic*
Anyway, I have no idea what some of the viewers of the original Arsenio Hall Show (aired 1989 -1994) were expecting but I thought some of their comments were far too critical and unfair. No…fuck that; that’s a lie! I thought some of their comments were harsh! There. I’ve said it! I am not going to make a comment about some of the things new viewers said because to me, their opinions don’t matter at this time simply because many of them were far too young to remember Arsenio Hall during the period his first showed aired. Some of those people only watched last night’s premier because they remember their parents or older siblings enjoying the show ‘’back in the day”. I also refuse to read so-called “professional reviews” or ratings on the show because I’ve always found such reports to be a bit premature – whether they are good or bad. I never understood how one can rate something on a national scale after only one night and one hour. That simply doesn’t seem fair to old and new viewers of a show and certainly not to the talent or host of any TV show. Such reports tend to be unscientific anyway in many cases and fluid, in that opinions on whatever is being rated can go either way on the scale. Sometimes there’s simply no telling how a show might turn out. Yes, there are obvious bombs but there are others which tend to have a “let’s wait and see” aspect. Those particular “let’s wait and see” TV shows I would agree should be given a little more time to capture an audience. Television history has proven time and again what a little patience can do for shows that had the appearance of no future success.

I happen to have liked the premiere of Arsenio. I thought Hall was, as the expression says, “back to his old-self” (so it seemed) even though I felt it was the studio audience who was a bit dry (judging by the camera sweeps) but I expect that to improve.  What I saw last night was a man who temporarily left late night variety television in 1994 only to return two decades later and pick up where he’d left off without skipping a beat. That’s fuckin’ kool!

In my Facebook post last evening announcing the airing of Hall’s premiere [return] show after a near-20 year hiatus I said, “I hope the brutha still has the magic!”  You see, I LOVED The Arsenio Hall Show (AHS) years ago and tried to watch it as often as possible – which is saying something since back then – as  now, I don’t normally watch late-night talk shows unless the TV happens to be on as background noise to keep my company when I’m busy working on something and not watching it. I missed several of the old AHS show broadcasts due to military deployment overseas years ago but I recall me and several of my fellow servicemen watching rebroadcasts of it around 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning while stationed in Rota, Spain waiting for permanent deployment orders during Operation Desert Shield (later to become Operation Desert Storm) back in 1991.

Arsenio Hall on Time Magazine cover (1989)Hall has been off late-night TV for two decades. I thought it was appropriate that he did a little explanation and offer humorous “catch-up” jokes and skits for his fans. I’m certain he and his team knows that he has to appeal to his old fans/viewers and work harder to appeal to new viewers – both in his age group and those who are much younger. That is not going to be an easy task in this day and age where one’s attention span is sometimes less on television late-night than it is on the internet chatting on Facebook or tweeting. I heard on the radio today that the Arsenio Hall Show premiere scored higher in its time slot than each of the regularly late-night shows that came after it in their respective time slots! It that’s true – which I suspect it is – and should be, then that’s great!  Of course, this would have to be confirmed – and readers of this blog are welcomed to do that. However, as I said, whatever the ratings say I’m not going to look into them at this time for I think it’s much too early to take seriously any rating of the show.

With Arsenio, Hall cannot appear as a man out of his time but he also cannot come off as being so much of an “old head” that he is considered a “has been”, “irrelevant”, or worse, someone desperate – appearing as if he’s “trying too hard’ to recapture that “magic” I mentioned earlier. I doubt any of those things will happen but if any of those traits are perceived by viewers its probable that Hall could risk losing BOTH old and potential new viewers! I’m sure all of this – and more – was heavily considered by Hall and his team long before he returned to TV. And let’s NOT forget the “elephant in the room”: SKIN COLOR. Yes sadly, though much has changed in television, there is STILL racism in the television viewing audience and bigots can be harsh. Perhaps no one wants to think about it or admit it but I believe such assholes are still lurking in the shadows.

Someone on Funnybook [Facebook] commented that Hall “didn’t look the same as he once did”. My response to that is, Huh?? Really??  I totally disagree! As far as Hall’s looks, EVERYONE changes over time to some degree! Some people appear to have hardly changed very much at all with the passage of time (like me, for instance) and others appear much worse, especially after 19 or 20 years! A lot of physical change with time has to do with how well – or how poorly one lived and handled the challenges of life, regardless of one’s economic status (or DNA). I thought Hall looked just fine – and appeared much the same as he did 19 years ago! Not bad for a man who is now 57 years old but who was only 37 or 38 – and still in his prime, at the end of his original show in 1994.  I also thought guest Chris Tucker, a comedian who is now 41, didn’t look bad for his age either. Tucker was a young pup doing comedy in his late teens/early twenties at the period of Hall’s first show.

Finally, someone on Funnybook commented on the excessive number of commercials Hall’s show had. My formal educational in media broadcasting, along with my years of broadcast experience and somewhat limited knowledge of behind-the-scene television broadcasting gives this possible assessment: A show having “many” commercials is a bit normal for certain premiere TV shows, particularly for a live (or recorded), late night show. Hall’s show already HAD advertising sponsorship (it needed that to help launch the premiere).  If the RATINGS for his show are good, I expect there to be less – and perhaps better commercials on his show. As some people know, television, movie and radio advertising or “ads”- while annoying, take a HUGE expense off the creators and producers to produce a show/or media form of entertainment. Ads help pay for things like the TALENT’s salary (the talent being Hall in this case), his staff, the writers, directors and producers of the show, studio operation expenses and a large host of other things many people don’t think about. Advertising is indeed much of the “bread and butter” of ANY network, network affiliate,  radio station and TV show you see on television (or hear on the radio), including: sports, local and national news, “reality” shows, soap operas, talk and self-help programming, game shows, et al. The list of people who get a piece of the money from advertising dollars is so long that it would take having to write a much longer commentary just to list them all!  However, to get an idea of those people in television who benefit from ad money, simply take a few minutes to read all the names and titles at the beginning and tail end of any TV show or movie you watch. Also, whenever you hear or see the words to the effect of, “Brought to you by” or “Sponsored by” followed by some, someone’s name, product, or company, you will know that those are the people or businesses paying big bucks to bring you that particular form of entertainment. There’s a lot more to this advertising and broadcast media relationship but you can research that information on your own.

Arsenio Hall returning to late night TV-Woof-Woof-WoofAs far as the new Arsenio Hall Show is concerned, I’m very happy that Arsenio’s back! I’m not worried that those of little faith in the man are still wringing their hands or whatever they do while waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to drop”. I suppose we’ll see if viewers’ opinion changes from one extreme to another in the POSITIVE sense as Arsenio’s future shows air… that is, if people choose to watch/continue to watch it, which I hope they do!
Give him time. He just left the gate.
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I Missed It: Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013!

PNBR 2013

Unless you’ve read my 2-part article, The Freedom of Nudity on this blog or follow me (closely) on Facebook, you probably don’t know that I am a nudist, love being nude whenever I can and am a “low-level” naturist. Let me explain my term “low-level naturist”.  A “low-level naturist” is simply how I presently describe myself when it comes to being a naturist since the only times I’ve been nude outdoors is in the back yard of my old house on several occasions and long before that, naked outdoors a few times many years ago whenever some Navy buddies (who were also naked) and me were at some beach near San Diego on a three-day weekend off the ship. We’d stay in a cabin, getting drunk each night and acted wild and stupid on the beach. Ahhh… youth. I sometimes miss those good ol’ days of California!  ANYWAY…

PNBR Facebook logoI’ve always wanted to go on a naked bike ride. Believe me, someday I shall!  With that said, try to imagine how I must have felt when I found out that there was a naked bike ride held recently in my hometown of Philadelphia (I currently live in Saginaw, MI)!  Readers, I could have kicked myself [again] for missing yet another opportunity to become a “higher-level naturist”! Damn! And I could have kicked myself for not keeping tabs on the happenings of such events in Philly. If I had, I would have learned about Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013 (PNBR) that was held three Sundays ago on August 25th! Taken straight from the PNBR website is this statement:
”The Philly Naked Bike Ride is “Bare as you Dare,” meaning it’s clothing optional. The entire event is free and open to everyone. It is a fairly slow ride so we welcome people who use various non-motorized forms of transportation (e.g. skateboards, wheelchairs, roller blades, sneakers) to participate”.
PNBR is part of World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), an organization that promotes cycling advocacy and the health benefits cycling has for the human body while stressing positivity for the image of the human body. While some riders bring or wear on their nude bodies messages that WNBR_wiki_logobring awareness to support s other causes or issues, the ride’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and serves as a protest against automobile or car culture.  It also seeks to bring about worldwide awareness of the effects of excessive fuel consumption and oil dependency.  Generally speaking, the ride helps to encourage people to be simply be… free; to be a bit more independent of one’s self and less dependent on one’s car for simple transportation needs by simply riding a bike – one of the easiest and oldest forms of transportation!

Naked bike rides are set up in cities around the world each year. Factions of WNBR (like PNBR) also help raise funds to support this cause – either worldwide or right in the local community. Click on each of the aforementioned names to be directed to its respective page where you can learn more about WNBR and PNBR. The WNBR link will show when naked bike rides will be organized and happening in your area. I particularly like WNBR’s Wiki Main Page as it is very easy to read and navigate and has the answer to nearly every question one might ask about Naked Bike Ride! Click the title names to check it out!

Of course, there are going to be dissenters…WNBR (some people don't like it, not for everyone)

I realize that getting on a bike and riding nude in some city is not for everyone. I realize there are people who hate the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people worldwide who are willing to ride their bicycles, skateboard, and/or run or walk around nude for a worthy cause. Simply by the act of people who participate in events like naked bike rides, naked marathons, et al, clothed onlookers are prompted to ask themselves, “Why do these things?” “What is this for?”  The goals of events such as these is indeed to draw attention AND help bring about awareness and inspire such questions –all with the intent to get people to act positively towards a specific need to help make our world better and bring us appreciably closer together as people on this planet.

Nude bicyclistsAs I mentioned, had I known about PNBR, I could have planned a trip home, rented a bike and rested my hairy ball sac and beautiful caramel-colored butt on the bike seat as I rode along with the rest of Philly’s naked bold ones all over town in broad daylight and early evening. I would have made a concerted effort to befriend a few of the riders for other reasons other than riding a bike. After all, once the bike ride was over, I would have wanted to do more…like seek certain other physical pleasures – if you catch my meaning!  Visiting my mom and family would be one very low to none-existent priority on my list of things to do while in Philly. I’m a grown man and long ago, when I used to travel more, I had stopped feeling obligated to call my mother and family whenever I made a short stop in or near Philly. As far as I’m concerned, my personal independence and my simply not wanting to have to deal with family drama are paramount. Sometimes, certain members in families don’t understand this. But I digress!

Nude bicyclists-night ridersParticipating in Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013 would have been perfect for me as I know the city so very well – especially the routes shown in the video where the ride took place. I should note that to my knowledge, I doubt if anyone in my family knows I am nudist and naturist or that I simply enjoy nudity and being nude whenever I can. I say this because I doubt any of them reads or has read this blog. And since none of them has ever seen me fully naked (unless they in fact, DO read this blog and simply aren’t letting me know about it), I doubt they would have recognized my ass –literally and figuratively speaking, if the media took a camera still-shot or video capture of me.  Now, if any family member or any of my high school classmates (none of whom I’ve seen since our 1978 graduation) did happen to see AND recognize me in a PNBR event, then I suspect they would be just as shocked as my familywhich would not bother me one bit!
The moment I learn that an opportunity is available, I must plan to participate in next year’s naked bike ride in Philly – or in whichever city such a fun and socially worthwhile event is being hosted.  I don’t have many friends and the few I have I’m certain are definitely not into this sort of thing. Therefore, I would love to meet and befriend someone who is into nudity/naturism and who plans on going to a naked bike ride – or in some celebration of the nude human form. Perhaps it might be my fellow blogger naturist and friend Roger Poladopoulos (of A Guy Without Boxers blog) or I will go alone and try to befriend someone at the event itself.  I’ve already made a noted reminder and marked my calendar for next year this time when I think Philly or some nearby city might host the next naked bike ride event!

And now, without further adieu, here is a video clip from the Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride 2013 event I missed this year! Fellow nudists/naturists…ENJOY!

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